Swaragini 17th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Inspector telling Sanskar that the blood sample is of third person and not of Urvashi or Kavita. Sanskar checks the report and is shocked. Lawyer tells Swara that they didn’t know that they will find third person’s blood. Sanskar asks Swara not to worry. Sanskar gets Kavita’s call. Swara asks why she is calling you? Ragini asks her to have trust on them and promises to get her out of jail. Lawyer says I will talk to Inspector and will try to find about the person. Swara cries and tells Ragini that they were about to marry in same mandap, but…..Ragini also cries. Sanskar says I will come here before 2 and will take my bride with him. He hugs her and asks her to trust him. They leave.

Sanskar tells his family that he wants to marry Kavita. They get shocked. Sanskar says I am doing this for Swara. Dadi says you are betraying my grand daughter. She says Swara is in pain and you are marrying someone else, and hoping we all will trust you. Ragini asks them to look at Sanskar and says do you feel that he can betray Swara. Durga Prasad asks Sanskar to tell what is in his mind. Uttara says I thought you was making arrangements to marry Swara. Sujata asks do you think marriage is joke or a game. She asks Ragini, if you will marry Laksh or will change your mind. Ragini asks her not to worry and says everything will be fine. Sanskar says there is a reason for this, I need your support and I am doing this only for Swara. Annapurna says…Sanskar…Sanskar says I can’t tell you anything now. Durga Prasad says Laksh have taken decision in a hurry also. Annapurna agrees and says you have taken decision after a lot of thinking and says we all will support you. Sumi and Shekhar support him. Sanskar promises Sumi that Swara will be with them very soon. Annapurna asks Sanskar to get ready. Sujata thinks that’s why Kavita is so happy and wanted to get ready. Ragini tells Sanskar that they will do as decided. He says we have 4 hours and 1 chance, we can’t lose.

Laksh comes home talking on phone. Sujata asks if he knew why Sanskar is marrying Kavita. Laksh says whatever happens is for good. Sujata wonders what happened to him. Ragini tries talking to Laksh, but he says he is going to get ready for marriage. Ragini looks on. Kavita asks Ragini to give jewellery from the box. Ragini gives jewellery to her. She thinks where would be the chip. Kavita asks if Sanskar told about his decision to his family. Ragini says she is sure that Sanskar’s decision is right. Kavita says you said that we should marry first love and I am following your sayings. Ragini searches for the chip in the house and wears her jewellery. Kavita and Ragini get ready for marriage. Kavita asks how am I looking? Ragini says beautiful. Kavita asks servant to keep her vanity kit downstairs. Ragini eyes the vanity kit. Kavita asks her to sit and offers to make her wear dupatta.

Swara is taken to the jeep forcibly. Lady constables says you had stolen my phone in the night. Swara says let me call Sanskar, but they refuses. Kavita and Ragini comes to the mandap. Kavita’s dupatta gets stuck and servant tries to take it out. Kavita scolds him. The chip falls from her dupatta on to the floor. The constables speak about Kaveri having many tattoo on her body. Swara says Kaveri. Constable informs her that Kaveri was released from jail 2 weeks before. Kaveri comes to Maheshwari house wearing pallu. Annapurna tries talking to her, but Durga prasad calls her. Swara thinks it all started 2 weeks before and understands everything. Laksh and Sanskar talk to each other. Sujata asks Sanskar if he wants to change the bride again. Ragini tells that she is feeling thirsty and will drink water. Sujata says I will bring water for you. Ragini says I want to wash my face as something got in my eyes. Laksh says it is okay. Suddenly Swara acts as getting vomiting. Lady constables ask driver to stop the car. Swara gets down the jeep and throws sand in their eyes and runs.

Swara comes to the mandap and opens the ghatbandhan of Sanskar and Kavita.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. At least they are not dragging it….as much as I love swaragini and swasan part….Allah is ruining the show….even he is bringing his ex gf or whatever bimbo to the show….he should have been shown in a bigger role….after all he did love swara once…

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    Hello everybody!!!
    Please vote for swaragini tejaswi(ragini) varun(sanskar) swasan as best jodi and also whom ever u like but please vote for swaragini….Please guys….

  3. http://youtu.be/gjje9hzkkco
    Watch this video and u will be angry on Laksh…

    1. WTH this is not done…..Laksh slaps Shekhar?? Even though Ragini does deserve punishment, It does not mean Laksh becomes a monster…

  4. in today sbb segmnt they showed laksh betrayed and marrying kavya(new entry) when she scolds ragini and taunts her shekar slaps him,, and laksh returns slap shekar… then shomi and swara comes to shekar and one bit they showed swara asking laksh why he did this to ragini.. he tells he never loved her and not love her.. on bit swara holds laksh collar i think this is after laksh slaps shekar she holds his collor and scolds him..

  5. sujju is hilarious and good in today episode..

