Swaragini 25th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swaragini 25th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Laksh rescues Swara and frees her. She asks how did he come here. Goons asks to stop his drama. Laksh says he should stop, says he is inspector, makes fake call and asks to bring backup. Swara says her papa is police commissioner. Goon holds Swara on knife point and says he does not know if he is police or not, but this girl will rescue them. Laksh throws stone on goon and starts mobile siren. Goons run.

Dida sees Sumicoming back and asks where is Swara. Daadima starts her tongue badmouthing and yelling. Sumi says she has filed police complaint and Swara will come soon. Daadima continues her yelling and says she got her granddaughter engaged to a good guy, but bengalan’s granddaughter will not come and if she comes, she will come with her spoilt boyfriend.

Swara starts crying vigorously. Laksh says his friends came and played police siren and frees her hands. She falls unconscoius. He thinks he did not know his joke would harm her and apologizes.

Daadima continues her badmouthing and says she did some sin that god gave her characterless neighbours like bengalans. Dida comes with knife and says she will kill her if she badmouths about her family and says she is suffering since years because of her son. Daadima asks how dare she is to show knife to her, shows even bigger knife and says she will cut her tongue. Sumi asks Dida to think about Swara and tries to take her in. Daadima says her daughter will not come back and asks her to go and hide her face. She continues yelling that she and Swara are characterless.

Sumi gets angry and walks towards her. Daadima gets afraid and asks why is she coming like this. Sumi asks her to come in as she wants to talk. Dadima says she will not. Sumi drags her in while daadima still continues yelling that she made her dirty. She takes vase and says she will break it on her head and asks not to touch her. Sumi takes vase from her and says she is not afraid of her but respects, so she was quiet, even now she brought her here to talk. Daadima asks what she wants to sa Sumi says she will and says before her, she wants to tell someone. Daadima asks Ragini to go into her room. Sumi calls Shekhar and switches on speaker. Shekhar asks if she found Swara. Daadima is surprised to hear Shekhar’s voice. Sumi says not y. Shekhar says he filed FIR and asks not to worry. Sumi asks him to come home right now. Daadima starts yelling that she did black magic on her son and asks what she poison she wants to spit. Sumi says she spits poison in front of her mom and everyone. Daadima says she tells truth.

Sumi says she was quiet till now, but she dragged her daughter now and she will not keep quiet, he daughter is her self-respect. Daadima says her daughter fled away. Sumi asks her to stop her rubbish. Daadima says she came from her husband’s house and is roaming with fatherless child. Sumi says her daughter is not fatherless and her father does not come in open as.. Ragini as he cannot come in front of everone. Daadima asks what she means. Ragini says Shekhar is Swara’s father. Dadima feels devastated and is about to fall when Ragini holds her. Daadima says this cannot be true. Sumi says this is the truth and says she was badmouthing about her own granddaughter and her son’s daughter. She says she always badmouthed her mother and her, but she kept quiet, but when she pointed at her daughter, she is forced to tell the truth. Daadima says she is lying to save herself. Sumi asks her not to point at Swara or her father and says if she points at Swara, 3 fingers point at her back and says if she had told this truth in front of everyone, she would have been insulted, so she brought her in to tell truth.

Laksh brings Swara home carrying her. Neighbours inform Dida that Swara has come. Dida knocvks door and brings Sumi and Daadima out. They are shocked to see Laksh carrying Swara. Sumi identifies him as Ragini’s fiance and asks where did he find Swara. Daadima continues yelling that Bengalans did black magic on even Laksh. Laksh asks Sumi to get into home first. They all get in. Daadima locks door and asks Ragini to call daadaji.

Laksh makes Swara sleep on bed. Sumi asks where did he find her. He says Swara is fine, but got unconscious after panicking. Dida says Swara never gets afraid. Laksh says some goons kidnapped Swara and they were about to kill her when he went there by chance with his friends and saved her. Swara got afraid and got unconscious. He says he will leave now. Sumi senses something is wrong and asks Swara went with her wish, then how can someone kidnap her and asks him to tell truth, else she will take him to his parents.

Precap: Daadima shouts at Shekhar that because of him, characterless Sumi told Swara is his daughter. He says she is and says her shouting cannot change the truth. Daadaji comes and tries to slap him, but he holds his hand.

Update Credit to: MA

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  3. I m sure lucky will fall in love with swara

  4. i too think the same asma.

  5. i just hope what happened with sumi doesn’t happen with swara

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