Swara be serious sometimes episode 4

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Recap -sanskar ego hurts
Sumi is cleaning her room while Ayush is playing sitting on the bed…..sumi is cleaning an almari a box placed above it is moving as it’s going to fall Shekhar hold her right time…and box falls which contains burn certificates and a burn coat which lawyer’s wear…by seeing it sumi and Shekhar eyes fills with tears
In tea stall
Swara-bro 4 tea
Tea maker -your 5 months payment is due
Swara-bro next month I will clear all your account
T.m-then drink it in next month
Swara see Shekhar coming
Swara-dad come
Shekhar -why
Swara-spend sometimes with us
Shekhar -why……their should be some intention behind it
Nikhil-no uncle. …actually wo actually
Shekhar -think what kind of lie you want to say
Kavya-uncle we say that
Swara-let it be ….he won’t trust us
Veer-yeah you are right
Swara-battery quite
Shekhar -what’s the matter

Swara-we four are going for interview
Shekhar -shockingly do I seeing a dream
Swara-i told na you won’t believe us
Nikhil -who will help us to know about current affairs and business studies
Shekhar -for such a good work in will help you. …come to my house
Veer-actually uncle we have to leave in sometime. …we will go to my house and then change go to interview. ..so if you teach us here then we will be great ful to u……..
Shekhar -definitely. ….dada….five tea……I will help you all….4 idiots of the baadi wants to improve. ..it will be great
Tea maker to his assistant -making him fool…..becchare Shekhar ji
Then shekhar start describing about business and all four of them start to bore so swara call herself from veer phone
Swara-hello sir we are coming ….okay sir bye
Swara-you guys go …my vaulet is in my room
Shekhar-no…..it’s your excuse to run away. …you are going to veers house. .
Swara -dad i have to pay tea bill….
Shekhar -no…give it afterwards
Swara -no dad you know na money didn’t stay with me for long so you guys go
Shekhar -okay I will pay okay….
Swara-okay dad but you take money from my purse okay bye
Shekhar -bye all the best
Shekhar -how much
T. M-including today 5675
Shekhar gives it…he happily tell it to sumi….
Sumi-laugh …..Shekhar chunna laga gyi. ..subha mjhse paise mange the mni diye isliye apko bewakuf Bangyi
Shekhar check Swara purse and see 50paise in it
Shekhar -kya aulad di h Bhagwan ….khud ke baap ko loot gyi
In some area of kolkatta
Many goons standing holding guns and their leader is sitting on chair and one man is holding umbrella and many farmers are standing in front of them
Farmers-we will not give our village to you. ..if we give our property to u Then where would we go taking our kids

Goons -hey raghunath bhai(ghajini) wants something then it belongs to him only
Farmer-we won’t give nor work for in your drugs farm..
Raghunath gets up and take the gun in both hand shoot everyone. ……all farmers were dead …and bullets too
F.wifes-hey raghunath if you get our land by killing us but you don’t permission for factory because our chief minister is an honest person who won’t bend because of fear nor by money
Raghunath – then I will parcel c.m to heaven with you all to heaven ……burn all the ladies and oldies …send all young girls to ship and keep the kids for farming

In mahalaxmi public school
Principal -Mr Shekhar do you want your son did …being a 2nd standard student
Shekhar -what sir
Principal -he written love letter to his classmate for being his girlfriend
Principal -read Mr gadodiya what your son has written

Shekhar –
Dear pragya
Sweetheart. I want a girl to share my chocolate. .get sad with me when teacher beat me…to do my homework. ….cry when I fail in exam….will u be my gf
Your would be boyfriend
Ayush gadodiya
Principal -look being a 8yr old child what his thinking. ..god know what he will do when he becomes young
Shekhar and sumi comes home where Ayush and swara playing video game. ..sumi comes and beat Ayush …swara rescue Ayush
Swara-mom what happen why are you beating ayu what he did
Shekhar -exactly mishti why you are punishing him…..he is learning from his elder sister. ….how to fool your dad…how to do every thing in short cut
Swara -what happen

