Swaragini 17th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Swaragini 17th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ragini hugging Laksh and crying. Mansi asks how dare you to hug my husband. Ragini says he is my husband Laksh Maheshwari. She says I have been searching for you in the hospital, stations, etc. Mansi says it is enough of your drama, you are a betrayal woman who wants to loot people. Ragini says I donโ€™t need money, but my husband. Mansi says he is my husband Abhishek and father of my daughter Misha. Ragini says this is a lie. I was living on a hope that I will get him back. She says his parents have broken down when they came to know about his dead. She asks him to come and holds his hand. Laksh is walking with her, but Mansi comes and holds his hand stopping him.

Swara cries and thinks about Ragini saying that Laksh is no more. Sumi comes. Swara asks where is Ragini? Sumi says Shekhar went in her search. Ragini asks Laksh to come. Laksh says excuse me maโ€™am. Ragini says I am Ragini. Laksh says Ragini ji, I donโ€™t know what you are saying. He asks her to stop it and says I am Abhimanyu Khanna, and she is my wife Mansi and daughter Misha. Ragini is shocked. Swara says she needs us. Sumi says Sanskar needs you more, Laksh was his brother and he is holding himself responsible for his death. Swara feels apologetic and says I have always accused Sanskar all these months and thatโ€™s why he is blaming himself. She says Sanskar is innocent, he hates me because of my mistakes.

Ragini says you are angry and punishing me for my mistake. She apologizes to him and asks him to come with her. She tells that even she died when she comes to know about his death and have become like a dead body. She says we will forget everything and start afresh. I will do as you says. She asks him to come and says everyone is waiting. She holds her ears and touches his feet. Laksh says you are crossing your limits now. Mansi blames herself for doing her accident and bringing her home. She asks Laksh to give money to Ragini. He gives her money. Mansi asks her to take money and leave. Sumi asks Swara not to cry and says it is destiny. She says you are my daughter and shall not fall weak.

Ragini holds Misha and keeps knife on her neck. Laksh and Mansi get shocked. Ragini asks him to start the car. She sits in car and goes. Laksh and Mansi get concerned. Laksh tells I will bring her back. Swara meets Sanskar says I was calling you, it was good that you met me. Sanskar says you are not unfortunate like me, and says I am ready for the punishment which you want to give me. He says whatever you said came true. Swara asks seriously do you think like this. Sanskar asks her to go else he will tell her something because of which she might break their relation.

Sanskar says he did lose and wants to die. He says God kept me alive, but snatched the reason of my life. He says he has nobody to take care of his family, who will take care of his family if anything happens to him. Swara supports him and asks him to take care of himself. Sanskar asks her to go and pushes her. Swara falls down. Just then Swara and Sanskar see Ragini in car with the girl. They are shocked to see Laksh in another car.

Laksh comes to Maheshwari house, and calls Ragini. He asks where she is hiding? Annapurna gets happy and emotional seeing him. Laksh calls them aunty, uncle and says he is not Laksh, but Abhimanyu Khanna.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. he s laksh r abimanyu? he dont resist ragini anyways epi was superb I loved it but I hate mansi overactng

  2. shit missed the episode

  3. Awsmmmmm episode!!!!!
    This episode was really a treat to watch……
    From First min to last min……


    FINALLY SWARA… reason comes back to you smart lovely brain… will comment after watching the episode
    Thanks for the update Hasan mam.

  5. really this mrs chudail khanna is getting into my nerves seriously how dare she behave so with my ragu but ragu baby y did u take knife dear u nona its dangerous okk but to see thadapthi huvi ragini was indeed very heart breaking

  6. Wow it was amazing….even in tamilnadu …they are many fans …and me too…its too cute and I love Ragini very much and the story is very much clear laksh is acting he cant resist Ragini…and they should make Ragini reveal its laksh by making her coming close to laksh

  7. anonymous(raglak)

    what d hell…the same thing is repeating………Y always ragini has to suffer for her love..while laksh smtimes he will be with swara(PAST) kavya and now with this Mansi…..Initially ragini tried to kill swara for getting laksh…And Now also u r showing d same thing…..this time she kept knife on mishri’s neck..plzzz don’t show anything that makes people think ragini as villain again..I jus can’t bear people blaming Ragini……And Nihkil…what is d point in his character, wen u don’t even give him minimum screen space…….But I should accept it…Episode is worth watching……Kind of balanced…sm swasan ,sm raglak scenes and sm family drama…….Really waiting for reason behind laksh’s behaviour….And dear CV’s plzz don’t include swasan in Abhi rag matters..Let them solve their own problems/differences..Let ragini solve d matter as SHE IS LAKSH’s WIFE…..

