Swaragini 15th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Laksh asks Swara to stop while Ragini tries to go. Swara teases her and says she will come in 5 mins. She asks Laksh, why did you want to talk to me. Laksh says he wants to say something. Swara says you might be thinking how to agree your dad. I will convince your dad to get you married to Ragini. She asks him to come in the morning. Laksh says matter is something else. Shekhar tells Ragini about Laksh. Swara comes and says Ragini keeps on shying. She teases Ragini. Sumi asks them to sit for dinner. They sit for dinner. Dadi looks on angrily and thinks nobody cares about her in this house. She goes to her room. Sumi tries to stop her, but in vain. Ragini looks at Sumi’s disheartened face. Swara tells Shekhar that Laksh loves Ragini very much.

Shekhar says what about Durga Prasad. Swara says she will talk to him and convince him. Everyone looks at her with surprise. Swara says she is serious, and determines to convince Durga Prasad. Ragini asks aren’t you scared of him? Swara says she can fight with anyone for her sister. Swara hugs Sumi and goes to sleep. Sumi tells Ragini that Swara used to eat last bite with her hand. Ragini comes to her and asks her to give last bite. Sumi happily gives it.

Laksh thinks with his decision, many hearts will break. He thinks to confess to Swara before it gets late. Swara tells Ragini that she knew about her thought for Laksh. Ragini says she is very happy, but gets scared sometimes. Swara asks her to get fear out of her life and says she will make everything fine. Ragini says if anything goes wrong, then I won’t be able to hold myself. Swara promises to get her married. She asks her to sleep and talk romantic with Laksh in the dream. They have a sweet moment.

In the morning, Ragini comes to Laksh’s home and asks Sanskar to freshen up before eating food. Sujata asks what you would like to eat? Sanskar doesn’t reply to her. Ragini asks him to reply to mom. She asks him to say. Sanskar says he will eat Aloo Puri. Sujata says she will make it now and goes to cook. Sanskar asks Ragini to come with him to the wash room. Ragini says she can’t come and asks him to go with Adarsh. She promises to wait for him there itself.

Laksh comes to pick Swara. She comes and sits in his car. They leave. Laksh is driving the car. Swara sees him tensed. Laksh recalls declaring Ragini as his fiance and his decision to marry her. He drives fast. Swara asks him to drive slow and asks why you are worried. Laksh stops his car on the way. Swara asks what happened? She gets down and asks why we are wasting time. Laksh holds her hand. He says I wants to say you something. Swara asks him to talk on the way. Laksh says he don’t want to talk to Papa as he don’t want to marry Ragini. Swara is shocked. He says whatever I did was because of helplessness. Sanskar bhai cut his wrist and Dadi was not allowing Ragini to come to my house. I said that without any intentions. He says I really don’t love her and I can’t love her even as I love you………….He says Swara I love you. He hugs her and says I love you Swara.

Swara is shocked and breaks the hug. She slaps him hard and asks what do you think of yourself? Making fun of my sister’s life. She is taking care of your brother, thinking she is bahu of the house. Laksh tries to speak up. Swara says you have accepted Ragini as your fiance. I thought you has feelings for her. She cries and asks how can you be so mean? Laksh gets teary eyed too. Swara says you hurt the girl, who loves you very much. I hate you. Swara says you would have told the truth, but you betrayed Ragini again. I have to rush home. Laksh asks her to listen to him. Swara says she don’t want to see his face.

Laksh says I really love you. Swara says we can’t be one. Sanskar asks his family to get Ragini and Laksh marry.

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  1. Superb acting laksh aka namish

  2. What sanskar is not in love with Ragini? Confusing precap.. Poor laksh.. 🙁

  3. Is sanskar realy mad??
    Anyway he looked more cute with the beared and mustach than clean shave showed in precap.and someone plz help lucky…

    1. I have the same doubt?

  4. What a confusing precap ? Hope that Swara will accept Lakshya . Waiting for Monday’s episode.. Love Swalak episode. Today’s episode was simply the best and the acting of swara and lakshya was the best????

    1. I totally agree wid u nina.

    2. really true…………….