Sumi-swara actually he given love letter to his classmate and tell everything
Shekhar -exactly he learn from his di how to get work done by short cut. …leave the work in between as she left years ago
Swara goes from their angrily to her room. …opens her cupboard to find something and throw the material inside it a piece of dress falls which is having blood …seeing it Swara falls on her knees ……flashback
A girl is standing on the edge of the building and people are shouting from down saying don’t jump
Girl- in this world their is no justice is for poor….we are only creep. …no one dares to touch them
Swara -misha get away. ….we will fight
Misha-whats the use swara…..we have fight and won then what that creep came out due to money power…and heal raped me in public places no one dare to help me. …why because he is rich and powerful. …swara leave this Job and became rich then only you can win…..people hear you and respect u
By saying it misha jump
Flashback ends
Swara opens her eyes and see Ayush is standing beside her…
Ayush -teary eye. ….sorry swaru di
Swara -why ayu
Ayush -because of me u got scolding from dad
Swara-it’s okay ayu….scolding me is his part time job. …..but why u write love letter
Ayush-so that she do my homework
Swara hits her for head. ..Shekhar and sumi are hearing them outside the room
Swara – ayu it’s wrong you are to small for all this…promise me u will not repeat it
Ayush -promise

Swara-at your right age I will help you to find best gf for you
Ayush -if we fail in finding then
Swara -then we prefer mom and dad help
Ayush -if both select two different girls then
Swara-then select dad’s choice
Shekhar smiles proudly towards sumi ..but his proud melt by hearing swara
Ayush -why
Swara-dad’s choice is mom..she is beautiful hot.and s*xy and what’s mom’s choice. .yeak ????
Ayush -you are right
Sumi laugh. …
In evening In mm
All guests have came ..sanskar is fuming in anger for swara .and kavita is working as ghee on fire…..
Shekhar -swara please behave yourself okay if you be good girl I will give you what you want
Swara-okay. ..I will be quite
Shekhar -by seeing alcohol please remember it’s your di house
Sumi-swara you have my sware if anyone say anything to you you will not fight or argue
Swara -okay shall we move in
Inside all were enjoying sanskar comes down and see Swara standing with Shekhar
Sanskar -how dare you come to my house. .. .security. ..are u sleeping when this sult get inside
Swara-hey you. ….swara remember suit sware
Shekhar -beta ….she is with me. ..we are also invited
Sanskar -who the hell are you. .oh if you are here dad then you must be same as her …you must have thought her to trap rich boys.
Sujata -sanskar beta he is
Sanskar -he must be employe of co.who is taking advantage of dad’s goodness
Ram-sanskar control your self
Sanskar – uncle they are cheap who do anything get money she is that creep who messed with me…she insulted me
Shekhar -beta I know my child she is alcoholic or trouble maker but never hurt anyone without reason

Kavita -yeah had to trap us and earn huge amount from us…..look sanskar they had bought gift
Sanskar snatch gift box and opens it…see a watch and saare …sanskar and kavita laugh..then guest
Sanskar -look what they have bought for dad 2000 worth watch ….and for mom 3000 saree
Kavita -aunty wear blouse of 10000rs only and uncle lowest cost watch is 1 lakh Rs
Sanskar through watch and saare down on floor. . ….
Sanskar -this beggars are like If we give our fingure they try to hold whole hand
Kavita -i think they won’t feel bad to offer their daughter on
Before kavita could say Shekhar gives her tight slap sanskar push Shekhar raise hand but swara holds it
Swara-enough I heard everything till know because of my di
Swara holds Shekhar hand but Shekhar stops swara and takes the gift from floor goes with swara sumi takes Ayush
As they going towards gate a car is coming and stops in which Ap Dp raglak comes out they have gone to temple ….
Dp -where u going Shekhu. What happen why are you crying ….bhabhi ji what happen
Sumi-woh bhai shab
Shekhar stops sumi
Shekhar -nothing dp….happy anniversary. …..bye

