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Daadima looks at Ragini’s ring and tells it is very pretty and her grandpa has selected a best one. She asks her to rest and walks out asking servant to bring more sweet boxes. Shekhar comes listens to their conversation and comes in once daadi leaves. Swara sees Sumi sadly sitting in her room and asks if she is sure shekar is at fault. Dida asks he is at fault as he loved Sumi but did not accept it and did not raise his voice. Swara says that is what she wants to say, Shekhar must be having some problem. Sumi asks her not to tell her about Shekhar as she knows him better than her. Once Swara leaves, she tells Dida that maybe Swara is right, Shekhar must be having some problem and she should give him a chance. She says love makes people strong and not weak.

Daadima shouts at Dida and tells she brought Ragini’s engagment sweets for them. Servant asks if he has to give sweets to Bengalis also. Daadima says yes and even with all their evil plans, Ragini’s engagement did not stop. Swara comes and asks if Ragini’s engagement happened. Sumi asks swara not to interfere in their family issues. Daadima says she told truth today and asks servant to give sweets to begalis. Sumi congratulates her for Ragini’s engagement. Daadima says bengalis are dramabaaz and will accept it. Dida takes sweet box and asks if whole box is hers. She says yes and says after she touches it, even her servants will not touch it. Dida tastes it, spits, and says it is not of desi ghee. She asks her to serve bengali sweets instead and jokes that she is serving sweet on her granddaughter’s barbadi/destroyal. Daadima tries to confront, but Daadaji calls her and she leaves.

Raagini sees Shekhar at terrace looking at sky and asks him to come down and have food. He says if she remembers what he used to tell her about breaking star. She tells she should wish. He says he is feeling defeated as a father, trying to be a good son. She asks him not to tell that. He says he is afraid that she will not become Lucky’s wife as he always lies, says he is helpless in front of his dad’s demand. She says whatever he tried, it is his love and daadaji’s try is his experience, family has taught that elder’s decision is always right, so she is confident that her elders will not take a wrong decision for her, her happiness is her family’s happiness, so he should not get sad. She asks him again to come down and have food. He asks her to go while he comes late. Swara sees him standing and says she wants to talk to him.

Lucky’s dad gets angry on him and tries to slap when elder son stops him. He says Lucky that his elder listens to him as he respects him and he is proud of him, but he is ashamed of him as he became Luckhy from Laksh. He announces that Laksh marriage will happen with Ragini for sure and she will be this house’s bahu and if it does not happen…. Chacha asks him not to take tension, he will make sure Lucky marries Ragini. Dad says if he does not agree, he will face hsi ire like Sanskar. Lucky/Laksh nods yes. Dad says if he denies him, he will not hesitate slapping him.

Swara asks Shekhar why did not he stop Ragini’s engagement. He says he is helpless. She says she has a plan to stop marriage. Dida does not see Swara in her room and starts searching her. Swara asks Shekhar if Ragini will be happy if she marries Lucky. Lucky on the other side tells his friend over phone that he is just 24 and does not want to marry, but to get his dad’s property share, he has to marry. Shekhar asks why is she concerned about them. She says she cannot see a father in pain like this. He asks what is her plan. She tells her plan and says engagement will be broken, but Ragini will not be affected. Sumi comes there and takes her from there. She says Shekhar is Ragini’s daughter and will think of her betterment, so she should not interfere in their matter. She says she is worried about her dad and nobody can stop her.

Sumi starts crying and asks her not to interfere in Shekhar’s matters. Swara says she wants to help her dad. Sumi says she is concerned about the father whom she knows from 2 days. She says 2 days or 20 years, she cannot deny the fact that Ragini is her sister. Sumi says she will get only humility of it. Swara says if she can unite her mom and dad, she is ready to face humility. Sumi says they will leave this house and locality for everyone’s goodness. Swara asks her not to do this. Sumi says she can do this as she is her mother and asks her to pack her bags, if she tries to interfere in Shekar’s family issues, she will take her far away. Swara cries and asks god why can’t 2 families unite and prays to show her a way. Ragini hears nightingale sound and thinks she can wish.

Precap: Swara asks Ragini not to marry Lucky as he is not a good guy. Ragini asks her not to badmouth about her would be husband. Lucky asks Swara to stop Ragini marrying him as she will not be happy with him. Shekhar hears their conversation.

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