Swaragini 13th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swaragini 13th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ragini and Lucky bend down to take Shekhar’s blessings. He didn’t keep his hand on Lucky’s head to give blessings. Everyone looks on. Dadimaa says Shekhar is emotional. Dadimaa asks Chotu to bring the sweets. Dida tells that there was no enmity between them. She says Ragini’s dadimaa was her best friend. She tells that they used to make each other beetal. She tells there was no wall on the terrace. She used to cut the fish after closing the door. She says whenever there was any festival at her place, she used to call me. Dadimaa makes them eat the sweets. Dida says Sumi and Shekhar had started loving each other. She says then one day…..A flashback is shown. Sumi feeds Rasgullas to Shekhar. He makes her wear the bangles and jokingly says that he is angry. Dida says I saw them and got scared. I knew that our friendship would end, but Shekhar assured that his mother will agree.

Dida explains to Shekhar that his mother won’t agree. Shekhar says he will make his parents’ agree and asks her to talk to them once. He assures to support her. Dida talks to Dadimaa about their alliance. Dadimaa refuses Sumi’s alliance with Shekhar and accuses Dida for teaching her daughter to trap Shekhar. Sumi says it is not like that. We used to love each since long and we love each other. She asks her to asks Shekhar. Dadimaa holds Sumi’s hand and throw her out of house. She tells that her son has values and will not love her. Dida tells that Shekhar approached her with the alliance. Dadimaa says her son is very cultured and don’t eye the girls. She calls her daughter cut kite. She calls for Shekhar. Shekhar comes out hesitantly. Sumi asks him to tell the truth. Dadimaa asks Sumi to stay away from Shekhar. Dida asks Shekhar to say. Dadimaa asks Shekhar to answer.

Dida says you have promised to support Sumi. Shekhar yes, I love Sharmistha, and then says I don’t. Sumi is shocked and taken aback. Dida is shocked too. Dadimaa taunts and insults them. Flashback ends. Dida says we didn’t know that Shekhar will betray us so badly. She says within one moment everything was finished. Dida takes Sumi inside the house. Sumi keeps on looking at Shekhar, wanting for an answer for his refusal. She says Shekhar’s refusal has given wounds to Sumi for life. I got your mother married after this incident, but she got divorced after your birth. She says Dadimaa thought Sumi will trap Shekhar again, and then…………….She asks Sumi to tell everything. Sumi says she got married, but couldn’t be stay with her husband.

One day she came back to Dida’s house. I never tried to meet Shekhar after I came back. We collided at the terrace. Sumi goes on terrace. Shekhar apologizes to her for not supporting her. Sumi says she was happy for Shekhar as Janki was very good woman and Ragini is born by then. That day Janki heard our conversation. Shekhar introduces Sumi as their neighbor Sharmistha. Janki says she heard everything and is feeling bad. She apologizes to Sharmistha. FB ends. Sumi tells Swara that Janki was sad that our love left incomplete. Just then Kaki came there.

FB starts, Dadimaa comes and scolds Sumi again. Janki asks her to come with her. Dadimaa resists while Janki tries to make her understand. Janki falls down and dies. Sumi says Janki died, and Dadimaa accused me for her death. Swara recalls Ragini accusing Sumi for her mother’s death. Sumi cries. Swara asks her not to blame herself. Swara cries with her mum. She gives water to Sumi and says Ragini’s Dadi told her that you are responsible for her mother’s death. Sumi says I don’t care about other’s thinking. Swara says I am proud of you. You saved Ragini’s life. Dida asks Swara to promise that she will never to leave Sumi. Swara thinks about Sumi’s pain and decides to get her happiness.

Ragini asks Shekhar, why you are thinking like this. Shekhar says I am not happy with this relation. You will become bahu of the house, but you can’t become Lucky’s wife. He says he is feeling helpless that he is unable to do anything. Lucky tells Swara that Ragini’s life will be ruined and their families will be responsible for it. He says I didn’t change and will never change.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. This show is very good but dont take like uttaran plz we have already c n that fighting.this show is entertaining so make it different..alk the best

    1. Right ritu

  2. Plzzz introduce any other guy for ragini..mature guy.

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