    1. Mica

      huh! Nikhil is mine…where is she ? i love his character…
      well, many raglakian complaining about swasan interfere in Abhi’s house,…
      i can’t say further as it’s not airing yet, moreover we don’t know where is ragini or what the situation..(may Ragini working in Abhi’s office) ahem ahem..
      but, somehow, in an investigation, they are collecting information and try to stay away from targets (keep distance) as possible to avoid suspicion .
      so, if only Ragini come to that house, can she be stay away from Laksh ?

      1. Manjula20

        Mica Nikhil is an antagonist
        Even he tried to kill Swara by hitting that car but My Sanku ne usse bacha liya

      2. Mica

        yeah,, heart broken.. but what to say.. a good girl love bad guy… ๐Ÿ˜€

    2. Mica

      btw An, instead of blaming CVS, why don’t you praise Ragini for her smart move..
      you know what ? i’m literally laughing to watch the scene when Raglak busy to share eyelock ignored Mansi’s blabbering ?..it’s EPIC..
      those time Ragini kinda make sure that he is Laksh Maheswary, her husband, and somehow thinking “something” , to prove that he is real Laksh Maheswary, she brought him to his family, his parents..for Ragini, may kidnap nisha or mhiska it’s the only way to lead Laksh back…
      but, huh! why you can’t trust Ragini this time, why you can’t defense her ?
      i’m Swasan fans, and i can praise her, ..why you can’t do that ? * beat you black and blue…

  8. Spoiler I heard: swara to disguise as bai in laksh and mansi’s house to find out d truth about laksh’s truth and his reason of denial.
    Hope swaragsan work on it together.
    This mansi seems to be like daal mein kuch kaala,else laksh shud hav stopped himself frm going with ragini

  9. noww I really want to cryyyy… my father didn’t let me watch the episode…. now what will I do????? this is not done….

  10. It was such an intense episode..,its really confusing for me to tell whether it’s actually Lakshya or abhimanyu.

  11. Sanaiya sagar

    Both sister make the whole episode superb

  12. Please make Doordarshan stop telecasting this serial.

  13. rags is always a facking criminal …always doing shit..

    1. Mica

      huh! you are wrong this time, she did that to bring Laksh back to MM, smart move..

      1. MAHIRA

        and she suceed as Laksh’ enters MM
        and by the way, this gives hope in Swasan relation too… as just when all seems ruined, he’s here passing in front of both of them^^

  14. Amrutha

    Lucky enough, u crossed all the limits.why in these serials, when memory loss track comes people request them to remember!!? Boring, ragu don’t request him , just give him shock,where is nikhil,make him jealous. Plz during kavya’s track no scenes like that, if it is swasan,definately they will think about it .plz think about ragu.

  15. Mica

    thank you H Hasan mam for update, you are my hero….
    Thank god first scene, it’s cut Ragini’s run toward Laksh, it’s nice to watch now..
    since yesterday, be frank, the way Ragini’s run disturbed me, seem director asked Ragini run from far, it’s became awkward as it didn’t match with raglak standing’s distance.

    Laksh kept mum when Ragini dragged him..huh! i bet his heart jumped in happiness, but uugghh mansi’s words punch him to reality, if only…..if only…

    well i want to blame Ragini for kidnapping, but huh! Ragini is Ragini, she always mad about Laksh, moreover her pain has no bounding now, her though about losing her love, her sister separation and her guilt,…so, somehow i just can’t blame her.

    at least with her act, Laksh back to MM ๐Ÿ˜€ :D, and made my Swasan relief…aaawwww

  16. Mica

    About my Swasan….
    Swaraaa…somehow i want to punch you…how could you not to understand that your Sanskar is a fragile piece without you ? he needs you..he always need you..
    He ever became strong for his aim, revenge…
    but now, his aim is YOU, ONLY YOU, he broken as he feels he doesn’t have you..
    man always man, he seems so strong outside, but it will always woman that more strong inside, the reason why God choose woman to be pregnant and mother, to handed and handle other lives in her hand…
    thank God you have wise mother, to remind you about your fragile man….

