Swaragini 25th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 25th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ragini telling that she was hopeful that he will come. She asks until when to keep this relation with me, and cries. Reporter says one hour is over. It is yet to be seen what Ragini Maheshwari would do now. Ragini picks the glass bottle. Sumi asks Ragini to leave it. Ragini breaks the glass bottle. Sumi shouts Ragini and asks her to get down, says I will be coming there. Ragini cuts her wrist with the glass. Everyone is shocked. Ragini falls unconscious and falls there. She says you don’t care for me…Laksh and closes her eyes. Reporter calls Sanskar and informs him that Ragini has cut her wrist. Swara asks what happened? Sanskar is shocked and switches on the TV. They see live footage of the news and are shocked. They see Abhimanyu/Laksh standing behind them and switch off TV.

Sumi asks Ragini, why didn’t you think about us once. Ragini says Laksh didn’t come as he don’t care about me. Nikhil says may be he is Abhimanyu and not Laksh. Ragini says he is Laksh, I know him. Durga Prasad says where is Swara and Sanskar. Nikhil says Ragini must be knowing. Swara and Sanskar come there. Sumi asks where did you go? Swara asks what is all this. Just then electricity goes off, Shekhar says he will check the fuse. Durga Prasad goes to get her medicine. Sumi goes to bring candles and something for Ragini to eat. Annapurna goes with her. Swara tells Ragini that they have decided to just act and threaten Laksh.

Ragini says I can’t bear this. Swara says she made an excuse and came here. She says we can’t come daily. Ragini says he doesn’t care if I am alive or not. Swara says this is not the case. Ragini says hope and light went from my life. Swara goes to bring candles. Ragini says you don’t care for me…Laksh. She sees Laksh standing infront of her…Tere Sang Yaara plays…..She blinks her eyes and is surprised. She cries and gets emotional. Laksh is also emotional. She recalls all the good moments between them. She says Laksh….The moment she gets up, Laksh goes from there.

Ragini shouts Laksh. Everyone come there.. Ragini tells Swara and others that Laksh came there to see her. Sanskar goes to check out and thinks Ragini might be imagining as there is nobody outside. Ragini says he was watching me from outside the window.

Mansi calls someone and asks where are you. The man comes and holds her. He turns out to be Nikhil. Nikhil hugs Mansi. Mansi asks what you are doing here so late in night. He hugs her and asks where is Laksh. Mansi says Abhimanyu is sleeping. Nikhil says Laksh came to Baadi and asks her to check. She checks in room. Nikhil asks her to keep eye on Laksh.

Laksh comes home. Mansi asks where did you go? Laksh makes excuses. Mansi asks him not to forget that he made promise to her. Laksh says if I had to break promise then I would have been with Ragini in the Baadi. He says I know I have some duties with Mishka, but I have a wife and family too. They are broken because of me, as I have ended my relations with them.

Durga Prasad and Ragini come to Laksh’s house with his passport and ID card. Laksh shows his passport and ID card as Abhimanyu. Ragini asks him to remove his shirt and says she wants to see birth mark on his hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. then finally… <3 RaginixLaksh

  2. Simi

    Raglak momennts was so nice..
    Feeling happy watching today’s episode 😀

  3. Wow!!! Loved today’s episode. Am I the first one to comment ?? ?

  4. Jazzy

    omg omg omg am i dreaming yaar the episode today was soooooooooooooooooooo gooid loved it alot awwwwww finally came to meet his ragini and his dialogue woh meri ragini hai itna hakk ha mera soooo goood happy tgat finally got raglak scenes hmmmmm but now after watching it feeling sad that its ending

    1. Silent_writer

      True his dialogue were awsmmmm jazzzyyyyy feeeling like bhangra doing hehehehhehehe yayyyyy

    2. Fairy

      omgg!!sacchi yaaar ..his dialouge…ahh!!main to mar he gai!hayy!! temish/raglak jst nailed it!!!..

