Swaragini 21st November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Swaragini 21st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhimanyu asking Mansi to have milk. Mansi is tensed and asks if he will leave her. Abhimanyu says how can I stay without my life partner and promises to stay with her. Sanskar meets Swara and says we shall inform Police and know about Abhimanyu’s history etc. Swara says they shall not inform Police, and have to find out about Laksh. She says plan will not fail if less people are involved and that’s why I am saying we will not work together. Sanskar sits in his car angrily. Swara is walking on the road. A speedy car is about to hit her. Sanskar comes out of car and saves her. Swara thanks him. Sanskar says if there was someone else too then I would have save her. Swara says I would have thank someone else too. Goons call their boss and says they couldn’t kill Swara. Boss says next time they shall not be left alive. His face is revealed and it is Nikhil. Sanskar asks Swara to come. Swara says she will go alone and argues. Sanskar lifts her and takes her home. He asks her to apply ointment on her wound. Swara asks what about the wounds which is unseen. Sanskar is about to go and hears her.

Nikhil gives ointment and asks why didn’t you take care of yourself. What would have happened if that car had crushed you. Swara looks on doubtful. Nikhil tells that he saw the car coming towards her, but stopped seeing Sanskar saving her. He tells may be Laksh or his lookalike is involved in the accident, and tells that he is dangerous or may be his wife is involved. He says you need someone to help you in your plan. Swara doesn’t want him. Nikhil is angry and continues to plan against her. Swara tells Ragini that the car tried to hit her intentionally and that she had seen the car coming towards her. Ragini is shocked.

Swara asks Ragini to enquire about the car number. Ragini says okay, and tells that she will find out about Laksh’s connection with this accident. She says Nikhil told this, and says she don’t want to involve anyone. Ragini says she wants to come with her, and don’t want to get her in any trouble. Swara says no, and asks her not to tell anyone. Ragini asks can she take Nikhil’s help. Swara says no, as she don’t want him to land in any trouble. She hugs her, and promises to bring Laksh back. Ragini says I am hopeful that you will fulfill this promise too, like others.

Mansi tells Abhimanyu that watchman got new maid for them. She asks about her name. Swara comes dressed as maid. Laksh calls Mishka, and is about to see Swara’s face.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Aasthu


    Swara and Sanskar are working as servants, and staying close to Abhimanyu. Sanskar wants to know why is Laksh acting to be Abhimanyu and not admitting the truth. Sanskar knows Abhimanyu is his brother Laksh. He is creating that drama that Laksh admits his truth.

    They see Ragini’s suicide drama by playing it on tv. Abhimanyu gets shocked seeing it. Swara and Sanskar could not bring Abhimanyu/Laksh’s truth out. Ragini acts to commit suicide. Sanskar tells Abhimanyu to see Ragini’s poor state, so that his heart changes and he goes to stop Ragini from dying. But, he does not react much infront of Mansi. Abhimanyu does not go to stop Ragini. This breaks Ragini’s heart. Swara and Sanskar will come up with the new plan to find Laksh’s truth.

    On the other hand, Ragini is upset and walks on the road. Ragini goes to confront Abhimanyu. Ragini tries to find the car which was responsible for Swara’s accident. Ragini spots the car near Abhimanyu’s house. The car is registered on Mansi’s name. Will Ragini find out Mansi’s truth? Keep reading.

  2. Nandhininandhu

    Tada i watch it on tv without changing for a second.pls read few shot shona pls wake up

  3. Adishu

    ahhhhhhhhh…. I want to scream so loud that can’t tell you all…. I missed swasan scene because of papa…. I want to cry… but I b
    but I watch the flashback part so little bit fine… n guysss easier try to watch every episode….. pleaseeee saveee ourrr swaragini……
    I can’t afford to loose it… not at any cost….

    1. Adishu

      mica aasthu mahira n everyone I’m Aditi Singh only…

      1. Mica

        waaaaa,,,finally..congrat Adhishu dear…

    2. MAHIRA

      Adishu… Dear Aditi .. Welcome!!! Finally^^

    3. Lounaa

      congrats Adishu…Finally

  4. Gyz swaragini is going to off air . I am very disapointed . How can i live without swasan . Pls do something

  5. anonymous(raglak)

    Don’t want say anything about the episode…As I , myself didn’t understand much of it even after reading the update..how I wish , I could contribute to TRP by watching it on tv!!!!!!!

  6. I’d watched it…. plz guys whoever you are swasanians or raglakians (together we are swaraginians), please watch it on your TV…. its a humble request to all of you…. coz we can’t lose our beloved swasanraglak…. I just hope that by watching it on TV we can save our SWARAGINI….

  7. Loved it. Please don’t make swaragini go off air.. Please…
    The thing is I can’t watch its retelecast in TV due to its time slot ..but If at all I missed any episode I would watch it online.

    Can anyone tell where can I watch previous episodes of swaragini except voot.
    Please let this show be on air.

