Swaragini 24th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Swaragini 24th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mansi ignoring the media. Abhimanyu/Laksh feels bad. Sanskar tells Mansi that she would have answer media. Mansi insults him. Sanskar is about to tell about his truth, but Swara stops him. Sanskar tells Swara that he is worried for Ragini. Swara says Ragini will not commit suicide, as she is acting with us to bring Laksh’s truth out. Swara calls Ragini. Ragini asks if Laksh left from there. Swara says no. Annapurna tells that Swara and Sanskar went to bring Laksh. Police reaches there. Laksh sees news on TV about Ragini suicide drama. Mansi comes and switches off TV. Swara says he was watching TV.

Mishka cries and goes to room. Abhimanyu asks Swara to make Mishka have food. Swara comes to Mishka and asks why she is crying. She talks to toy and says Mishka is scared that her Papa will go far from her. She tells Mishka that Ragini was having Abhimanyu’s pic. Mishka says she met her papa after 7 years, and before that she and her mum used to stay alone. She tells that she never saw her papa until she meet him few months back. She says her papa loves her and her mum very much. Swara is shocked and asks when did you meet him. Just then Mansi comes in room, and Mishka stops telling seeing her.

Mansi tells Swara that she will feed Mishka, and asks why did you both got silent seeing me. Swara says they were just talking and says she will feed her food. Mansi asks her to go. Swara thinks one thing is clear that Mishka haven’t seen her father before. Sanskar tells Laksh that he has done right by not getting scared of this girl and says she is looking clever. If I would have been in your place then…Laksh asks him to do his work silently. Sanskar thinks why he is not reacting. Swara says I am sure that he will react, still there are 25 mins to go.

Laksh is restless in his room. Ragini is waiting on the terrace for Laksh to come, and crying. Sumi asks Ragini to come down. Ragini recalls her marriage with Laksh. Annapurna and Durga Prasad try calling Sanskar, but he don’t pick their call. Laksh looks at the watch and is restless. Sanskar senses his restlessness. Ragini cries badly. Sanskar tells Swara that Laksh is not going and asks her to call Ragini and asks her to end this drama.

Swara calls Ragini and tells that Laksh is here even now. Ragini is crying. Swara asks her to get down the terrace. Ragini says matter is cleared now. He doesn’t care if I am alive or dead. Swara says we will find a way..Ragini says what we will do, he is not coming even after knowing that I am going to die. She says you don’t care for me at all Laksh…and cries. Swara tells Sanskar that she thought laksh will go there, and says she is feeling bad for Ragini. Sanskar tries to console Swara.

Ragini breaks the glass and cuts her wrist. Swara and Sanskar see everything on TV and is shocked. Laksh also watches Ragini committing suicide.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. A.xx

    Aww nooo!! She can’t die and I think Mansi is behind it all and is evil or maybe nikhil has something to do with it ?

  2. main tenu samjhavan ki
    na tere bina lagdha ji
    tu ki jane pyar mera
    main karoon inthzaar tera
    tu dil tu yo jaan meri..
    i wanna dedicate tz song to laksh on behalf of ragini.
    hw cud u laksh?hw cud u?z mansi n mishka more important to u than ua wife,ua bacha,YOUR ragini??so 1 thing z clear laksh din harm mansi’s husband.tn wts the mystery?wtever it z it cnt b more imp than ragu ryt??aww mera princess.she kpt waiting with a hope.bt all in vain.she cudnt bear his rejection,his ignorance n fell weak.luv u princess.u were looking cute.n swasan were luking adorable.hope ty overcome their MU atleast during tz phase.

  3. I hate you laksh…so sad of ragini…so he values mishka life more than ragini…just go to hell…I hope ragini won’t accept him after problem solved…

  4. Oh my poor rago committed suicide to get back his laksh plz year try to understand her pain and come tell that i am laksh i hope that this can happen in serial may be my guess and my swasan will unite my raglak soon

  5. Aasthu

    the same precap???????? oh god……Mansi is cheating even that lil girl…….wonder what’s the connection btwn Nikhil and Mansi……now that Swara has heard half the truth, she’ll get the rest too…………….I only hope nothing bad will happen to Rags………….

