Swaragini 30th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swaragini 30th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Daadaji asks Laksh Daadi told he carried Swara home. Laksh says he kidnapped Swara to teach her a lesson, feeling guilty freed her, but some goons came and started misbehaving with her, so he rescued her and brought her home. Daadaji says he did good by saving a girl. Maheshwari says he thought something else and wanted to break down this alliance and says he will leave the decision on daadaji now. Shekhar says as Ragini’s father, he needs some to think about this relationship. Daadaji asks what is he telling. Shekhar says he tought well and came to this decision and says since this alliance happened, there are lots of issues happening, so he needs some time. Maheshwari says he will give him 1 day’s time to think and tells Laksh if he marries Ragini, he can come home, else he should forget that he has a family.

Swara comes out to pick dried spices kept for drying and sees Maheshwari walking out. Laksh takes everyone’s blessings and thinks one who loses and wins is called bazigar and who wins and loses is called lucky and his fate is very bad. He purposefully slips. Ragini holds him on time and asks if he is fine. Shekhar sees her concern for him and gets surprised. Swara sees Laksh also walking from house. He gets a call from and while picking phone drops his wallet on floor. He tells his friend that his fate is not in his favor. Earlier his dad did not agree for marriage and now Ragini, now he has to plan something else. Swara knocks his shoulder. He gets tensed seeing her. She gives him wallet and leaves. Swara looks at Laksh and smiles.

Shekhar says he will not get Ragini married to Laksh. Daadi asks him to think well as people will badmouth about Ragini. He says if people will know Durga Prasad Maheshwari kicked out Laksh out of house, they will keep quiet. Daadaji gets irked and tells Daadi they have to keep quiet.

Swara comes out to the balcony. Ragini calls her. Swara says hshe cannot hear bad about Sumi and Dida. Ragini says she came to apologise and is feeling guilty since hearing the truth yesterday. Swara says even she is feeling sorry for her and thought she cannot take her own stand and support family. She asks why did Laksh and his papa come.

Laksh’s friends tell he made a joke of himself and tells his sasurji will not get him married to Ragini. He says he will take his truth out. Friend says even then he will not budge. Laksh reminisces Ragini’s concern for him and thinks even now he can rescue himself and smiles.

Swara tells Dida that she has a new with which she will be very happy. She feeds her rasgullas and asks Sumi to eat one. Sumi asks what happened. Swara says Ragini’s engagement broke. Dida gets happy and says she will distribute sweets to whole neighbourhood. Sumi asks from when she started enjoying people’s loss. Swara says they are enemies and asks why is she feeling bad for someone else’s daughter. She then thinks he had to tells to bring out her emotions.

Sumi sees Ragini praying tulsi and telling her marriage should not become her family’s problem. She asks Ragini Swara told her engagemennt is broken. Ragini goes in without speaking to her. Swara comes there and says why is she worried for Ragini when Shekhar does not like Laksh, even then he took 1 day’s time. Sumi says Laksh has changed. Swara says what is the use when Daada and Shekhar are fighting and Laksh and his dad are fighting, so she should stop worrying about Ragini. Sumi says even Ragini is her daughter, then says like her daughter. Swara says her plan is working well.

Swara calls Ragini and asks if she will listen to a story. Ragini hears her voice and asks why did she call at this time. Swara says she knows she is crying and will not sleep even today, so she wants to cheer her up. She picks out puppets and tells her and Laksh’s story and their parents not agreeing for marraige due to Laksh’s mistakes. Ragini says every human makes mistakes. Swara continues and Ragini smiles. Swara says if she likes Laksh, she should tell Shekhar and stop shying. She asks if she likes Laksh. Ragni nods yes. Swara asks then why is she still waiting instead of professing her love and says her life is not a story, so she should struggle herself and win Laksh, else she should forget. Ragini starts thinking, while Swara closes her window.

At night, someone wearing blanket enters chawl silently Swara is still awake and hears footsteps. She sees someone and thinks it is a thief.

Precap: Swara enters Ragini’s room and says her daadi is coming. Daadi comes calling her. Dida sees blanket man and shouts thief. Ragini and Laksh get tensed.

Update Credit to: MA

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  2. good epi……

  3. hey…swaragini fans
    which jodi do u like most…
    1 swara n laksh
    2 ragini n laksh

  4. Swara nd laksh

  5. Swara and laksh make a great couple

  6. well….i like ragini-laksh the most!!!
    bt mostly it will be like…laksh will marry swara only (i guess).
    Yesterday’s epi was too goood!!! Finnaly ragini and swara patched up and now more intresting episodes gonna come up!!!!!

  7. Waiting fr lov

  8. thank u gyz
    i also like swara n laksh

  9. Woow this serial’s gng gr8!!
    luv laksh n swara..

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