Swaragini 25th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Sumi falling down unconscious to stop Ragini and Laksh’s engagement. Ragini runs to her. Annapurna asks to bring the water. Shekhar asks Laksh to call the doctor. Laksh calls the doctor. Swara asks Sumi to open eyes. Dadi says she is upto something inauspicious. Sumi pretends to gain consciousness. Swara asks are you fine now? Sanskar looks at Sujata. Swara brings water and makes her drink it. Sumi drinks it and says she is fine. Annapurna asks shall I bring lemon water. Sumi says she is fine, but felt dizzy. Laksh says I have informed the doctor and he is coming. Sumi tells that she wants to go home. Everyone looks on shocked. Shekhar says lets go. Dadi says we shall complete the engagement formalities. Shekhar says we will leave after the engagement is completed. Sumi looks on. Ragini says please…..we shall take maa home. She says nothing is more than Sumi’s health. Dadi asks what are you saying? Annapurna says she can understand. Ragini folds her hand and apologizes saying she can’t get engaged as of now. Annapurna smiles seeing Ragini’s good nature. Annapurna says she can understand. Sujata intervenes and asks her to get engaged.

Ragini says my family is united after many years. She refuses to get engaged as her mum is unwell. Dadi gets angry. Swara and Ragini help Sumi get up. Swara tells Ragini that it seems Sanskar is accustomed to live without you. I mean you don’t have to come here daily. Sanskar calls Ragini and asks where you are going? Ragini asks him to call on phone. They leave from there. Swara senses Sanskar’s strange behavior. They reach home. Dadi blames Sumi for not being able to see Ragini’s happiness. Dida says I am sure, she did something to my daughter. She tries to go, Dadi stops her. They argue. Shekhar asks them to stop it. Ragini says she will call the doctor. Shekhar blames Dida for blinding Ragini with fake love and says it is a drama. Dida comes to meet Sumi. Shekhar goes to bring water. Sumi says I needs to talk to you. Sumi says she is acting. Dida is shocked. Sumi says she was acting. Shekhar and Dadi hear her and get shocked. Sumi says she was helpless and can’t let Ragini marry there. Dida asks what? Laksh is good for Ragini. Dadi takes Shekhar from there.

Sumi says Laksh doesn’t love her, but someone else. How can I see my daughter broken. Laksh tells Annapurna that he doesn’t want to marry Ragini, but Swara. Annapurna is shocked. Laksh says I wants to marry Swara as I love her. I wants to be with him. Annapurna asks what are you saying? Laksh says he doesn’t have any other option. Annapurna scolds him and says your papa can agree to get him married to Ragini, but never with Swara. She says I am with him. She says I am with him. Laksh says I thought that you will understand me.

Sujata comes to room and says Sumi fainted for sure. Sanskar says she is acting. I heard Laksh confessing loving Swara to Annapurna. is shocked. Sanskar says they were missing before engagement and then she fainted. They stopped the engagement intentionally. I will not let Laksh and Swara unite. Sujata smirks.

Ragini comes and says Doctor has come. She makes lemon water/ Shekhar and Dadi looks on. Dadi instigates Shekhar against Sumi. He asks him not to take her side as she is acting. Swara says you acted for Ragini. She says I am sure that baba and Ragini will understand you. Ragini asks Sumi to lie down. She says Doctor has come for your check up. Laksh calls Swara, but she disconnnects his call. Doctor checks Sumi. Laksh calls her again and again. Swara picks the call and asks why you are irritating me. Laksh insists to meet her for Ragini. Swara refuses. Laksh says he will come to her house. Swara agrees to meet him for one last time. Laksh leaves from his house. Sanskar and Sujata look on. Swara makes an excuse and is leaving. Ragini stops her and asks her the reason. She says Maa needs us both. Swara says I won’t let anyone get hurt. I won’t let you get hurt. They hug.

Sujata tells Dadi that this relation is not possible now. She says Laksh doesn’t know Ragini, but someone else. She shows Shekhar and Dadi that Laksh is meeting Swara. They get shocked seeing Laksh meeting Swara. Dadi tells Ragini that Laksh loves Swara. Ragini is shocked.

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  1. I don’t want sanskaar swara N laksh ragini

  2. Ragini’s reaction will defenetly pour water on sanskar’s plane….

  3. Think it will be swara sanskaar n laksh ragini

  4. pls unite swara n lucky

  5. Yup yup laksh and Swaea should be together together. Ragini can change that jerk Sanskaar.

  6. Ragini will marry sanskar and swara will marry laksh

  7. likhita anagani

    i love swara sanskar to unite

  8. I lyk all 4 people…so its okk whoever ends up with anyone…thnk god both girls r not fighting over the same guy..lol

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