Shekhar -all are waiting for you ….goes
Dp comes inside followed by raglak Ap…all wish him..but he is not in the mood to listen. ..so he came towards ram
Dp-what happen ram why Shekhar left from here with tears
Ram-woh bhai…bhai shab
Sanskar-dad Shekhar uncle didn’t comes till know. ..I am also waiting for him
Sujata -the person who u insulted few minutes before is Shekhar
Sanskar and All shocked
Dp-what are you saying ram what happened

Ram tell everything. ..dp blood boiled by here it….dp raised hand but before dp gives tight slap to sanskar and kavita
Ap- kavita get the hell out of here. ..if I see you again near my eye site is sware that will be your biggest mistake of your life
Sanskar -mom
Ap-dont you heard what I said. …security through her out…and all of you go back. ..party is over
Sanskar -mom listen to me
Ap-Laksh book tickets for sanskar back to Australia. ….it’s my biggest mistake to call him back …
Dp-what you said sanskar to Shekhar he is beggar. …he is god for me….who destroyed himself for me….this entire maheshwari empire is debtful to him

Dp-why you know when your grandparents through me and ur mom out of the house we don’t have single penny then it was Shekhar who given us shelter
Ap-shermistha has given clothes to your mom. .they treated me as princess never let any sorrow or tears comes from my eyes
Dp-its was Shekhar who sold his property vehicles everything for Me to start a business. …he sold his house to build this maheshwari mansion
Ap-then you and lucky born Shekhar ji taken care of you as you are his children. …. sumi was always with me as my mom…..I never missed my parents because of them…..and because of u their tears falls today
Dp- you know till know Shekhar never asked for single penny from me as return

Sanskar -it’s because of that swara she is the one who withdrawn money
Dp-morning manager had called me and told all the money is retransfered in your account ……she only want to teach you a lesson. ..if she wanted she can take your complete money and you can’t do anything
Ap-dont waste yourtime on him let’s go to Shekhar bhai shab
Dp-yes let’s go
In Gd mansion
Shekhar and sumi is sitting silently Ayush has slept and swara has not their
Shekhar -mishti if dp came to know about sanskar he will be angry on him…in anger dp is like volcano it’s injuries to his health ….I have to go and check
Shekhar gets up and see dp and all standing teary eye
Shekhar -sir what happened …come why are you standing their come inside
Dp comes and hugs Shekhar
Dp-from which mud u are made ….sanskar insulted you this much and you are still thinking about me
Shekhar -he is like my son dp
Sanskar falls on Shekhar knee and apologies to him and sumi. ..and they accept their apologies
Dp-because of you both in couldn’t able to see Mr mehra he is really good man to meet
Shekhar -Mr mehra or Mrs mehra your clg time crush for whom you take me to sitar classes

Dp-yes she still hot …her figure is still well maintained. …and you have crush on her sister
Shekhar -yeah her eyes is so beautiful for her i purchased a rose and through towards her but it fallen on sumi….
Dp-must say they are still same
They both comes to sense and see sumi and ap seeing them with red angry eyes
Laksh -dad’s I think my work will increase
Dp and Shekhar seeing them innocently like puppy eyes
Ap-duggu you know Mrs mehra house address
Dp-yes annu
Ap-better you go their if you dare to step inside mm I will cut your foot
Sumi-shekhar you too accompany dp ji …if you be here i will call police and send you to jail

Raglak sanskar laugh
Ragini -maa where is swara…is she slept
Sumi-no…she is not at home. …she is hurt and angry so she gone somewhere for some times

Outside mm
Swara and her friends are completely drunk
Swara by looking at mm
Swara-today one party happened they insulted me my papa….because I am not rich…listen……next year same date a party happen but it is given by me this mm will be mine

Recap -psycho lover comes…..raghunath offers swara to work for him..Ragini insult raghunath in public

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