Swaragini 19th October 2015 Written Episode Update

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Shekhar tells what wrong did I said? She didn’t think before pushing her sister in river, before kidnapping her mum, so why can’t she try to give poison to her dad. Sumi says she is our daughter and it is our duty to bring her back on right path. Dadi says to Swara that she can’t give a second chance to Ragini. Swara says Ragini is still your grand daughter, my sister and daughter of my parents. She says Ragini is repenting and want to do penance. She says if we don’t support her then we will lose our Ragini. Dadi says this Ragini has killed our Ragini, and she will never back again.

Ragini does the aarti and sings bhajan in the morning. Swara and Sumi looks on happily. Dadi, Dada and Shekhar looks on. She gives water to Tulsi plant and do the puja. Swara looks at Sumi. She tries to give aarti to Dada ji, but he
goes without taking it. she tries giving to other family members, but they all leave making her feel like crying. Sumi calls Ragini and asks her to give aarti. Ragini is surprised. Sumi blesses her for the world’s best happiness. Swara takes the aarti. Sumi makes her daughters Ragini and Swara eat the prasad.

Dadi tells Swara that she has made rasagulla for her. Swara asks her to make her eat with her hands. Ragini gets teary eyes seeing Dadi showering love on them. Dadi makes Sumi eat the sweets and says you said right that I will love you very much when I come to know about the truth. Swara asks Ragini to come and have sweets. Servant tells Dadi that he came. Dadi tells shekhar that she called photographer home to have their family photo clicked. Swara makes Dadi, Dada, Shekhar and Sumi stand. Ragini feels sad. Swara says you are looking perfect as usual. she says we will sit down. Dadi says she can’t sit here. Swara asks why? Dadi asks photographer not to take her photo and get only their photo clicked. Ragini runs to her room upstairs. The photo takes their photo sans Ragini. Ragini sees Laksh and Sanskar coming home. Laksh thanks Sanskar for the big favor. Sanskar says you are my brother. Laksh looks at Ragini. Ragini cries.

Sanskar comes inside Shekhar’s house. Dadi blesses him,followed by others. Swara greets him hi. Dadi asks him to have
breakfast. Sanskar says I want to talk to Swara about our divorce. Everyone looks on shockingly. Sanskar says he want to take Swara to lawyer if they approve. Shekhar says Ragini has made joke of marriage. Sumi asks Swara to go with Sanskar. Dadi says because of Ragini this is happening.

Annapurna says I can’t believe that Ragini can do such a thing. Durga Prasad says we have to break two relations because of her. he says Laksh will never accept Ragini and we couldn’t forgive her. Sujata says Swara and Sanskar’s marriage was a forced one. Durga Prasad says I was thinking if it would be right to break Sanskar and Swara’s marriage. He says Laksh can move on in life if they stay together. He says Sanskar loves Swara…and he accepted it infront of everyone. Sujata says Swara don’t love Sanskar. Durga Prasad says Swara might change her mind. Sujata prays that Swara refuses for the alliance. Swara knocks on Ragini’s door, and asks shall i bring breakfast. Ragini says I am fine. Swara tells her that she is going with Sanskar to meet lawyer. Sanskar tells Shekhar that he will drop Swara home once the work is done. Sumi says okay. Swara sees something on Sanskar’s suit, and cleans it. They leave.

Dadi tells Shekhar and Dada ji that Ragini and Laksh’s relation can’t be saved, but we can save Swara and Sanskar’s marriage. Sumi says Swara has no feeling for him. Shekhar says the same. Dadi says truth is needed in a relation which is strong in their relation. Sumi says we shall talk to her. Durga Prasad talks to Shekhar and says they want to talk about Swara and Sanskar. Shekhar says we will come. Dadi says they might be thinking same, and says we shall go and talk fast.

Swara asks Sanskar why did he stop the car? Sanskar gives her chocolate and tells about celebration. Swara says we are going to meet lawyer. Sanskar signs Laksh coming there. Swara looks on.

Durga Prasad tells that they shall give chance to Swara and Sanskar’s marriage. dadi and Sumi agrees. Laksh thanks Swara for forgiving him and asks can we start our relation after my divorce. Swara looks on shockingly.

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  1. sans arrives at gadodia house and asks swara to come along for some divorce formalities however both the families decide to stop them from getting divorced
    but swara gets upsad seeing that sans takes her to laksh instead of divorce lawyer later lakrh tells swara that he wantr to get back with her
    will swara accept her sisters husband
    everyone in family try to convince swara and sans to stay together meanwhile rags tells laksh that she wantr him to get bk with swara
    is this one of raginis plan
    in order to forget laksh swara will tell the family that she is ready totake her relationship with sans a step ahead
    how will laksh and rags react to this
    during durga puja swara dragr rags to backyard later ragr gets very upset and takes the law into her own hands causing a commotion

    1. Raghini is gonna get electric shock and will again start her drama of memory loss. Seriously! How can she turn so low!!