  5. Jazzy

    raglak rocked today it was amazing and the song was sooo apt loved it a lot

    1. Fairy

      yeah dat song!!!! sooo heart touchng scene…love raglak love temish 😉

    2. Silent_writer

      Hahahaha yessss lets do bhangra pade now have to w8 till monday urghhhhh

    3. Jazzy

      yes when will monday come want tonsee raglak faceoff

  6. Nidhi

    I knew it tht stupid Mansi is upto something!
    Laksh is being threatend but theres somethign with mishka maybe he hurt the real abhimanyu or something happened and Laksh is feeling guilty
    Damn! dont give a damn to any1 please dont hurt ragini and unite the couples. Had so many hopes with nikhil but then knowing hw cvs is it didn”t really surprise me to see him turn evil

    1. Malika

      Yup sister…… I agree with you…. Really… Truly speakingg

    2. Silent_writer

      Trueeeee everyone is neg in SR hatw nikhil mansi but lovedddd raglak

    3. Arunika

      yeh cvs sab ko neg bna rhe hai & story ka band baj rha hai!
      Iss sab cheezo ke liye hi SR khtam hone wala hai!!
      Bt RagLak emotional scene was awesome!

    4. Fairy

      yeah dr totally agree wi

    5. Fairy

      agree wid u on nikhils part….hope raglak gets united soon 🙂

  7. what a scene bw ragini n laksh jus outstanding xprsns and the song background was mindblowing. the way laksh spoke to mansi “meri ragini, meri patni” aww! what a lovely xpsns. hw they both looked each other. oh no i cried when he spoke and even nw am cryng superb!! episode today. dedicated full epi to raglak, thank u so much cvs.

  8. raglak are amazing

  9. today raglak scenes …….. ??????????????????? and their eyelock laksh after sooo many days u said something sukar ha and precap seems interesting

  10. Manasvi

    Plz swaragini fans watch Swaragini yaar..
    Without trp it will go off air.. And i cant bear that??

  11. oh god!!!dhamakedaaaar episode yaaar!!!!!superbbbbbbbbbbbbbb!!!!woho…
    loved raglak eyelock..omg after sooo long…ahh!!!….its reallly an epic moment!!!
    ahh!!!dis episode is heart touchng yaaar!!
    my rags …:( she is reallly broken bt my brave grl wl never gve up….ahh!!now also shez tryng her bst to prove dat abhi is laksh nly…proud of u rags…dis shows ur true love angel…love u soooo much doll!!!
    now m reallly curious to know dat y laksh is doing all dese???n hidng his identity!!!
    hahhaha precap is amazng…m sooo eagerly waitng to see laksh shirtless hahhahaha lol :P….
    raglak rocksss….love swaragini 🙂 ..DIS IS ONE OF D BEST EPISODE. 🙂 my ragz ws lookng damnnn beautiful hayy!main mar java!!! n i”ll kill dat mansi …ahh!!hate her….shocked to see nikhil huggng mansi!!!…. raglak r my heartbeats … 🙂 plz get united soon…cnt see dem apart 🙁 …love dem.choooooo much!!!!my hot n sizzlng couple 😉 one gorgious rupunzel n other dashing prience 😉 dey bth make a royal couple 🙂 😉 🙂 love my bacchas more den nythng 😉 😉 😉

    1. Jazzy

      hawwww u want to see laksh shirtless very bad fairy yaar ragini tuhme chodegi nahi agar usse pta chala hahaha and yes todays episode was the besssssstttttt and both r hot yaar

    2. Malika

      What fairy very bad manners….!!… Hahahhhhhhhhhh love laksh…..

