Swaragini 17th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swaragini 17th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dida asks Sumi where about Swara. Sumi says she has gone to academy. Dida asks if she fought with Swara. She says no and gives her tea. She then says she has to tell her something. Ragini on the other side tells Swara she does not want to talk to her. Swara asks her to listen to her once and says Laksh is a bad guy and will ruin her life. Ragini says she knows what is good and bad for her and asks her not to badmouth about Laksh and leaves. Dida tells Sumi that she will not leave house. Sumi says she is not understanding her. Dida says she is a bengali tigress who is not afraid of anyone and asks if she will teach her daughter cowardness. She asks how did she get this thought suddenly. Sumi keep silent. Dida asks if she is hiding something and aks if anything is left between her and Shekhar’s relationship. Sumi says there is nothing like that and she is irked about daily fights. Dida asks her not to worry and walks out. Sumi thinks why are both Swara and Dida so adamant in their decisions.

Swara and Ragini play their respective musical instrument and recalls the recent arguments and conversation between their families. Swara breaks the guitar and her finger gets hurt. Her friend says you are hurt. Swara says I am shocked to see someone who gets hurt intentionally. Ragini’s friend informs her that Lakshya came to meet her. Ragini is surprised and goes out to meet him. Lakshya talks to Omi on phone and tells that he came to music school to meet his fiance. Ragini comes. Lucky says he came without informing her and says he needs to talk to her alone. He puts his hand around her shoulder, Ragini smiles silently. He bring her near the public chair and makes her sit. He apologizes to her and says he has started changing. He swears not to do anything like such in future. He tells that his Papa doesn’t like him to roam with his friends. He asks if you wants, you can asks me. Ragini says she doesn’t want to question him and asks him to forget everything. Lucky says nice to meet you and says bye. She shakes hand with him. Lucky’s wrist band falls from his hand. Ragini runs to pick it and calls Lucky. She then hides it and says bye. Lucky asks her not to inform everyone at home about their meeting else they will scold him. Ragini nods.

Ragini looks at wrist band and smiles. Swara sees Laksh near his car and meets him. She asks why did he come and says he tells his usual cheap dialogues. He says he is, sees her finger injured and wraps kerchief and says he does not like weak enemy. She asks why is he doing this. She says Ragini wants to marry her and not him, her daadaji and his dad were adamant about this marriage, and he agreed thinking of not losing his dad’s property. He says Ragini’s life will be destroyed if she marries him and he will never changed as he is like a free bird. He asks her not to act like an activist and stay away from her before getting into his car and leaving from there.

Shekhar hears their whole conversation. Swara sees him and asks if he heard what Laksh said. He says he heard everything. She asks if he came to meet Ragini. He says he he came to talk to her instead and takes her from there.

Ragini imagines Laksh touching and extending his friendship hand. Phone bells rings. She sees Daadima’s name and gets tensed. She picks call. Daadima asks where was she. She says she was practicing. Daadima asks her not to inform anyone about her engagement and asks to continue her practice. Ragini again looks at her wrist band and continues smiling.

Shekhar takes Swara to a park and tells he thought of taking her help in Ragini’s case and asks if she will help her. She reminisces Sumi’s warning not to interfere in Shekhar’s family issue, else she will take her away. She says she wanted to help her till yesterday, but cannot today as Sumi stopped her and warned she will leave chawl. Shekhar says it is okay. She leaves sadly while Shekhar continues looking at her.

Swara sadly reminisces Shekhar slapping her and Sumi telling Swara is her daughter, Sumi warning not to interfere in Shekhar’s family issues and Shekhar requesting to help her.

Sumi and Shekhar stand over a pillow and reminsces their romantic younger days. Soona soona…..song… plays in the background. They both then look at each other. Sumi gets shy and walks. He ssays she cannot leave chawl/badi. She says who is he to interefere in her decisions, she can take her daughter and mother wherever she likes. He says Swara is also her daughter. She asks he betrayed her and heis always silent. She says he could not become neither a good friend, husband, or father. He says it was his helplessness and goes into flashback where his father points gun on his head and asks not to meet bengalan. Sumi asks why did not he tell this before. He says dad always kept his life in front of him and he could not chose her over his dad. She says old wounds get severe if he scratches them again and asks not to. He requests her to agree to let Swara help him and Ragini. She asks who is Swara for him. He says she is his daughter and he knows she is worried about his family and Ragini. He himself heard Laksh telling he will ruin Ragini’s life, then how can he allow it. He calls her misti and then sharmista. She agrees and says if anything happens to Swara, she will not spare him. He says he will not. He asks if Swara knows she is his daughter. She asks him not to ask Swara any time. He again asks and she nods yes.

Precap: Shekhar informs Maheshwari and Durga prasad about Laksh’s spoilt attitude and says he did not like that boy for Ragini at all. Maheshwari asks to take him to his son. They all see Laksh with another girl.

Update Credit to: MA

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