    2. Sure Ragini is planning for another drama to trap swara

  2. Sanskar always can understand Swara than Laksh. I noticed it many times. Do you guys agree with me?

    1. Yes absolutely

    2. Of course 1000%

    3. ofcourse sanskar always trust and understands her better than anyone

    4. They are made for each other . Sanskar is best for swara always…. I agree with you .

    5. Abouslately. Correct. And they should unite.

  3. Poor Sanskar…. doing all this for Swara’s happiness…. hopw she understands that…. And Laksh i hate him…… Seriously!!!!! Seriously!!! he’s proposing to his bhabi infront of his bhai… i hope Swara falls for Sanskar soon….. the guy will do anything to bring a smile on her face felt really bad for him…… But did anyone notice when Sanskar said he was going to meet the divorce laywer and wanted Swara to accompany him Swara was just shocked…. Maybe kahi na kahi feelings start ho gayi hai…..

    1. @Archies ????
      Well said dost……
      I too can’t understand this confused person(laksh)he takes every decision himself dat too in anger and at last regrets…he called shona characterless dat tym and now wants her back!???
      But poor guy he 4got past is past
      And now he will not get shona ever ….
      He himself chooses to marry n trust ragini so now he have to bear her….

      But we don’t need to worry about our sankyy coz soon swasan will b together I heard….yeaaaahhh?????

    2. Correct. Laksh is very bad person. He didn’t support swara even didn’t trust her in her bad times but now he is proposing her in front of her husband and his brother. He know that his brother love swara but he doesn’t care about that. He only care about his happiness. How shame less

  4. Sab log raging se it a narrative ku kathi ho .
    John sheker ne raging ki maa ki sat kiya tuna tak to nah I hota na ragini.
    Because of s ask a are all these happened .
    Feeling bad for ragini?

    1. Sorry guys for mistakes

    2. kya bol rahi ho??? Ria!!!!! readable format me likho……. (didn’t mean to hurt your feelings but i can’t understand)

  5. matendo pharida

    i wish swara could give Luckshy a second chance. matakes are made by humans. whoever much sans loves swara bt swara doesnt love him. Love can never be forced so sans should late go the earlier e better.

    1. But his mistake is not forgiveable. And swara should have give laksh a chance if he loves her. But he didn’t love swara. Another means of love is trust which laksh didn’t do in swara in her bad time. So I think laksh don’t love swara

    2. U R absolutely right…Nina??☺☺

  6. This series making me sick. Yet I can’t stop watching. Lash want to start dating swara again after all that happn. And is like ragini has not change. I ca sence some evil again from ragini. Hmmmm pls unite swasan

  7. Swasan…stay together …for ever…

  8. Being a swasan fan today tho she touched sanskar to remove the dirt from his blazer ,loved it…waiting to c Swasan in love..

    1. Yes mithuu…
      That was an awww moment?????

    2. Mithu, I think it was a hint. Which is to show the confused feelings of swara for her husband. She will understand his love. And never leave her sanskar..
      Love you swasan

  9. Y no second chance… Sawsan.oly… Selfish lakshya is. I feel bad fr ragini nw… Don knw y .. M feeling bad. No one s guiding properly..

  10. Totally agreed wid Nick & Archies

    Sorry fr nt posting commemts fr a long tym

  11. Nice episode

  12. I thought after ragini’s truth is out she will become positive, but no she will be playing her same games again. That psyco ragini won’t change, she will get electricuted purposely and will act that she lost her memory so that she gets simpethy votes from every one. How low can she get, I mean who will electricute them self, she is mad. She is psyco and she needs to join mental hospital so that she can get her head treated. I wish the current fried her brain so that she gets brainless. Who would want a evil and twisted brain like hers.

    1. Have you ever thought from her point of view??? I’m not supporting her evil deeds… but if your heart gets repeatedly crushed anyone will turn evil….. and the way people are reacting, she tried to kill herself but when she survived she thought maybe with the memory loss she can show her laksh(i hate that guy now) how much she loves him thats her logic(stupid idea but her logic)…. Moreover thats the only way Swasan will reunite(after what Sanskar did today -though he thought she will be happy – Swara will break all ties with him)…. She will turn positive after Swasan’s love story starts so till then we can’t see our old Ragini……

    2. Agreed??☺☺

    3. Ya totally agreed with you.
      Rag ko is “kalaroop” denevaali Laksh hi hai. Uska bina soche samche karmomki vajase…phir bhi ragini ko accept Karna bahuth risky hoga. Lksh apni hi gaal me chaaku maarkar marna beherthar hoga…..

    4. Exactly. M feeling bad for ragini. She needs proper guidance. She s trying to get lakshya back . nw tat swara has said no

  13. hi guys
    if anyone of you have watch the korean drama named boys over flower. Because 1st time in my life I think that koreaN drama has more emotions than indian drama. and yep good story line also

    1. I love that, bof is the best… You are ji hoo fan..me too…o my Kim hyun joon…
      Actually you are right Korean dramas has more emotions and they are fast going too.v no dragging at all..there are several other kd too, which still can’t forgot.

