Swaragini 17th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Inspector telling Sanskar that the blood sample is of third person and not of Urvashi or Kavita. Sanskar checks the report and is shocked. Lawyer tells Swara that they didn’t know that they will find third person’s blood. Sanskar asks Swara not to worry. Sanskar gets Kavita’s call. Swara asks why she is calling you? Ragini asks her to have trust on them and promises to get her out of jail. Lawyer says I will talk to Inspector and will try to find about the person. Swara cries and tells Ragini that they were about to marry in same mandap, but…..Ragini also cries. Sanskar says I will come here before 2 and will take my bride with him. He hugs her and asks her to trust him. They leave.

Sanskar tells his family that he wants to marry Kavita. They get shocked. Sanskar says I am doing this for Swara. Dadi says you are betraying my grand daughter. She says Swara is in pain and you are marrying someone else, and hoping we all will trust you. Ragini asks them to look at Sanskar and says do you feel that he can betray Swara. Durga Prasad asks Sanskar to tell what is in his mind. Uttara says I thought you was making arrangements to marry Swara. Sujata asks do you think marriage is joke or a game. She asks Ragini, if you will marry Laksh or will change your mind. Ragini asks her not to worry and says everything will be fine. Sanskar says there is a reason for this, I need your support and I am doing this only for Swara. Annapurna says…Sanskar…Sanskar says I can’t tell you anything now. Durga Prasad says Laksh have taken decision in a hurry also. Annapurna agrees and says you have taken decision after a lot of thinking and says we all will support you. Sumi and Shekhar support him. Sanskar promises Sumi that Swara will be with them very soon. Annapurna asks Sanskar to get ready. Sujata thinks that’s why Kavita is so happy and wanted to get ready. Ragini tells Sanskar that they will do as decided. He says we have 4 hours and 1 chance, we can’t lose.

Laksh comes home talking on phone. Sujata asks if he knew why Sanskar is marrying Kavita. Laksh says whatever happens is for good. Sujata wonders what happened to him. Ragini tries talking to Laksh, but he says he is going to get ready for marriage. Ragini looks on. Kavita asks Ragini to give jewellery from the box. Ragini gives jewellery to her. She thinks where would be the chip. Kavita asks if Sanskar told about his decision to his family. Ragini says she is sure that Sanskar’s decision is right. Kavita says you said that we should marry first love and I am following your sayings. Ragini searches for the chip in the house and wears her jewellery. Kavita and Ragini get ready for marriage. Kavita asks how am I looking? Ragini says beautiful. Kavita asks servant to keep her vanity kit downstairs. Ragini eyes the vanity kit. Kavita asks her to sit and offers to make her wear dupatta.

Swara is taken to the jeep forcibly. Lady constables says you had stolen my phone in the night. Swara says let me call Sanskar, but they refuses. Kavita and Ragini comes to the mandap. Kavita’s dupatta gets stuck and servant tries to take it out. Kavita scolds him. The chip falls from her dupatta on to the floor. The constables speak about Kaveri having many tattoo on her body. Swara says Kaveri. Constable informs her that Kaveri was released from jail 2 weeks before. Kaveri comes to Maheshwari house wearing pallu. Annapurna tries talking to her, but Durga prasad calls her. Swara thinks it all started 2 weeks before and understands everything. Laksh and Sanskar talk to each other. Sujata asks Sanskar if he wants to change the bride again. Ragini tells that she is feeling thirsty and will drink water. Sujata says I will bring water for you. Ragini says I want to wash my face as something got in my eyes. Laksh says it is okay. Suddenly Swara acts as getting vomiting. Lady constables ask driver to stop the car. Swara gets down the jeep and throws sand in their eyes and runs.

Swara comes to the mandap and opens the ghatbandhan of Sanskar and Kavita.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. kisike liye agar ko feelings na aye to oske sath life gujarna bht mushkil hai hai… pr try korke nhi kiya jata bass ho jata hai… agar laksh ko v rag se pyar ho jata jo laksh kavi rag ke sath aisa nhi korta… without love shadi keise nibhayega oh… rahi baat ragini ki oh agar puri tarah se sudhar jati to ob tak sare property apne sasur ke naam kor chuki hoti and sob se mafi v mang leti but ragini aisa kuch nhi kiya… oh jo chati thi ose oh mill gyi isliye oski thinking thori positive ho gyi…. i think laksh ose pr nhi korta eya janegi tab firse koi drama koregi… Sorry ragini’s fan.. Don’t take it badly.. Its my point of view….

  3. laksh laksh laksh…….chu chu chu chu ……….. better than dis u can slap dat b*t*h as much as u can but getting physical wit a grl & leave its not appreciatable………

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