Swara be serious sometimes episode 3

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Recap -swara sold Shekhar’s bike
Shekhar -whose face you have seen on her delivery time
Swara-must be yours
Shekhar -Ravan died and came and sit on my kundli

In cm office
Ragini -yes acp praduman
Acp-madam we have collected complete information gupta group is involved in all types of illegal activities
Ragini -then did you get vitness
Acp-yes mam sahil previous pa who is know director
Ragini -then what are you waiting for god arrest him
Acp-but mam he is your
Ragini -when I am doing the duty of chief minister. ….he is only citizen of kolkatta or a culprit. …do your duty
Acp salute Ragini and goes. ….and acp arrest sahil ……it’s news telecast on media

In mm
Uttra comes cryingly
Uttra-dad ….plzzz help me…acp arrested sahil ji dad plzzz save him
Dp-uttra I investigated it’s truth case charge on him…..
Uttra-i know dad but dad he is my husband if can’t stay with out him
Laksh -Uttra control your self you are pregnant
Uttra-bhai how will I. .bhai plzzz
Dp-okay Uttra I will hire a lawyer and try to get his bail
Uttra-dad …what’s the use all will consider him criminal only
Ap-then what you want
Uttra-dad …bhabhi is CM …by her one call case against sahil will be completely removed ….
Laksh -police has evidence
Uttra-suspend them
Dp-uttra are u out of your mind ……more over Uttra I can order Ragini but I can’t order chief minister of kolkatta. ….when I know you’re husband is wrong

Uttra falls on Ragini feet
Uttra-plz bhabhi save my husband
Ragini -enough Uttra. …do you know by your husband activities how many girls lost their dignity. How many women become widow. .children’s were become orphan. ..many farmers has lost their land ….so on
Uttra-shouts I don’t care about anybody I want my husband back. ..I want my child father back
Ragini -it is not possible …..he would get maximum 8 yrs imprisonment
Uttra-then get the hell out of my house
Ap comes forward and gives tight slap to Uttra
Ap-listen Uttra you’re husband is criminal he is getting punishment for his sin…..we never want to get up married to sahil..u run away with him
Dp-and Uttra this house is of Ragini more than you
Uttra goes from their cryingly
Shekhar see uttra cryingly coming …..by seeing Shekhar. ..Uttra wipes her tears and gives a sweet smile and blink one eye and goes

all are sitting sad…by seeing Shekhar
Dp-it is all becauseof you
Shekhar -what I did
Dp-why you planned late for Ayush ..if he was in age of Uttra then we should married them
Shekhar -if your silly talks are over let’s do some work
Dp-yesterday you told I am your boss ….then which employs scold their boss
Shekhar -don’t cry like frog…
Ap-you two again started….Shekhar bhai shab it’s true if Ayush was big I definitely married Uttra to him
Ragini -dad papa I have heard we lost the contract of mehta and sons
Dp-we would have got the project if you’re father concentrated on presentation rather than stairing Mr mehta pa
Ragini -papa
Ap-i will tell sumi to send you with dp ji to temple for bath of purity.and good thinking
Shekhar -bhabhi ji do you really think he go to kund daily morning for purity and good thinking
Dp-shekhu go and make presentation
Ap-no tell me ..u have Ragini sware
Shekhar -he go to see ladies who were taking bath in kund
Dp fearfully looks at Ap. ….ap looks angrily towards dp…..and take him to their room. ..and close it after 10 mints Ap comes out
Ap-Laksh your dad needs medical treatment. …
Raglak and Shekhar comes to Dp’s room and see dp is lying on the floor. …his both eyes were swelling in body their is beaten marks
Laksh -dad zinda ho kya
Dp-dont know till when iyyyo ammmaaa bht mara hhhh …Shekhar I will take revenge

Raglak room
Ragini is arranging bed….Laksh comes and seeing her lovingly ….she wearing nightsuite which perfectly fit. …Laksh comes towards her ..Ragini understand his intention
Ragini -sleep quietly. ..always romance
Laksh -you you’re self is responsible for it
Ragini -how
Laksh takes out a scorpion from his pocket and put it inside Ragini’s dress …then what Ragini started jumping she herself removed her dress now due was in her bra and panty ..Ragini see scorpion it’s toy…before Ragini could react anything switch off the lite. ..undress himself and then room is filled with Ragini’s moans
Sun rise but Laksh is still making love with Ragini
Ragini -Laksh stop now
Laksh -when I touch your soft skin I can’t control myself
Ragini -Lak..k.laksh enough na…..