    2. Yeah I watched it ? Because BOF was mentioned here, I’m just stating this as a fact. You know Jun pyo also insulted Jang di so many times but her love for him didn’t change till the end. Yeah Jun pyo was a kindda prat & he told so many things. But in the end they got together with way better understanding. I’m just stating what I felt!!!!!

    3. Every one thought Jang di would fall in luv with Ji hoo but it didn’t happen!!!!!!

    4. My fav8 Kaisi yeh yaariyan is also like boys over flower. Two serial’s plot is same. So u can watch that.


    6. Guys… Don’t forget we are in “SWARAGINI” page, not “BOYS OVER FLOWERS,” and… Also, I watched it and of course it is thousand times more better than this dragging drama.

  14. its kaisi yeh yaariyan plot based on same drama

    1. Par k h y making so much unwanted dragging… I think…I like Korean version…other Chinese n Taiwanese ,never try that…Korean is the best

  15. now i seriously feel that swara and sanskar must be united….. bcz he love her a lot and he trust her. he nevr let her alone in the fight for truth… othr hand laksh who loved swara a lot didnt trust her….. swasan rockzzzzzz????

  16. Please renuite swara and sanskar….they are perfect for each other

  17. ji hoo not only BOF see also Heirs it’s a wonderful story acted by Lee Minho(gujan piyo from BOF fame)

    1. So we are on the same boat, ashrutha…did you see personal taste… It’s awesome….

  18. please unite swasan

  19. Does ragini pretend like she lost her memory or does she lose it on a serious note??

    1. she pretends

  20. Though sanskar loves swara so much,she always misunderstands him.sanskar lied to her & brought her to meet laksh,nw she wil say hw can u betray me sanskar,hw can u lie to me?she wil nt realize hw difficult it is for sanskar but he still he did it thinking she wil be happy,his bro wil be happy but no she wil bash him again.earlier she accused him of being happy with their forceful marriage.if u knw so closely hw can u doubt his intentions?If swara doesnt love sanskar then its k but she should respect his love atleast.

    1. Agree wid each of ur words dear(ANU)…..our sanky is also in pain….it is difficult for him also
      But he is doing dis 4 swara’s happiness…. But instead of understanding him she always scold him..????..its OK if c doesn’t love him but c should not insult him at least……

      I am damn sure c will soon realise and will fall for sanky..

      Fingers crossed…..????

    2. very true….but he is someone on whom she takes out all her anger and also relay for strength and support… like when Ragini’s truth was out she wanted to be with Sanskar so that she could freely express herself…… she was shocked when MM people said divorce and also when Sanskar said divorce…. i think she doesn’t understand that she is also in love with him…. coz she feel different with Sanskar than with Laksh… Sujatha needs to understand her son’s wish and respect that….

    3. Agree with you anu.. Don’t t think any girl should make fun of any guys love

  21. Yr please swara and sanskaar ko mila do jodi hit h hit h hit t.v ki best jodi h or es jodi ko best jodi ka award milna chahiya

  22. Today’s episode was boring
    when sanskaar came then only the serial was interesting
    I hate to watch ragini that psycho is doing dis drama again n again
    poor sanskaar felt bad for him ….

  23. Hey guys! What if Sanskar has not changed at all and ragini did all these according to sanskar’s plan. After all, Sankar’s aim was snatch Laksh’s love from his life. And now everyone is supporting SawSan. Sanskar is stilling talking about Winning . That’s a bit strange if he has really changed. He is still a master-planner. However, i’ll stop watching this serial if it shows Sanskar is evil and Swara was fooled by him. 😐

  24. Please unite swasan they are the best ,watching the show 4 them only

  25. ki dont care what happens to laksh or ragini…
    just unite swasan….
    by the way i never mind if ragini wud pretend memory loss to get laksh anymore…
    just wish she stays away from swasan

  26. Borrrrrrrrriiiiinnnggggg episode….i hate ragini…

  27. I wish swara n laksh always be 2 gethr;-)

  28. Swasan should be together,started watching to c them together,their silence itself has this much magic n fan following, show started in march bt swasan moments has increased the number of fans,writers have understood that,now I feel it is going to be Swasan in the end,they have started giving a feel that it is going to be swasan,especially Dadi’s words abt understanding between them, Swara touching his suit,no offense to Swalak fans but Swasan fans r happy with this turn,last week I was very sad thinking if Swasan is going to be separated bt now I hope it is going to be Swasan forever,if first love was shown as true love then daily soaps would not have survived….

  29. Also these moments where Swara is behaving indifferently to Sanskar and not understanding his love,no doubt wen she falls in love,these are going to be shown in flashback,but writers,show more swasan moments,don’t drag it,I like Tejaswi as well,yesterday laksh n Ragini eyelock was also good…bt for me Swasan is the best pair in colours now..

  30. Swasan plzzzz not swalak

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