Swaragini 29th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swaragini 29th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Swara cries and tells Dida that she got late. She thought that she will make everything fine. She says I never gave any signs to Laksh. Whenever I talked to him, I spoke about Ragini. I asked Ragini not to get engaged, as Laksh doesn’t love her. He would never keep her happy. She says Papa has misunderstood me. Sumi says I know you are saying truth. Swara cries and says Papa thinks I am wrong. Shekhar recalls Laksh saying that Swara didn’t do any mistake. Shekhar comes to Swara and hugs him. Swara cries and says she didn’t do anything and cries. Shekhar says I knew that you can’t do this. He apologizes to Sumi and asks for forgiveness. Sumi forgives him and says we have to think about Ragini only. Swara continues to cry. Dida asks him about Ragini. Shekhar says Doctors are operating. Swara and Sumi say that they can’t let anything happen to Ragini. Shekhar asks Dida to go home. Dida refuses. Shekhar insists. Sumi also asks her to go. Dida says ok and leaves.

Doctor comes and informs Shekhar that Ragini’s condition is worsening and if we don’t get the blood, then we might lose her. Shekhar asks him not to say that. Doctor asks them to get their blood tested for donation. Everyone oblige.

Laksh sees a man beating himself and comes to him. He asks the man to give the iron strap. He pays him money. Omi asks him to leave it and asks what you are doing. Annapurna comes to the hospital and apologizes to Dadi. Laksh starts whipping himself. Omi gets shocked and asks him not to punish himself. Laksh continue to beat himself until he falls down unconscious. Doctor comes and tells that Sumi’s blood matches with Ragini. Dadi gets shocked. Doctor asks her to come. Omi asks Laksh to leave the strap. He recalls Swara’s words that she can never think of loving him. He recalls Shekhar words that he don’t deserve to be alive. Omi makes him stand up. Laksh stands again and pushes Omi. He starts beating himself again. Dadi asks Doctor about the blood bank. Doctor says it is 30 mins far from here. Dadi asks Doctor to wait until they gets blood from blood bank. Sumi says they will not wait and reminds Dadi that she is Ragini’s mum now. She says I know that you hates me much, you can punish me later, but as of now let me give blood to my daughter. She needs me now. She goes inside to donate blood.

Laksh continue beating himself. Omi panics and thinks Swara can stop him. He calls Swara on video chat and asks her to come to Durga Mandir. He shows that Laksh is whipping and is repenting. Swara says Laksh is doing this intentionally. She says she can’t come as her sister is serious here. Laksh genuinely repents for his doings. Sumi comes back after giving blood to Ragini. Shekhar tells that Ragini is still unconscious and might go into coma. Dadi cries and asks Ragini to wake up. Doctor checks her and says if she dont gets consciousness within 30 mins, then it means she went into coma.

Durga Prasad comes to the temple. Laksh is beating himself and his clothes are shown torn. Durga Prasad asks his driver to bring puja thaal. He asks the driver, what is happening here. Driver says some boy is beating himself and doing repentance. Durga Prasad goes to temple and offers prayers. He hears Omi calling Lucky and asking him to stop. Durga Prasad goes to him and is shocked. Laksh didn’t see him and continue whipping. Dadi asks Doctor not to say that. Swara asks Ragini to wake up and fight. Dadi asks Swara to go away from there. Doctor says may be her talks could reach her mind. Swara says you can’t go leaving me. I am incomplete without you. She asks her to wake up and fight with her. Swaragini plays…………..

Laksh prays to God and requests to save Ragini. Durga Prasad is standing in shock. Laksh continue whipping. Durga Prasad finally speaks up and calls Laksh. Laksh turns and sees him smilingly. Laksh gets unconscious. Ragini opens her eyes.

Precap: Ragini’s grandma tells her that Swara is not her sister, but her enemy. No sister does what she has done to her. Some lady in house tells Laksh’s dad that he loves Swara and asks, Will he punish him too like he punished her son?

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Like seriously?!! Its 12:30 and the “update is still in progress”?!! What the hell!!?

    1. where du you live sharon

  2. need fast updAte…..

  3. Feeling Really sad for laksh

  4. Need fast update!!!!!!!!!!

  5. plz!!!!!! update fast it s too late already plz!!!!

  6. Precap: durgaprasad brings laksh home and sujata says to Him That laksh loves swara then what will u do the same thing my son Did is repeated by ur son

    1. How do you no the precap pradhishma

      1. I watched the precap

  7. how long man i have been waiting for ages god damn it

  8. plzzzz…..update quickly..itzz tooo late!!

  9. Nice episode.

  10. thnx prads fr d precap..

  11. I wish rag does nt blame swara

  12. Now I m 100% sure lash will marry ragini

  13. Dadi is instigating ragini against swara.it was gud 2 see both sis together.hope ragini wont change to a rude girl 4 lakshya.some1 should tell her that sumi gave her blood.may be it ll change her mind.

  14. Omg!! I was literally in tears when laksh was whipping himself! My goshh!!! What did I just see??!!! Amazing act done by laksh…….really he just made me cry. 🙁

  15. I hope swaragini unite soon!!!

  16. God, I really agree with u annah. Poor laksh!!!! Every one is blaming him and no one is concerned about him!!!!! Swara was really rude to him in today’s epi. Feeling Sad for laksh!!! ????

  17. I also feel bad 4 laksh bt its true dat he is at fault…if he wud hav cnfessd da truth dis wud nt hav happend….evn swara is at fault wen laksh wantd to tl she opposd dat rags wl break down….

    1. No rosy, swara never opposed laksh to not tell…….she always encouraged him to tell the truth but laksh did not have the courage. Plz don’t take me wrong but I think she never opposed! 😉

    2. And when

      1. Laksh went to confess always dadi or sanskaar interrupted him

  18. I feel sanskar is responsible for all this….if he did not force laksh and ragini to marry this wud not happen…..he is seeking his revenge and bcoz of this all these things r happening

  19. We can’t hold swara or laksh or ragini for all this…..its sanskar who is playing with everyone’s emotions. 🙁

    1. Ya I agree wid u

    2. ;). 😉

    3. yeah he played them and he is winning like with flying colors

  20. Nice epi…..hey shera will u plz tell me from where u get raj avni’s pic???? Plzzzzzzzzzz tell me its a humble request……..plzzz

  21. who is Durga Prasad?

    1. Laksh’s father

  22. New twist!poor laksh……..why don’t anyone try to understand him!

    1. yeh poor him he loved the wrong girl

  23. have u noticed like all the love in the series are 1 sided like a person loves some1 who is in love with the next person.a love pentaagon is happening soon

  24. hey guyzzz..i just see a pic dat swara and laksh rolling over in a road….wt ws dat….pls anyone tell me it ws happend in d day dat laksh confess his lv to swara….pls

    1. happened in like 4 or 5 episodes ago lucky was trying to prove his love by standing in the middle of the road…swara saved him from getting hit by a car.

  25. thnk u leo ……..

  26. dis serial gets most late fr its updates…..y????

  27. yes…..pls update fast yaar….its too late..pls pls pls

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