    Guys is swaragini really going off air????????

    Micuuuu since I can’t visit why don’t u take me there in my dreams????? tell me about the pl;ace’s speciality……………..after hearing about Mauritania I dreamt of visiting that place…..its beautiful……………..

    1. Mica

      ahaa.. Aasthu.. well you can enjoy village environment till nude on beach at Bali island, take a risk at Komodo island, diving and playing with thousand kind of beautiful fishes in Bunaken, surfing at Raja Ampat, shopping and stuck in traffic at Jakarta, or hiking on hundreds active mountains 😀 …
      i warn you https://indonesia.tripcanvas.co/travel-to-indonesia/

      1. Sw(K)Ar(K)Ag(L)Ini

        Micuuuu !!! i enjoyed everything.. !! well now tell me about some name of famous restaurant.. !! where i can see d menu n taste it.. !!
        i will b glad if u send me d menu even.. !! 😉

      2. Aasthu

        I liked the pics…………..so beautiful…………the last line is sooo good……………do u want a sneak peak of India??????????? do u like India first of all???????????

      3. Mica

        wooii.. bhukaaaaaddd… huh! better you come to my house, i’ll prepare you…

        Aasthu…. yaa.. i ever surfing about India..and i have more than 5 close friends from India in Fb that chat every day and send many pics, that why somehow i familiar with you guyz…

  6. same precap past 4 days

  7. not at all intrstd in watching raginiz drama.yuck…want to stp SR frm gng off air..but cant nagini deviz drama

    1. Even we can’t stand with Swara’s mahan attitude,even we don’t want SR to go off air….but can’t stand with mahan’s hyper active brain.yuck…….

      1. I am totally agree with you Blue…Even we all Raglak fans are fed up of Swara’s Mahanta…Swasan fans don’t bash me because at first your one Swasan fan starts bashing Ragini…So I also said to Swara…Even I like four of them really very much…But for some stupid fans I said this…

      2. Sw(K)Ar(K)Ag(L)Ini

        Haaa blueee !!! u know Swara takes lots of almonds in a day .. that’s why she is Active … !! it should be woow n awwww… not yuck.. !!! 😉

      3. Aasthu

        are u the same Blue who writes “String of Hearts”??????? If sooooo plzzzzzzz update it………..dying to read it………………….

      4. No dear I’m not that Blue

      5. Sw(K)Ar(K)Ag(L)ini

        Riyaaa !!! u r soooo correct… even sometime i also think Swara is sooo mahan.. !!
        i wish she ever not being mahan gave Laksh for Ragini sacrificing her love as a Sister.. !!!i wish she ever think about herself forgetting about Ragini.. !!! isn’t it.. !! nw just think It out dear !!! why u r a Raglak fan… n why Swara is Mahan.. !!!
        have a great day ahead…

    2. what the hell is wrong with u hardly we have got less time utilize that for saving sr not bashing and ya trp is 1.8 (1/3) plzzz swasan fan stop ur bashing and start spaming rashmi matha and colourstv love u raglak today ragu was so hurt

      1. Sw(K)Ar(K)Ag(L)Ini

        Waaa Keee !! SwaSan fans r not only bashing… !! even RagLak fans tooo.. !! but it’s their love for each other that they kept doing that…
        when the show will shut then we will get to know our love one fav couple’s importance more.. !!!
        Have a good day dear… n don’t worry SR will survive… 😉

    3. Sw(K)Ar(K)Ag(L)Ini

      Waaa Sindhuraaa… it’s not nagini dear… it’s Ragini… !! Ragini Laksh Maheswari… !!
      N Swaragini itself a drma series then how can u not interested in Drama !!
      u made me confuse dear !!!
      It’s should not b yuckkk !! u should say best of luck to her as she is doing it for her Husband n family… !!! 😉

    4. Why swara always try to prove the phrase akal badi us bhais her every plans fails badly ragini heart breaks again

      1. Sw(K)Ar(K)Ag(L)Ini

        Just wish Ankita !! CVs doesn’t show that cutting her wrist was also a plan of Swara.. coz we all know she is a master planner.. !! twist d whole game at d last second.. !! now just enjoy it.. !! better then chanting phrase against Swara. !!