  6. Same precap for the last three days but even then its ok….i love swasan nd you rock?, but Laksh is doing something fishy…i think he’s with Kavita.

  7. spoiler: its marriage time in swaragini. lakshya is getting married to ragini. laksh sits in mandap with the bride. the twist here is that the bride is someone else. ragini comes and stops him. she says the bride is someone else that’s kavya. rags dreams get broken. he has choosen someone else has his life partner, raglak exchange garlands before. swasan took wedding rounds, while laksh took rounds with someone else. ragini is shocked seeing this, that laksh did not do mistake. he did this intentionally. he has given divorce to ragini and married kavya. he says he didnot forgiven ragini, its all fair in love and war. he marriedkavya shows hatred to ragini infront of everyone. ragini is shattered

  8. sujatha ji apne poora serial ko hi ek hi line may bata diya… wow… really ur superb and total drama we are laughing by your actions and words.. but what you said is also correct..

  9. i am going kill the cv’s, if they send both sisters to baadi again…………….,its like they will seperate swasan again

  10. Please login and vote….I request all of u to vote…….Swaragini keliye please vote kijiye….

  11. boring epi..in logo ki kya problem hai full week same precap..hd hai..nly sujju dialouge comedy tha….n wat she said is correct fr dat lksh….. N nw Laksh going to maary kavya his gf acc to todays segment..n worst thing is dat he slapped shekhar..hw cud he..n said he slapped me..iskeliye….uska sasur hai iska toh sharam kiya hota..kya kr rahe cvs ye sb dikhake…stupid writer…n vo said swaragini will be back to badi are bt swara ki mrg ho gayi na toh wo kyu gayi..all d time fr d sake of rags..swara apni rln kyu..problem dalti hai..dnt want seperation drama again….pls….


    kaveri and kavita will be arrested and swasan will get married the same day as sanskar promised.meanwhile laksh will take pheras and will be about to put sindoor in bride’s hairline when ragini will come shouting and limping that the bride is someone else.sanskar will try to lift the veil of the bride but laksh will stop him and tell ragini that he hates her.all will be shocked,he will reveal his real motive behind fake love for ragini.he will push ragini and get a tight SLAP by shekhar.much to everyone’s shock laksh will do a cheap act by slapping SHEKHAR in return.all will be hell shocked.he will call swaragini shameless and reprimand shekhar for giving birth to them.dp will apologize for laksh’s act and the new entry is not kanchi singh its ROOP DURGAPAL…..

  13. I think laksh is hiding something. May be the third person blood is laksh’s. He is the protagonist. Friends is it right or not?

    1. Kaveri is the third person…

  14. frankly speaking humne swaragini dekhana kab ka band kiya hai……now i m really not interested in swasan and laksh….but if they r going to introduce a new guy for ragini( like karan vahi),i will be regular watcher of swaragini….

    Ragini k liye sach pe koi new entry hone wali hai to wo actor aisa ho jiski acting skill ragini jaisi brilliant ho……

  15. Really feel bad 4 ragini..

  16. Hi everyone! For the first time I’m commenting here. I don’t know why they show the same precap again and again. Is this show all about ex gfs? first adarsh’s ex gf came. then kaveri came who was durga prasad’s ex gf according to some spoilers (though it was a false news thankfully ). Then kavita came! And now laksh ex gf would come. frankly speaking in Sab me sbse achhi adarsh ki gf this who left the show in a single episode without creating any negativity.
    Dida I miss you. I started watching this show because of lovely dida and then I became a fan of varun kapoor.

  17. Laksh ko ek grlfrnd dha, uske baadh swara se pyar huva.. Ab laksh ko ex grlfrnd se phir se pyar huva.. And the conclusion is sirf ragini’s love for laksh is true.. She dont need anything else just lakshs love.. Baaki sab bekaar.. Jaise swara 1st laksh se then sanskar se pyar kiya. Laksh 1st ki aur ko aur uske baadh swara. Sanskar 1st kavitha ko aur ab swara ko.. Writers are making relationships down.. Masaak banaya..

    1. Yeah u r crt sofy oly Ragini’s love for Laksh is true… She loved his from the beginning and even safed him frm cliff wen he tried to kill her but this Laksh took advantage of her love for him… How he can get intimidate with her and just leave her and marry his gf…

  18. common people

    Hello … writers it is rght past hota hai we r not denying it but sabka same past plzzz ….wake up witers director…dont make such fun of relations …laksh ka shekar ko slap karna , ragini ka apne bado ko abuse karvana ya karna woh bhi pyaar may ..n marraiges ka u make big fun ……do u even know meaning of marraige or what …what u wanna teach ur new generation ….atleast give morale to ur story ..even ur title doesnot to ur story …very disappointed

  19. Please make a new entry for Ragini plzzzzzz

  20. im in hostel….i cn watch serial only through youtube…no videos from 15th feb…plz upload….

