Swaragini 11th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swaragini 11th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Swara gets shocked seeing Lakshya aka Lucky as Ragini’s to be groom. Lucky too gets shocked and tensed seeing her. Swara tells Sumi everything. She gets shocked. She takes Dida’s promise and tells that Lucky is a mannerless wanderer. Dida smiles and says Bengalan boosts about her values. It will be enjoyable to see her reaction now. Sumi says it is a matter of a girl’s life now. Dida asks them not to inform Bengalan else no one is bad than her. She gets happy. Swara turns towards Sumi. Sumi asks her to come and takes her somewhere. Lucky thinks from where did Swara come? He gets tensed thinking his reality will come out. Dadimaa brings Ragini. She shyly looks at Lucky. Lucky too looks at her, but is tensed about Swara’s move. Pandit ji asks Dada ji to arrange some things for the engagement ritual. Maheshwari asks Lucky to sit for the ritual. Panditji asks Shekhar to wash Lucky’s feet. Shekhar washes his feet. Sumi calls on Shekhar’s phone number. Dadi maa picks the call as Shekhar is busy washing Lucky’s feet.

Sumi speaks up and says can I talk to Shekhar. Dadimaa goes to room and scolds her. Someone comes and asks dadimaa to come. Sumi tells her that the bridegroom is very arrogant and mannerless guy, and acting to be good. Dadimaa says you are jealous of my grand daughter and warns her not to call again. She says if you try to halt the engagement then I won’t spare you. Sumi and Swara are tensed.

Pandit ji asks them to have food until they do the ring ceremony. Shekhar asks Chotu to serve the food. Lucky’s chachi praises Badi Maa’s interest in Music. Swara tells Sumi that she will go to Ragini’s house and will talk to her. Sumi says no. Swara says atleast Ragini’s life will be saved. Lucky is worried about Swara still. His brother asks what happened? Lucky says you are trapping me with a simple girl. His brother says Ragini is good girl. Lucky says you knows my lifestyle. We are like day and night. His brother says papa has selected. Lucky says they can’t be happy with each other. His brother says he is happy with his wife. Lucky says you have adjusted, but I can’t. I need a extra world girl, who understands family values and also who goes on an outing with me. His brother says it is premarital stress. Everything will be fine. You will be thankful to Papa. Swara tells Sumi that Ragini will be saved. She is like my sister. Sumi recalls Shekhar asking her if Swara is his daughter. Swara says she will manage everything. Dida comes there and eyes them angrily.

Engagement rituals continues with Ragini getting the shagun from her mother in law. Shekhar asks Dadimaa to give his phone. She takes him to room. Lucky’s sister Utara tells Ragini that they will talk later. Shekhar asks whose call it was. Dadimaa says Sumi’s call. She told that Lucky is acting to be good and is mannerless guy. She warns Shekhar asking him to ignore their talk and concentrate on Ragini’s engagement instead. She gives his phone back and goes to the hall. Shekhar calls Sumi, but then disconnects the call. He thinks Sumi called me after so many years. She can’t do this with jealously. Dida asks why did you call? I said naa that Ragini’s life shall be ruined. Sumi asks her to go to her room. She locks Dida inside her room and says sorry. She asks Swara to go and do whatever she can. Swara says ok and leaves after hugging Sumi. Dida asks Sumi to listen to her.

Lucky says he is uncomfortable in the dhoti. His brother asks him not to worry. Shekhar recalls Dadimaa’s words and gets worried. Lucky gets nervous and thinks why Shekhar is staring him like I am a terrorist and he is a police officer. Shekhar calls Lakshya. Lucky gets nervous and calls him Papa, uncle and then says Shekhar ji. Shekhar says you can call me anything and asks him to see the house. Lucky refuses. Maheswari asks him to obey to his father in law. Lucky agrees. Shekhar holds and takes him outside the house. Swara comes out from the house and hides seeing them. Lucky questions Shekhar about Ragini’s schooling and then asks about him. He asks do you want to ask anything from me. Shekhar tells that Ragini is a simpleton and he is sure that she will her house heaven. He says it is my responsibility to see that she goes to the right house. He asks about the truth. Lucky asks what? Shekhar says someone said that you lives double life. You have another life too. Lucky says no and says this is his reality. Swara says he is lying.

Swara tells everything about Lucky. Shekhar is shocked and asks him to tell the truth to him.

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