Swara be serious sometimes episode 2

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Lots of farmer standing outside CM office…. shouting we want justice. .we want justice. ..from inside a young lady wearing blue formal type saare ..only mangalsutre and sindoor no other make up comes to farmers…..
Lady-i have studied your problem and discussed…sahil cooperation is using harmful chemicals …..so I have passed orders to seal the co.
Farmers-Ragini maheshwari zindabad…cm Ragini zindabad
After an hour
Ragini is doing her work. …..sahil comes in pulling the attender. .
Sahil-how dare you to seal my co.
Ragini -you use harmful chemicals it’s destroying the crop and health of the people around their
Sahil -for beggars like them you sealed my crore valued co.
Ragini -yes

Sahil -i am talking to you calmly because you are my wife Uttra ‘s sister-in-law
Ragini -here i am not bound with anyone relationship
Sahil-angrily heyy you are talking to sahil sen gupta the business tycoon ….from my one call u will be finished i have the power of many goons
Ragini -angrily .you are talking to the chief minister of kolkatta. .from my one call all your enterprise will be finished and you would be behind the bar……I have the support of police force. .people. defence don’t try to play with me I will make your life hell…go it .get out
Sahil fearful goes towards the gate but stops by Ragini voice
Ragini -next tym when you come to my office … take appointment and knock the door before opening it
Sahil goes. ..
Ragini goes to mm…and become daughter -in-law of mm not chief minister

In hall
Dp-shekhar did you sent the quotation
Shekhar -yes sir….and also inform the mehta group about meeting
Dp-shekhu how many times I have to tell not call me sir
Shekhar -sir boss should be denoted by Sir
Dp-its waste to argue with you..
At that tym a handsome man wearing doctor coat and stethoscope and wearing half Pant …
Dp-from which angle this idiot look like a famous doctor Laksh maheshwari
Laksh -dad i was sleeping when I get a call saying their is an emergency …so in hurry I look only coat and stethoscope
Dp-shekhar thank God he had get coat in place of coat if he got something electric then what would be the situation
Shekhar -sir don’t forget your time …when bhabhi father came to know that you are dating with her …he came to here to beat you ……and u run from Window only wearing underwear
Laksh bust out in laugh ……Ragini comes
Dp-did what you did on bhabhi ji anniversary you gifted her 500 Rs necklace saying as 2 lakh Rs diamond necklace
Ragini -dad

Shekhar -actually your mother warned me if I didn’t purchase it for her then she will through me out and marry milkman
All bust out in laugh
Dp-where is sanskar
Laksh -dad he will come tomorrow he has gone to Mumbai for a project
Ragini -dad you remember na day after tomorrow is papa ji and maa ji anniversary
Shekhar -how would I forget ..I have made them married
Dp-yes beta
Laksh -how…papa …I know you where cupid among mom dad love story
Shekhar -my seeing your dad face your nana ji refused to give his daughter hand to him…..your tried maximum to impress your nana but not able to do so. …..In last week have to evolved annapurana bhabhi
Ragini -you where childhood buddies
Dp-hmmm….by the way this time you have to bring swara…no excuse
Ragini -yes i didn’t spend much time with her ….because of training and studies election
Shekhar -in mind. That’s why you able to become cm
Laksh -she must be intelligent like you and Ragini
Shekhar -Inn mind. .she is…always use her brain how she gives me new type of trouble
Ap also comes
Ap-she is also super cook like me and sumi
Shekhar -in mind. ..yes she is super cook in cooking my brain
Dp-shekhar would be hard working
Shekhar -in mind …that you have specs ..your eye site is week
Laksh -bring her to party

Shekhar -then it will not remain party (think) ..I will tell her
In Gd house
Shekhar is counting money it’s 3000 Rs so he count again …sumi is working in kitchen and Ayush is doing homework and girl is half lying on sofa and watching chota bheem. ..and seeing Shekhar
Girl-ayush ki maa sunti ho
Sumi comes out Shekhar staring girl in shock Ayush is giggling
Girl-ayush ki maa tell you’re hubby by counting the money twice or again it doesn’t double
Sumi-swara…don’t trouble your father
Shekhar -without doing it ..her food didn’t digest
On dinning table
Shekhar -i am not understanding what should I do. ..I have only 3000 Rs I have to fill Ayush school fees bus fee’s purchase his shoes …refill rashan. ..Dp sir anniversary I have to buy gift as well as new clothes. ….still ten days are remaining for month end
Sumi-i have some jewellery
Shekhar -no its gift of your father his last remembering item
Swara-simple purchase a good gift and send him….save money
Shekhar -if I won’t go their he will come here and take me
In morning
Shekhar -sumi….please give my break fast. …and list of items. ..I will purchased it and keep It in rambhau shop tell your bull who is sleeping. ..to get it from their
Sumi-ji..Bull I mean swara has wake up at 6 and gone out
Shekhar -oh God …know which trouble is waiting for me. ..her morning start from 11 am
Swara comes with certain bags and two man with sacks
Shekhar -who are they .and what is this
Swara- ration and Ayush shoes . And keep this 6000 Rs
Sumi-from where you get this much money
Swara-as dad told their is a financial problems so I sold bike
Sumi-what swara why you wake up so early and washed it
Shekhar -i didn’t know you care for me this much for reducing my burden u sold your bike which you love so much. ..I know you are a diamond
Swara -wait a minute I didn’t sold my bike. ..I sold your bike. ..outside rickshaw is standing he will take only 10rs to mm…..bye good night and goes
Shekhar -sumi is told you naa….she always think how give me a attacked

Recap -sanskar insult swara and throw his credit card on swara’s face. …..Ragini send sahil behind the bar. ..sanskar begging for his credit card

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  1. IQRA222

    Awesome loved ragoo and swara
    I am very excited for the next part

  2. Interesting

  3. Mica

    hahhahahahh,,,Shekaaarrrr…really like father like daughter..don’t blame her, she is only your copy…..
    update Khrisnaaaaa….
    i want more..dumdumdum..i want more..dumdumdum..i want more..

  4. Simi


  5. Awesome dear ur update worked magic and removed my stress thanks

  6. O god swara????update soon dear ????

  7. Awesome

  8. Put up written update of ganga

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  10. Hadi

    awsum dear i read n was laughing like hell seriously want to read more plz post soon cant wait for sanky begging n ya plz big wala part

  11. it is amzing dear pls update soon waiting????

  12. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    My doll, you are cho cweet and cute???…Shehkar is really funny??.. Sanky, you are gone dude??…
    Krishhhh, marvelous chappy dear… Loved it.. Keep it up.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  13. It awesome dear.can u post next today I want know how sanskar begging for card plz plz plz

  14. Sweeta

    ???????what a story. ….fantastic

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