Swaragini 26th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swaragini 26th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ragini asks what are you saying? Swara says she will come in some time and asks her to take care of Sumi. She tells Shekhar that she will come back in sometime. Dadi badmouths about Swara and Sumi. Shekhar asks her to stop it. Sujata calls Dadi and asks about Sumi. She says whatever has happened was good. Dadi asks what do you mean? Sujata asks her to meet outside. Dadi agrees. Sujata asks her to call Shekhar with her. Dadi agrees. Sujata smirks seeing Sanskar. Dadi asks Shekhar to come with her as Sujata called them. Shekhar says but Mishti is unwell. Dadi says Sumi is acting and is not concerned with Ragini or him.

Swara scolds Laksh for blackmailing her. He says you can’t do anything rather than spoiling the things. Laksh asks her about Sumi. Swara says Sumi had never lied before, but today she did a drama to save you from guilt. She asks him to understand her condition. Laksh says he is hurt too. Swara asks really. Laksh asks her not to taunt him and asks her to try to understand him. He says I never wanted to get engaged to Ragini. I was pressurized by Papa before. Swara asks you wants to say that I misunderstood you. Laksh says nothing. I told her that I was her fiance, when I loves you. He says he didn’t mean to hurt Ragini. He says I never realized when I started loving you. He says trusts me I really loves you. Swara asks him to stop it. He asks are you a superstar to change your decision.

Sujata thanks dadi and Shekhar for coming on a short notice. Shekhar asks what is the matter? Sujata says I wants to talk to you about Laksh and ragini. Dadi asks her not to talk anything inauspicious. Sujata apologizes and says this relation can’t happen anymore. Shekhar asks what are you saying? Sujata says Laksh doesn’t want this alliance to happen. Dadi says Laksh told that he wants to marry Ragini infront of everyone. Laksh says I told maa that I wants to marry you. He says I will accept everyone decision. Swara claps and says wow, great. She says very soon you will understand. Sujata acts innocent and says he might not have strength to tell the truth. Shekhar asks what? Sujata says Laksh loves someone else and not Ragini. Dadi and Shekhar are shocked. Sujata says that girl name is……..Dadi sees Swara and Laksh talking.

Swara tells that she will remember always that because of him, Ragini’s life is ruined. Sujata says Laksh loves Swara. Dadi says Laksh can’t do this. Shekhar says Laksh is Swara’s friend. Laksh holds Swara’s hold. Swara asks him to leave her hand. Laksh bends down on his knees and says he can’t bear her hatredness. He says my love will not end with your anger. Swara asks him to leave her hand. She refuses to become friend again. Shekhar and Dadi are shocked as they only see them. Sujata says I can understand your pain. I am not selfish, so thought to inform you. She pretends to cry. Shekhar apologizes to Sujata and leaves with Dadi. Sujata smirks looking at Laksh and Swara. Laksh says I love you. Please don’t leave me. Swara says only your happiness matters to you, but not of your family. She refuses to love him and calls him spineless fellow. She says your one decision can ruin someone’s life. Laksh says love can happen once and never ends. Swara says we are responsible for wrong result. She leaves from there. Laksh gets teary eyed.

Doctor asks Sumi to rest and goes. Ragini thanks him. She gives medicine to Sumi. Sumi says she needs to say about something important. Shekhar and Dadi reach home. Dadi says if you keep quiet today then I will think that my upbringing is wrong. You have to accept that Sumi is black reflection and Swara is……She recalls Swara asking Ragini to wait for sometime before getting engaged. She says that’s why Sumi was acting to stop the engagement. Swara comes home and sees Shekhar and Dadi in tensed mood. She asks what happened. Sumi says your engagement………Dida asks her to tell straight. She says Ragini shall know the truth. Ragini asks what? Sumi says……Just then Dadi calls them. Ragini says maa is not well. Dadi says she needs to talk. Swara asks did I tell anything wrong. Dadi says no one is innocent than you. Sumi asks what are you saying? Dadi taunts Sumi for not letting Ragini engaged. Ragini asks what are you saying?