  8. Hii guyssss how r u alll..??
    welll cmntng aftr a long time here nd yeah i got a attck dat swaragini gng off air…dis is da week in whch it will decide dat..if trp does nt increase it will go off air…plsss guys pls increase da trip…swaragini fans pls do watch da show at 9.30 nd pls if possible watch repeat telecast also..i dnt wanna loose my swasan nd swaragini…pls fans swasan nd raglak fans plss save da show by watching…our fandom is nt soo week plsss show it nd make dem proud dat we r thr….plsss plsss watch da show…its a humble request to all of you

  9. Mystery

    Nikhil….why he wants to kill swara

  10. Manjula20

    Dear friends Please please please watch Swaragini
    This week s really important for Swaragini
    This week’s trp will decide the final decision please watch it

  11. Why does Nikhil want to kill Swara, I wanted him to be with Ragini to make Laksh JEALOUS?

  12. I am very disappointed bc there was not much Raglak?

  13. They in the sense..so nikil wants to kill both swara n ragini???omg.BT yy??is he related to Mansi ?? I thought he came 4 ragini .

  14. Guys watch itt onn tv to increasee trp ! bc this week will decideeee if it’s going off-air or not ! swaragini is a special showww plzzz guyssss and spaaaaam colors

  15. It does not come on at 9:30 it comes on 10:30.
    It would be better if it came on at 9:00, so that everyone can watch their favorite show swaragini.

  16. Amrutha

    A new serial promo? That too in same slot? Means swaragini is going to off air ? Omg ,even some times I feel when there is no importance for raglak,to stop watching this show.but it really going to off air? Ssk and and are long running,but never faced any trouble? Omg can’t I see my teju,my laksh , their pair??????.I am crying.
    This situation has came because of these writers own mistakes,nothing new in this show.except eye locks, dashing scenes etc.

  17. wow what an episode
    sanskar picked swara up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i’m not even surprised to see nikhil negative
    but now why does he want to kill swasan

  18. Hai guys support swaragini by watching it on TV it can increase trp its a humble its request don’t take swaragini go off air please support swaragini

  19. Mica

    thank you H hasan mam for update…
    i don’t want talk to much today episode. *anyone believe it ? huh! even i can’t believe it myself….
    my Nikhil be villain ???????? that too tried to kill his childhood friend ? my Swara ?
    but….aaawwwwwww he is hotter with his jacket *melting

    weird scene.. Sanskar on his car on left side road..but then he saved Swara from rite side road ? when he crossed the road ? from front the van (which want to hit Swara) or behind the van ?
    if he run behind the car..he has no time to save her, if he run in front the van, he will hit first…. *confuse..
    wait..don’t say that Sanskar is the flash ???? gooossshh *fainting

    1. Lounaa

      well for the first time dont know what to write dear Mica
      i kept thinking my favourite show wont be in a month and my Swasan as well????
      That damn goodbye that damn last episode..all that is shattering me apart
      I am a Swasanian to the chore never ever did i surrender till the last moment…crossing fingers TRP will increase cz that idea is haunting me since yesterday????

      1. Mica

        well…even i dunno what to say, there is even no fun anymore…..
        i never ever crazy about show except Swasan…
        but i’m tired to know people playing our feeling…
        just wish the best, wish the best and the best..

  20. Guys really dr s no much ad 4r our show ah…?? Y channel wasting dat ad duration by promoting dr own tv shows by dng dz hw cn v get trp …..??????? I thnk chnl intentionally wants 2 shut our show bt whts d reason. ..?

  21. Evry colors show ad was telecast by dm strdy sr episode … if dy dnt have ad means dy cn run our sr with 1 break la bt dy want dr other show promotion backwash chnl

  22. I don’t think there is anything remaining for raglakian swaragini even no hope in further episode

  23. Swasan scene was superb !! But dont to knw about now this nikhil i think there must be connection btwn mansi nd nikhil … Nd why abimanu is behaving so wierd !! Mansi is blackmailing hin this is not true there must be another secret

  24. Pleaseseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese don’t end the show and unite swasan

  25. Mere ghar par DD free dish hai swaragini rishter par aata hai , if it will not affect trp

  26. ease not off air the show swaragini I love the show and I am a big fan of swaragni aise kitne serials hai Jo bekar aate hai unme koi story nhi hai vo trp chart me bhi nhi hai aise serial fir bhi aa rhe hai na to swaragni kyu nhi please use extent ion de dijiye aur off air mat kijiye uska time slot change kr dijiye lek in off air nhi kijiye

  27. Rashmi mam please i beg u swaragini not going off air I love the show aese kitne serial aate hai jo trp ke layak bhi nhi hai fir bhi aate hai air swaragini un SB show Se badhkr hai so please don’t going off air the serial

  28. 3veni

    i haven’t seen swaragini after laksh ‘s disappearence…bt now i have a doubt..who’s dis nikhil??why he is trying to kill swara

    1. Mica

      we don’t know the motive yet, well he is swara’s childhood friend

      1. 3veni

        thnqq micaa..bt wat is he dng in swara’s house…why he is staying wid dem??

    2. Mica

      well, he came from canada for helping SWaragini on their business, nice, prankster guy, made Sanskar jealous, but then..aaarrgghhh, cvs turn him to -ve,,hiks..may you can read written update for detail

  29. Aasthu

    when is swaragini’s air time????? 10:30???? That makes it even more impossible for me to watch it……….I wonder if that SSK will ever go off air!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Though raglak scenes are yet to come I had tot to watch SR……..but bam!!!!!!! change of time……….my parents won’t let me watch it……..

    1. Mica

      whaaaattt ? god..it will be 00.30 early morning on me..damn…

  30. Raina

    leave your damn ego swara and sanskar

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