  21. serves Ragini right she wronged and deceived everyone but every1 wants Laksh to forget it all its a gtood lesson to young girls not to act like her to get married no matter how much they love someone.

  22. What the hell is happening in this show please bring a new guy for ragini he should be 100x handsome than Lakshya and he should love her more than his life. Please make Kavya evil so the Lakshya will realize that ragini is much better. Ragini should never forgive Lakshya. I’m pretty sure that ragini is pregnant. Omg they r dragging it so much. I use to dislike swasan but now they are my favorte. The way they stand up for ragini was great. Omg Lakshya slapped Shekar how are that b*t*h slap Shekar..,,.???????

  23. What is the difference between old ragini and new Lakshya. She tortured his family member but never raise her hand on them but he slapped her father when he stand up for his daughter. He want justice for his daughter. Omg that Lakshya ??

  24. But i didn’t understood one thing.that when laksh slapped shekhar back ..then why he said ki swaragini are shameless..i can understand his hatred for ragini but why swara…swara never did anything then how can he say shameless to swara…
    I want to ask something will swaragini go to baddi again it mean swasan will get seprated again….

  25. i like swaragini spoiler. yes! many might have forgiven ragini for her deeds just because she is saving swara and she has changed for good. even i would have forgiven ragini for what she did with swara but i can never forgive ragini for what she did with her in laws. it is intolerable and cannot be forgiven. even i will take revenge on a person who insults my parents. ragini needs to be taught a lesson. she made annapurna work like a maid not even considering her ill health.she threw water over her face, made her clean her saree, insulted her father-in-law infront of outsiders etc., all these are not just mistakes but blunders which aren’t forgivable. because of ragini, her parents are now gonna face the same kind of insults…..just because of ragini. the only thing i felt bad is that laksh called swara also shameless…thats what i dont understand.

    anyway, for ragini….i can say only one thing…TODAY’S DESTINY IS THE RESULT OF OUR PAST ACTIONS…..

    1. Well said
      I totally agree with you.

    2. Sarah i agree wid u tht ragini has donetoo much if i was in laksh place i would also take revenge for insulting my parents bt not lyk laksh did revenge was ok but he played wid her respect i hated ragini frm wen she strted planing against her own sis bt wat laksh did was also not gud frst he said yes to marry her nd thn kidnapped her nd tried to kill her nd nw he took her virginity nd leaving her he can leave her widout doing anything wid her thtz just ridiculous hw can he do this wid a girl.
      Once think about a girl who love sum1 nd he was his only for sum f**king nites nd leave her

    3. i agree…laksh shouldn’t have done that

    4. Ya Sarah vry true. I totally agree wid u.
      Ragini is herself responsible for her condition.

  26. I just hope laksh doesn’t slap shekhar

  27. I think Ragini needs to do something for herself… there is more to life than a husband. I would like to see Ragini become career driven. Hopefully there won’t be a pregnancy drama. Even if there is Ragini will miscarry and Laksh will be blamed.

  28. The twist is irritating but focus will shift to Ragini and her role will have importance also swasan will definitely stand with her,most probably mahan swasan will decide that they will take their married life ahead only after solving probs between Raglak,Sanchi of Balika Vadhu can be a real vamp,she will not leave Lajsh and Maheswari’s that easily,all chances that Ragini will be pregnant, Laksh will realise she was better than Kavya/Roop,but won’t get Ragini that easily but Raglak and swasan union ,how will the story proceed?

  29. swaragini trp 2.3..dropped by 0.2 ders constant fall in trps….some people r bashing swasan for trps..trp fall bcz of cavity drama..she is blackmailing sans for mrg..viewers r thinking dat cvs r repeating story..n cvs bring lksh gf…ders is no need of dat..if lksh simply wnt to punish rags den he would hv refused to marry n den bring new entry fr rags it wud b gd story….N i think audiance like bhoot dayan chadail n all dat dats y ssk saathiya getting gd trps….fans dont want it in sr..bt other viewers like it…n shows like kkb hvng cmmn story baharwali gharwali getting gd trp dnt understand hw…sry if any kkb or abhigya fans here bt dis wat i think..n MATSH go off air n ppl bshng sr fr dat..its ektas decision..its nt fault of other show… Main problem in sr is dat their story stuck wid love triangle swapping cpls..its irritating fr audiance..lksh could hv refused to marry rags on mrg day..den it cn be..bearable…bt married to another girl..who is 3rd girl in his life..just to mke other thing right dey r spoiling show..

  30. Guys ragini need more punishment than this for her deeds…don’t frgt she is d one who has tryed to kill her sister, kidnapped her ma and more much.. She is worse than other vamp of serials.. Laksh is gud…ragini’s deeds has forced him to do this. Ragini just want lksh not love him…

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