Sumi says she wants to say something and asks for a chance. Dadi says she has given her enough chances. Firstly she gave her chance to marry Shekhar, letting her to stay in the house, letting Swara become Ragini’s sister, giving name to Swara and giving her chance to take advantage. She asks her to asks Swara about her doings. Sumi asks Shekhar to say. Shekhar asks why did you and your daughter do this? Sumi asks what? Shekhar says you have acted in the engagement.

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  1. Plz update fastly

  2. Dayuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummm Damn u sooooooooooopooo dead i hate indians

  3. Sorry i ment indian drama

  4. preeti macwan

    God!! It seems these fellows are gonna blame swara n sumi without letting them explain. Ragini is such a big dumbo..emotional fool to run away n meet vid n accident only putting swara in more trouble. I wish laksh comes n clarifies every damn detail..

    1. f…..c you

    2. Be in her(ragini) shoes nd tell me what u will do if ur own sister z swara.she did it because is the second time nd she couldn’t take it.if am her I wn’t 4give swara for not tellin her and hiding from her.lucky is not a grown man because he wasn’t brave enough to open up earlier than always callin swara rather call ragini nd reason with her well she will understand. Pls God no man to do that to me plsss.u guys to think we’ll if what is happening in Swaragini is real what will u do being in ragini ‘s shoes.this drama is jus tryin to teach us something in life just a lesson u hav to know and stop all the hating


      1. ooh stop it people who are forcing lucky to mary ragini are his family,his mom aunty uncle n sanskar.ragini has nothing to do with it and if she is to end up with lucky it will occur nomatter what

  5. plzzzz……update quickly!!!w8ng!!

  6. I like swara and sanskar together and ragini and lakash together

  7. Update fast

  8. No matter what happens, Swara and Laksh should be together. That evil mother and son duo is too much!!!!!!!

  9. MA didn’t upload only the precap

  10. I just want all mis understanding to go

  11. So sad of laksh.

  12. I want sanskaar to kill swara and laksh for hurting ragini

  13. I want sanskaar to kill swara and laksh for hurting me

    1. Yes yaar,me too feel the same….. After doing such a blunder laksh is not bothered about ragini, he is bothered about swara,how can he love his fiancee’s sister?????… Swara is also culprit, why she always spends time with laksh, doesn’t she know how to behave with jeeju(laksh),if she really accepts ragini as her sister…. If we remember all the early episodes we can see swara flirting with laksh……

  14. I agree with dadi completely, ragini should cut all the ties with dat swara…and move on in life caring a damn about that laksh

    1. Swara didn’t want to hurt ragini’s feeling she waited for right time for her to understand now because dadi maa told it before she was ready she planned to suicide in this dadi must losten other opinion too

      1. If swara don’t have any flirting opinion Towards laksh,let us take example of episode of sanskaar’s entry,In dat episode she throws bhel on laksh and run hihilariously, wat is her motive behind doing dat. She gets to know about laksh as ragini ‘s fiance, but how can She behave with her sisters fiance in dat way,tameez nahi janti hein kyaaa?????????

    2. in all honesty ragini deserves better i blame lucky for not telling the truth if i was ragini i would have killed him

  15. Ragini is going to drink poison

    1. Why should she drink poison for sake that donkey look alike laksh??? Instead she can look forward for some modest and loyal life partner, who can make her forget all her painful past.There are many ways to overcome heart breaks rather suicide.

    2. kill urself for a guy?really?she is smarter than that

    3. what for?is that what u will do when u get dumped?

  16. I just want swara and laksh killed no matter what

    1. I want helly and namish to die in real life….my poor tejasvi…..and i just luv varun
      someone said some days back
      SanRag and VarAsvi….i just luv them

  17. Thanks For supporing me madhuri

    1. ohh u have lots of support love.