    Swara blame herself, Sanskar blame himself…….
    and the conversation turn to…
    Swara:”it’s my fault !”
    Sanskar:”no, it’s my fault !”
    Swara:”no, it’s mine !”
    sanskar:’no, it’s mine !”
    Swara:”mine !”
    Sanskar:’mine !”
    Swara:’yours !”
    Sanskar:’Yess, i always yours !” and they kissed.
    aawwww… i’m dreaming soo much. huh! how can it become romantic, if we only watch there is no even single hug,…. don’t say about hug, for touching his hand, swara got a push *pout,
    but he shouted SWARAAAAA! uugghhh, made me melt to the core..

    and their conversation…the broken Sanskar thought that he is a burden for family, his guilt to Laksh on their last moment, his worried to hurt his Swara more, the tought that without Laksh everything will end as Swara’s promise..
    Another broken Swara to saw her man broken, the thought that her words made him blame himself, she gave herself to heal his wound…

    1. Chanu

      Oh god mica!!
      Ur all da wrds r matching with my thoughts nly!! *hifi
      after reading ur evry rply and diss cmnt.. im laughing like a mad.. omg!! Micu..
      u r sooo cute..
      even I also dreaming like u.. ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Hey write another os na!!

      1. Mica

        whoohooo..welcome to shameless fans club dear…. ahem ahem..
        hiks.. i have no idea yet Chanu..

    2. Chanu

      Hee hee..
      ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚
      Shameless fan club !!
      Im gald 2 bcm member f it.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜›

      u hv no idea!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
      haww.. poor me..
      tell ur lil brain 2 gt sm idea bz u r fan is waiting 4 ur os!!

  17. Mansi how dare you talk like that with my Ragini…?and u give money to her?
    And get to your brain that he is LAKSH MAHESHWARI and he belongs only to our LADOO.

    Ragini be strong buddy,Ur love towards Laksh it Evergreen….Please dont fall weak?, I cant see you being sad or crying..????

    And please CVS dont involve SWASAN in RAGLAK track…it is Ragini’s problem,let her solve by her own.

    Whenever there is a problem for SWASAN,they will solve by themselves.
    Whenever there is a problem for Maheswari house swasan will solve..
    Whenever there is a problem for RAGLAK ,swasan will solve…

    U guys please dont make us to loose the hope/dream of proper RAGLAK track atleast in this last moment.

    If JANAKI was alive she would definetly gone along with Shekhar to find her Daughter and Sharmista proved that she is ONLY Step mom.Hate you Sharmista.

    1. Mica

      oh c’mon Haritha, they have 2 daughters, it’s not ragini only, Swara also need her parent.
      there is also ayush that need sharmitha at home,…
      step mom ? just step mom ? a mother who forgive someone who tried to kill her only daughter ? a mother who stand next a daughter when her maasi tried to defamed her real mother ?, Ragini always blessed enough with people who love her a lot,
      her father, Shekar..swaragini is his blood, but he always stand by Ragini no matter what..
      her grandma…Dadi.. swaragini is her blood, but she always choose Ragini over Swara..
      but now, just because Sharmitha didn’t join Shekar to find Ragini, you yelled her as STEP mother ?

      1. MAHIRA

        hi five dear!

    2. MAHIRA

      About Sharmita… uh… dear and the few months baby Ayush? who will take care of him?
      Sharmita could just accept Ragini decision about hiding truth for Swara and Sanskar but as mother, she felt that this too big secret will kill Ragini if she doesn’t tell it to Maheshwaris.
      Dear, i’m always in aww about Sharmita and how she could manage to continue acting with Ragini like real mother after what Ragini did to her and to her sister (her Shona, the only reason of her life from the day she came to world)

      1. Mica

        hi five to you also dear!
        huh! we are spamming this site…

  18. Mica

    now, my bak bak about HUSBAND…
    -being Ragini’s husband, Laksh knows very well that Ragini always become mad about him,
    so, when Ragini put the knife in next nisha’s neck, he was soo worried and summon that kid’s name over and over…
    -being Swara’s husband, Sanskar knows very well about Swara’s love to her sister and promises, so, without Laksh or laksh’s dead will ruin swasan relation also, even if they are back as ragini’s demand, they won’t be happy as swara’s happiness mostly lie on ragini’s happiness…this thought made him more broken…