  5. SanRag is d bst yr

    1. with u on that

    2. i was happy n dreamy about this couple too especially yesterday the eye lock n when sanskar calmed down after seing ragini but now i think the directors will put lucky and ragini together and the precap is not helping

  6. OMG. as expected swara gave laksh a nice SLAP!!!
    BUT SWARA AND LAKSH MAKE A PERFECT MATCH………… i want them to make it……. i am WAITING………………

    1. well said preethika. and dont forget ragini.. she looks cute with sanskar……….. let the magic begin between swara & laksh and ragini & sanskar… FINGERS CROSSED!!!!

    2. boring to u ammi……….ragini is loved by many and she is no villain plus a lead,she is here to stay xo just stop hatting.keeping loving swara its ur choice n right…..just stop the smashing and comparison

    3. love the 2 couples too jessy ……there is room for both of them just dont know why some people feel its necessary for 1 to be ALPHA.

    4. well said anna…………..team SWARAGINI

    5. hi preet di. aap ne jo kaha vo bilkul teek hai……… i love swara and laksh pair. bur i dont like ragini. par vo bohoth sundar lagthi hai..phir bhi uska character na….. ek dam boring……

    6. am saying this with love and kindness………………HATERS….,keep on hating its a good way to release negative energy…..in all honesty there is really no reason to hate her..u are allowed not to b a fan BUT hate her??really!?? unless u are afraid she might end up with lucky?!!or is it becos there is focus on her too right now plus screen space………..she is getting famous and paid………PEACE……again with love

    7. OMG…………..kill them with kindness….ahmed i have 2 know u

  7. hi pradishma. aap ko kya lagthi hai?? kis ka jodi perfect hai? laksh aur swara, ya, laksh aur ragini? bathao na????

    1. now this is insecurity pipo have let go of ragshey and are loving sanrag……..swara is free to be with lucky BUT no u still want to compare the 2 couples???they re different and unique with different follower……………..just be happy swakshy is ………….dont start a war or battle just enjoy the love n show

    2. love them both

    3. its too early on my side to choose bcos sanrag is just a week old and already making waves while swakshy has been here for 3 months……….BOTH i guess for now and want to make sure if these couples will stick first bcos the current track doesnt suggest xo

    4. Aahi and aahiliya I guess aami asked it to me

    5. xory 4 getting into ur space didnt know it was a 2 people thing and u would mind…………take the price

    6. Sry for late reply mujhe swara aur laksh ki jodi aachi lagte hai n u

  8. oh god without knowing anything hw can swara promise ragini,she is blaming lucky bt she is also responsible too

  9. What a bakwas!!!

  10. Ultimately everything will be solved. Let’s hope for the good outcome. Though the precap is a bit confusing but the ultimate jodi is already sorted out swara-lakshya n Ragini-sanskar.:) to me swara-lakshya jodi is more attractive.

  11. i knew it wil end with a slap and this precap is bringing me to my original thought the couples will exchange and the news in the internet is probably right sanskar will be in a love triangle with lucky and swara.ragini is just a friend he likes

    1. I think ur definitely right karishma…….sanskar may fall 4 swara..
      ..wow….there is gonna b a bro fight between laksh & sanskaar……but I still vote 4 swalak???

  12. i think xo too karishma with the rejection and sanskar’s suggestion in precap…….the directors are going to exchange the couples and swara is definately not in love………….hearts have broken

  13. Is sanskar is not a mad.I think he is trying to act or if he is mad but he looks in the window Laksh and swara fight. And then he says iragini and Laks will be united

  14. am xo confused right now who is going to be whose couple??DIRECTORS!!!every love in this serial is one sided,swara apparently sees lucky as a friend and i was getting exicited with sanrag but no sanskar want ragini and lucky to marry!I GIVE UP

  15. hahaha ……….with this track TEAM ragishey is xooooo coming back…………sanskar wants ragini and lucky together.

    1. nice it wont be sch a bad thing i used to love them …………still do

  16. i dont think sanskar is faking the news said he will be mental unstable due to trauma……even in his enterview he said so too.i just think he realised ragini loves lakshey and decided to push the 2 together bcoz he loves her and wants her to be happy

    1. i also think so too

  17. Hmmmmm.too much comments#eyes rolling

  18. Pls u guys to kip watchin nd stop guessin cause u dnt knw their fate,things can happen.jus watch the drama

  19. yeah lets just enjoy the show and wait for monday anything can happen

  20. with u on that whatever happens will happen we have no control over the show…….better relax and enjoy

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