  18. I hate that f**k ragini……what is her prob? Does she know anything rather than crying?such a bigggg dumb girl she is!y don’t she just stay away from laksh and swara…..looser woman! YUCKK

    1. Wow! At least u told the real factt teena! God bless ya!?

    2. oooooo fu*k off………….trying to put the blame on smone else.?what TRUTH?if this happens to u in real life would u have smiled and be happy happy?try to be real please dont think like a stupid fan love sic teenager.her reaction is natural…………blame chocolate boy lucky for keeping mum n looking suspicious

    3. truth?seriously……..i would hv been more shocked if she had remained calm if a boy does that to my daughter i will cut his balls off

  19. I agree with that….she really is a stupid emotional foooooool..get lost ragin(nagin)

    1. she is here to stay baby,swara dont love lucky she is on ragini side and u are puttin ur anger and ur dissapointed on the wrong person.lakshey proposed to her nt once but twice???twice?/he is the 1 who always bring ragini betwwe him and swara……….who doesnt even love him

    2. and u call ur self a girl?no 1 deserves to be dumped for the whole world to see…….. i hope one day smone u love loves ur bestfrd or sister

    3. i will laugh my head off and feel xory for all of u the day swara goes to sanskar bcoz that wil happen

  20. I hate ragini,sanskar,parvati,dida……irritating people…….i love ❤ u swara and laksh….u guys rock…..

  21. Meant dadi..not that good dida

    1. who CARES?there are people who hate u and the people u love .its the way of the world…….not ever1 can love u……………haters are good ingridient for success.WE CALL THEM MISPLACED FANS.

      1. Well said…..u dirty b*t*h! I didn’t ask 4 ur f**k opinion

  22. With the recent updates, we reported about Ragini’s accident (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) on Color’s Swaragini. Well a new drama is ready to unfold on the show ahead.
    In the upcoming episode, there will be lot of drama amid Ragini’s critical condition in the hospital. She will recover from the injury and Swara (Helly Shah) will try to take care of her. But angry Ragini is upset with her after knowing about her relationship with Lakshya (Namish Taneja) so she will avoid Swara and will not talk to her.
    But the main twist of the show unfolds when the hidden motive of Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) comes out. Yes to know about his real motive read below:-
    Our source says, “Sanskar has come back home in a mental stage to take revenge from Lakshya and his father Durga Prasad.”
    Well what is the revenge for? Sanskar had a lover whom he was madly in love with but because of the circumstances they were separated from each other. Sanskar who lost the love of his life, blames Durga Prasad and Lakshya for his failed love story.
    How is he taking the revenge? By keeping Lakshya away from his love which is Swara and making him marry to Ragini. Sanskar is purposely acting to be a mentally retarded guy so that he can force Ragini to come home and ultimately get married to Lakshya.
    Will Sanskar be successful in taking his revenge? Will Lakshya be able to take the right decision?
    Keep reading this space for more updates.

  23. uffo…. so much twists n turns…. all commenting here r correct actually…

    swara’s behaviour wid laksh even though c considers him just a frnd is not wat u do wid ur to be jeeju

    even ragini is at fault coz u cant b sooo dumb in real lyf…. u c a guy refusing fr marriage den again accepting. now wat do u think wud hav hapend ovrnyt dat he fell madly fr u n said yes???

    aand nt to mention laksh…… hilarious!!!! Y IS HE TELNG SWARA EVRYTHNG? Y CANT HE DEEK RAGINI HELP IN DORTING D MATTER???? oooooo…. is it dat he thinks ragini z so selfish dat c ll agree to help cure sanskar nly if laksh marries hr??
    wat a storyyyy…. oscar winning!!!!


    1. love u for being partial and seeing the whole picture….i think u are enjoying the series like i do not like some people who just turn a blind eye and choose a side they like………all are at faut here

  25. Look I saw namish and hellys interview aka laksh and swara there they told ragini will call them and willsay that she will drink poison and then swara

  26. Will go to drink poison then laksh will stop her as he cannot see love of his life drinking poison then he will say that I will only drink poison cuz im d reason behind this……..

  27. The update is over

  28. Update fast at least today MA

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