  19. I watch full episose so nice tommorow episode

  20. MAHIRA

    So yesterday episode… Pfff… i cried like a madelaine all along it!
    1- Ragini:
    My poor dear completely irreversible Ragini…
    i am soo sad for you, finding your Laksh after losing all hopes and what happens? a blo**y witsh is hear to say, NO HE’S MINE!
    madame ji, your Abhi let this stranger woman take him by his hand and dragg him away from you and your marriage… open your eyes… he seems fighting a need for snatching his arm from your grip…
    I feel him like wanting to say with his widened eyes “no no Ragini, it’s not your fault, try to understand, try to read in my eyes that i can’t be Laksh’ for the moment, i have no option, stop crying and hurting yourself like that…
    And you kidnap the little innocent girl… bilkul Ragini’s madness about her Laksh lol… but in love and was eveything is fair (ok, just don’t push my sweet Swara in some other river… focus on that mansi… i already hateher)
    He’s worried about the little girl it’s normal, a knife is on her neck, but when Ragini goes with her, Mansi keeps repeating MY daughter, abhi… MY daughter… so… somehow … something fishy is going on that house
    2- Swara:
    Finally sweetheart you express your real feelings about this stupid fight, that you have destroyed your beloved Sanskar without wanting it by your accusations which you don’t believe anymore yourself… i was first shocked that you didn’t follow him, asking just about Ragini… but then you confess how bad you’re feeling and blaming yourself for his pain… if you keep your distance is just because you don’t know what to say, how to apologize, how to repair past errors… once again, you’re so strong with everyone, but so desarmed with your Sanskar… because he the most important…
    3- Sanskar:
    I cried a cried and cried the whole scene… heart aching/breaking moment, sadness and confessions too…
    I loved the way you just didn’t blame Swara again for what happened… but you’re heart broken that whatever she said, she was right as in result, Laksh is no more…
    i loved the way you confessed that it’s true when you’re angry, your lost your mind and do regreted things…
    I loved your hiden confession that you were ,even with all those fights , keeping the hope that you’ll patch up at the end… may be this is what was keeping you so strong and you don’t want her to be close to you now, because you feel like every person you love will finish by go and never be back because of your own faults
    At this instant you lost everything, your trust in your decisions, your brother you love so much and your Swara who promised to not be back in your life if Laksh doesn’t come back… so you lost both of them!
    unbearable to see your pain, you lost of hope wanting to kill yourself… but yet you think of your family who has no one to take care of them now… bilkul pyaree Sanskar!!!
    then your fear for Swara if something happens to her… uffff!!
    For those who are complaining about Swara/Sanskar detective roles searching truth, they are elders… it’s their role to take care of their chota bhai/behen…
    and may be Ragini has disapeared with the little girl who after a while, becoming close (Ragini loves children ^^) , mishta will tell her something which help them understad what happened…

    1. Mica

      yeah,,even in police’s case, if only the detective has relation with the case, they will demand them to out from the case …..since it somehow will ruin the investigation…
      we should remember when Swara asked Ragini to follow kavlak.. how suffered she is to see kavlak’s closeness…

      1. MAHIRA

        of course…
        and remember when Swara was in jail Ragini did all her possible to help and prove her innocence

  21. Shifa Hussain

    Hi guys… I cannot undrstnd that wot Mansi has done with laksh…

  22. MAHIRA

    by the way in segments… i’m dying from laughs because of Sanskar’s rainbow kurta… and who asked a swasanian hug?? there is one hug… fake one but it’s ok…and i told you they need to team up for jasoos case to reunite lol
    but really this time jasoos outfit are very … hum… funny this time… some light notes in so long time drama , it’s freshing!

    1. Mica

      hahaha.. he said mere biwi…… i dunno the other words..
      btw, i heard Nikhil turn to be villain ? ooh please don’t do that..

      1. MAHIRA

        hahaha… mere biwi, my wife (cuuute Sanskar :p)… didn’t understand other words too, i think he’s using an accent… they look from Rajasthan? don’t know (recall me Rangrasia)
        i heard it too… my poor Mica…. but i started worrying about him as he’s always here without saying a word… hope he’ll not play a bad game with Swasan like just when they are patching up, he creates a new drama…. no please… let them … do shameless things for a few time… they are married for more that a year may be and actually married may be 1 month !!!

  23. it is laksh only
    just see how blank he is
    not even resisting ragini a lot
    my god swasan were so heart broken especially sanskar

  24. Hai guys poor ragini I can’t see my swasan like this

  25. Diane Almeida

    Who is this Mansi and what game is she playing?

  26. MAHIRA

    Nikhil is apparently really really bad guy, he’s the one who programmed Swara’s accident and says that he’ll kill her if she stops his plans…. OH GOD!!!
    so he’s no in love with Swara, neither Ragini… may be Pareenitha brother or other bad persons, but he’s here for revenge :(:(:(

    1. Mica

      i heard it’s kavita

      1. MAHIRA

        KAVITA!!! oh God! my poor swasan!… they are both in big danger!

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