Swaragini 14th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Laksh brings Ragini home. Sanskar gets happy and asks why did you come late. Ragini says she had so much work and got late. She sees his wound and asks what happened? She makes him sit. Annapurna asks Laksh to bring Sanskar’s medicines. Utara gives her first aid box. Ragini scolds him and then nurses his wounds. Sanskar feels pain and closes his eyes. Laksh thinks he is in love with Swara and recalls about his announcement to marry Ragini. Swara gives ice pack to Ragini. Sumi tells Dadi maa that Laksh was helpless to accept Ragini. Dadi maa says you forcedly entered the house. She sees Shekhar coming and starts blaming Sumi for ruining Ragini’s happiness. Sumi says she didn’t say anything wrong.

Swara sees Laksh’s standing and comes to him. She praises him for proposing Ragini in filmy style. She says I knew you have started loving Ragini. She says she is very happy as sweet and loving person will marry her sister. She thanks him and says Ragini is very happy. Dadi maa tells Shekhar that Laksh agreed to marry Ragini infront of everyone. Sumi says he agreed because of your condition. Dadi maa says she can’t send her daughter with stranger. Shekhar asks how can you blame maa. You should be happy that happiness is coming back to Ragini. Sumi says Laksh’s papa won’t agree. Dida hears them.

Annapurna and Sujata talk to each other. Sujata says they have to agree Durga Prasad as Laksh agreed to marry Ragini. Swara tries to enter the kitchen, but Sujata scolds her angrily asking her to stay away. Shekhar tells Dadi maa that Swara messaged him and he knew everything. He says Laksh was pressurized to accept Ragini. Dida gets happy seeing Shekhar taking a stand for Sumi. Annapurna tells Sujata that she will talk to Durga Prasad. Sujata thinks Durga Prasad won’t agree and it is good for them. She blames Durga Prasad and says he have to suffer for her son’s misery. She says I won’t let you come here.

Annapurna is about to fall. Swara holds her and asks why you are tensed? Annapurna says nothing. Swara apologizes and says she heard their conversation. She says she wants to talk to him. Annapurna says he will be angry. Swara says she will bear his scolding as he is elder. Annapurna says you talks sweetly. Swara asks her to give chance as it is matter about her sister and best friend. Annapurna agrees and asks her to try. Swara tries to hug her happily and says she will make everything fine.

Sumi comes to Dida and says you did a mistake. Dida says I have apologized. Sumi says this is my sasural. Dida says Sharmistha…..Sumi says don’t call me Sharmistha else I will complain to Swara. She waves her bye and leaves. Dida wipes her tears and smiles. Sujata tells Sanskar to let Ragini go as it is late night. Ragini asks him to sleep. Sanskar says he is not getting sleep. Ragini asks him to close eyes and lie down. Sanskar says whether you will go from here. Ragini says no. Annapurna asks Swara to have food. Swara refuses. Adarsh tells Laksh that Durga prasad is at farmhouse. Ram says he don’t want to meet anyone. Ragini sings lori (Chandaniya sojaare) to make him sleep. Everyone looks on surprisingly. She recalls Laksh proposing her. Sanskar sleeps hearing her lori. She comes out in the hall and says he slept.

Annapurna says Laksh will drop them. Laksh gets up and says he will drop them. Sujata thanks Ragini. Swara asks her not to thank her and says it is Ragini’s duty being to-be daughter in law. Sujata apologizes to Ragini and says I did a big mistake. Ragini asks her not to apologize and says she will come in the morning. Laksh drops them home in his car. He opens the seat belt. Ragini gets shy. Swara smiles and gets down the car. She says bye Laksh. Laksh stops Swara and says he needs to talk to her about something important. Ragini says he wants to talk to her. Laksh says he wants to talk to Swara.

Laksh says he doesn’t want to talk to Papa. Swara asks then how will you marry Ragini. Laksh says he don’t love Ragini, I love you Swara……………….Swara is shocked. Laksh hugs her.

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  7. i love ragini sanskar and swara laksh its toooooooooooo good

  8. after knowing truth ragini wil break down again!bt wat to do she has to accept it.

  9. I think ragini will recover sanskar and he will fell in love with ragini so 2sisters are came in one house after their wedding.

  10. all crew members look as they have come to attend marriage with heavy ornaments and clothes. does not seem to be ordinary family drama. It could be better without show off

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  12. My dear ragini tak hrt.luv ya.lucky I understand y u did that in frnt of all Buh u shld hav made my ragini to knw first#hurting

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  14. ragini is so sweet nd sanrag is the best

    ragini is so sweet nd sanrag is the best

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  16. I think this is copied frm shastri sisters where rajat loves anushka but do the engagement with devyaani.simply copied

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