    3. hahahahah jazzy wt to say yaar…ur influence is affectng me soooooo much dat even m becomng shameless!! 😛 “sangati ka aasar” u know na hahahhaha lol… 😛
      n yo yo dey bth r really hot 😉 😉 …thnx for d live commentary jazzy 🙂 😉 love u lotzzz 😉

    4. anju hahahahah its all urs n jazzy influence ..heheheh u bth r really affectng me..hahaha *ee 3 shameless 😛 ..yehh..love laksh ..love ragini 😉

    5. Jazzy

      fairy u called me and anjali shameless

    6. anonymous(raglak)

      fairy………if u saw the OLV…when laksh is about to show his birth mark in front of all….ragini turned her face…..So u also close ur eyes when he is doing that…varna ragu will kill u……………after reading written update the 1st thing i did is to search for ur comment yaar….temish nailed i..especiallly my teju………the dialogues were epic. YES THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST EPISODES…………….today I liked sumi…the scene came out so nicely that sumi cared for ragu like her own daughter…and I liked d way swara confronted ragini…”’.kya hai ye sab…agar kuch ho jatha tho”””‘ like typical elder sister.finally laksh came to c his bacha…..

    7. yeah sissy.. its reallly one of d bst episode…ahh!!i jst lived laksh …thnku so much cvd for gvng him such amazng dialouges
      ..uff!!!raglak nailed it yaaar!!!love dem sooo much 😉

    8. Silent_writer

      Sachiiiiiiiiiii its awsmeeeee fairyyyyyy cant say what i felt yayyyyyy first tym love RS fpr this

    9. But apparently the birth mark won’t be there ??

    10. sacchhhii yaaar fizzzo…m sooo happpy after seeing dis episode.aahhh!!!cnt express my happines…wohooo 😉

    11. letss see halima dr ..wt wl happen nxt..waitng eagerly for monday*****

  12. The precap is more interesting and now laksh was totally booked bcoz he may act like laksh but he cannot remove his birth mark Na and raging and dp got to know the truth i was curiously waiting for tomorrow episode for my raglak union and thank u so much Hasan mam for giving us nice precap and episode

  13. Aasthu

    Finally the truth out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew it…..since that Nikhil turned -ve I wondered whether he has some connection with Mansi……….and it seems he has………….Ragini’s answer to Swara was sad………..loved Swara’s words……just like an eld sis scolding younger one and then wiping her tears…………….Laksh coming to meet Ragini…………..wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!

    Friends is it confirmed that SWARAGINI IS GOING OFF AIR???????????? OR WILL IT DEPEND ON THE TRP’S ???????????? WHAT IS THE CURRENT POSITION???????????

    Micuuuu do not want to visit India???????????

    1. Mica

      yesterday trp 1.8 , but even all of serial increased.. if only it’s the best decision for swaragini, let it be, just waiting the miracle…
      well, may some day, my friend and me have promise to visit Taj mahal someday, but seems delay for loong time as he is soo busy at Egypt.

    2. Aasthu

      hmmm……….when’ll that someday become true?????

    3. Mica

      well..i dunno..ahem ahem…

  14. Malika

    Wooooww…. This is superbbbbb…. Omg…. I’m really really excited….. To see raglak scene…. Wow….. It mean nikhil and mansi know each other… What a twist…. Really….. There must be something from which… Laksh… Is with mansi…. Awesome…. Oooooohh ragini…. Don’t cry…. Dear he is your laksh…raglak scene and the song is really really…. Amazing…. Yeeepiii finally we will see raglak scene …..thank you soo much hasan for the updates….really….im really…..happy…and the recap is really really interesting… I’m thinking…. What is the plan of nikhil and mansi…… How do they know each other…… Strange……….. Hmmmmmmm I’m thinking… thinking…… And…. Yup one more thing I hate that nikhill……. Offfoooo.. Raglak love you… Love birds….. Superb.. ???????

    1. Silent_writer

      Yayyyy superrrrrrrrr duperrrr happppyyyyyy todaayyyyyyyyyy yahoooo hehehheheheh lovedddd it yrrrr n well said

    2. Fairy

      yeah dr love raglak sooo much….todays episode ws sooo heart touchng !!raglak rocks temish rocks 😉

    3. Sw(K)Ar(K)Ag(L)Ini

      Okkkk lemme breath … is it u Malika Diiii ?
      R u fine ? yeeiiiii u back… omgggggg *lets nachooooo !!!!