After half an hour Laksh stops they both bath together and comes out Ragini is in bathrobe ..Ragini goes towards cupboard to take her saree but Laksh stops her
Laksh -i will make you ready today …he make Ragini ready and do make up
Ragini -you darken the lipstick
Laksh -it’s will be lightened
Ragini -how
Laksh kiss her upper lips then lower lips
Laksh -Look know it is fine
Ragini -always romance
Laksh -jaan be ready at night
Ragini blush

Swara is going on her bike with nikhil but dash with a car …it’s mistake of car driver. ….swara angrily comes towards driver and open the door pull out the driver it’s a girl
Girl-how dare you….to touch kavita singhaniya
Swara gives tight slap to kavita
Nikhil -like this
Kavita -you blo*dy bustards
People gathered
People -look uncultured girl. ..first she comes from side ..because of her accident happened. …look manner less girl no sense of dressing
Swara-i want compensation

At that time A car comes and a man comes out wearing white formal suit and pant he is looking like Greek god
Kavita -look sanskar firstly this girl dashed with my car it’s her mistake know she is bargaining money and saying she will hand me to police and these people are here’s
Sanskar -shameless,characterless girl this middle class people only know to loot rich people
Kavita-look sanskar this people also involved with them
Sanskar through his credit card on swara’s face
Sanskar -take how much you want do what you want. .if u want return it or not then keep it with yourself…it has no limit
Sanskar takes kavita with him
Nikhil -swara yrr he insulted us so much and you are silent
Swara-sometimes it’s better to fail then winning. …..
Nikhil -are you gone mad
Swara -don’t you seen son of sathyamurti movie
Nikhil -no
Swara-in that movie hero told an ausome dialog. ..if duryodhan has lost the game then he and his 99 brothers has ruled happily hastinapur …….if Ravan return sita maa then he and his brother and sons lived happily ..if the sanskar maheshwari and kavita singhaniya has said sorry rather than throughing creditcard they would be saved from such a heavy loss

In evening
All mm were happy because sanskar has returned from Australia and got Mumbai project…….but …
Sanskar got many calls asking whether he given his card to a girl…he got tired so he start saying yes by listening half of the conversation
In nikhil house
Swara-hold work is done
Nikhil -what’s the use by calling him like this
Swara-that you will know later

In mm
Sanskar pa inform that bank manager called to deposit money in account for further transaction otherwise it will create legal obligations
Dp-but his account having 60crores
Pa-sir that amount is finished
All shocks
Sanskar -but I didn’t purchase anything
Pa-it’s credit purchase
Dp-what you purchased by credit card
Laksh -this much expensive
Sanskar -i didn’t purchase anything ..but he remember morning incident .it means she
Ap-what she
Sanskar tells every thing
Dp-and you mad …you given your card ….oh Shekhar is also on leave today. ..do you now who is she ….
Sanskar -no
Ap-whats her name address
Sanskar -no
Laksh -phone number
Sanskar -no
Dp-wao you don’t know about her no.name nothing but given her your credit card super
Sanskar -dad i will do some thing
Dp-you must
Sanskar get a call
Sanskar-hello whose this
Caller-your badluck
Sanskar -what
Caller-the on whom you thrown your card
Sanskar -how dare you..withdraw money from my account
Swara-you only said to do so
Sanskar -i will block my card
Swara -baby today is Saturday then Sunday, Monday some festivals till festival. .till then n you will be bankrupt
Sanskar -what you want
Swara-tomorrow same place at same time. ….yeah if you are trying to trace me so let me tell you I am calling from pco
Sanskar -ok
Swara-i don’t like waiting

Next day
Same incident happened this tym swara standing at kavita place and sanskar at swara place Sanskar understand its kavita’s fault
Sanskar -sorry give me my card
Swara -this sorry having attitude
Sanskar -sorry
Nikhil -it’s having ego
Sanskar -i am sorry
Swara -it’s frustrated and fake sorry
Sanskar -give me my card
Swara -beg for sorry
Sanskar -what sanskar maheshwari beg for your apologise
Swara -you have to otherwise consequences are more worse than know
Sanskar is going to bend
Swara-hey I didn’t told to beg like beggars. …..fold your hands keep your eyes down and ask apologise to this people you insulted
Sanskar did it otherwise dp will kill him….swara through card on his face and go
Sanskar -i won’t spare u

Sorry friends my mom was sick so I can’t able to post…..tomorrow I will give good episode
As a compensation you can tell what you wanted next in episode

Recap -new and strong enemy in ragini ‘s life…..turning point of swara’s life
Swara-yesterday a party happened in mm…next year same date a party happen but it will be given by me this mm will be mine.. ……I will be back

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