  8. Oh no swaragini to go off air this dec.. miss you sr

  9. I love u ragoooo.. I hate u laksh bhai..

  10. mansi and nikhil are just too evil
    they’re even trapping mishka who hasn’t seen her father for 7 years and i am now hating mishka also she is stopping laksh from going back to ragini
    laksh didn’t go bz he knew ragini much more better

    sindhura and Blue plsssssssssssss stop fighting

  11. sanskar is maybe the first person on tv to talk about same faces

  12. Hai guys i have a good news for u swaragini is not going off air it’s only changing time slot so dont disappoint so relax all but keep supporting swaragini about episode is felling bad for ragini boring precape waiting for today’s episode

    1. Really Hw du u know it pls tell me

    2. Really how do you know it pls tell me im waiting for your reply

  13. Well now Laksh is too much…Too much means toooooooo much…I am hell angry on him…How can he forget his Ragini for that Mishka and his so called wife Mansi…Is Mishka and Mansi are more important to him than Ragini??????Really Laksh don’t deserves Ragini…My princess,my heaven beauty,my doll,my beauty queen,you seriously nailed it Teju
    …Love you…And Swasan are also very cute and adorable…Waiting for today’s episode…

  14. Are u serious tejaswini.Really SR is not going offair .plz tell me truth.Im dying fan of ragini n swara .Hope it cant go off air.

  15. Mica

    Thank you H Hasan mam for update..
    poor Mishka, she is a little girl that craving for father love, may she dunno everything about that cunning plan.. she just knows that He is her father, and she won’t give her father to anyone.

    Our swasan always the best..uugghhh finally Swara can touch him.. ahem ahem..
    Now, sanskar who want to touch his lady love…
    will he success this time ? well..stay tune at color channel, 9.30 pm tonite…

    Laksh..what does bother you to run and save her ?
    Ragini… *send Shawn Mendes -Treat you better-

  16. really? swaragini is not going to off? but then.why they are not annoucing anything? they are continuesly announcing.abt that faltu sasural simar ka time then why not swaragini’s?

  17. oh so mishka z ill n if her father leaves her she might die.tats the reason laksh z pretending to be mishka’s father.bt hw did laksh end up meeting tm??hmmm mch to unfold.if laksh returns mishka will die.if he dont ragini will die.poor laksh,hez stuck btwn the duo.

  18. Oh !A new serial is going to replace Swaragini now.??.

  19. Hai guys I am serious and it is true I saw it on Instagram its is true so don’t worry

  20. Hai guys it’s true I saw its on Instagram there is only changing in time so don’t worry keep supporting swaragini

  21. MAHIRA

    Yesterday episode was very sad for me, hard to see Ragini suffering so much, thinking that Laksh’ is indifferent about her life, not worrying for her, not giving a damn if she’s alive or dead… how painful it can be!!! how painful for her fapily too, her parents, her in laws…
    Laksh! you have to have a real GREAT reason making you act like that, because this is really unfair with her, in inversed situation, Ragini accepted to make shradh rites for her living beloved sister just to save you from jail not so long ago… is this little girl happiness is more important than Ragini’s life???… i don’t think so, it must be bigger than this simple explanation!
    I HA§TE THAT MANSI!!!! she’s definitely not innocent at all, an innocent woman would be sad for the situation of this poor lost woman who is searching for her husband, even she’s really believing that this abhiman-thing and not Laksh’!!! which she isn’t!
    Swasan… my beloved ones… you lighted the episode… how will we live without you after the end of the show ;(

  22. Oh!Really thank you for the great news Tejashwini.?

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