    4. Mahavir

      ya di….h r u…???? where were u nowadays…i missed u di….

    5. Malika

      Noooo I’m not malikaaaa

    6. Kakali

      Ohh Anjali it’s u.. !! sorry i thought.. !! ?

  15. MAHIRA

    i’m too late today… already 12 comments and didn’t read the update yet… running up!

  16. Omg… damakedar episode…. raglak scene was worth watching….not much swasan scene. But it’s ok…..
    And this mansi and nik.. wt r they into…?
    I loved rags acting today… its really hurts when our dear ones /whom we think our life.. they dint even care for us….
    I don’t understand she cut her wrist..so she s alive..with safe. Wt if she jumped from floor… he dint care for that.
    These writers naa… any way I love today’s episode.. when they (raglak) having painfully eyelock . .? Swara concern towards her sister.. sanky helpless Ness seeing swara in pain.. .
    I hope this show wont end this much early… atlest they have to get 6month expansion.. if they wanna change time slot it’s totally ok.. please atlest not rapup this much early… we want a clear marriage with all rituals (haldi,mehandi,sangith, our sweet couple nok jok, bachelor party of sanlak. Swaragini Masti as gadodia…, proper mixer of Bengali and maravari wedding, we want daadi and also dida.. wr dida went?)after that uttata pulling legs of sanlak for going in their rooms after wedding. We want perfect suhagaraath with lil nok jok….) parish becoming good… not needed but they were not bad from start…. situation made them… uttata wedding.. swasan raglak honeymoon …..?and good news from swaragini??
    Omg wt all am I writing i ll become mad if I write more….
    Pls CV .. if u reading then pls consider my imagination for writing

    1. Mica

      Varuuuuu….. wish dream comes true….

  17. Superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb….. Finally raglak Okkk Okkk Okkk koo yrrrrrr I was waiting…… For this… Epppppppppp for a long time this eppppp is fantastic I look look ragini………….. Love you moreeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaahhhh can’t wait to watch…. Raglak scene…. Marvellous…. Wowoooooowwwwwwww……… Love you raglakkkkkkkkk…… Ragini….. He is your lakshhhhhhh only and….. Mansi and nkhillllllli hate you bothhhhhh because of mansi my raglak are separatedddddd…… Omgggggggggggggggggggggg………. Outstandingggggggg.. Reallyyyyyyyy….

    1. Silent_writer

      Hahahahha anjuuiii cntrol bachaaaaaaaaa i knwwww its rockinggggg

    2. Malika

      Oye idiot….. You also control yourself….. Okkkkkkk.. I know everyone here is very superb superb happy

    3. haahahaha anju even m also sooooooo much happpy…!!wohooooo!!finalllly raglak…thnx a lotzzzz to cvs 😉

  18. MAHIRA

    bahut bahut mubarek ho Raglakians :)… so happy for you AND US SWASANIANS too (because we love Raglak too^^)… finally !!! will comment after watching… thank you Hasan mam for the update 😀

    1. anonymous(raglak)

      haha thank u mahira………we too love swasan …but it jus that we love raglak more

    2. MAHIRA

      hahaha… i sooo understand you dear !! we love Swasan more too… same to same ^^
      i’m loving the track this time, waiting for next episodes 😀

  19. Please friends can any tell me what laksh said to mansi..please I don’t know hindi

    1. he told he went to se his ragini and check wether she is fine or what and told he has got the right to that she is his and have alrights and iam dreaming laksh told meri ragini omg maar dalla haaaay! on top of that they played tere sang yara my fav song on raglak i was out of control hmmm ragu baby know every things of laksh hann even birthmarks humm common she is his wife na she might be knowing

  20. Asw

    Yippee laksh came to meet her Ragini I am very happy soon Ragini find out laksh

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