Swara n Sanskar – journey to Swasan with destiny…Episode 5 (“she is no more now”)

Hi… guys I’m very very sry for late update today thanx for ur comments nd also to silent readers… but guys i need atleast 15 to 20 comments to become sure that my ff is going in right track…I’m going to add one new character today it’s Ragini’s best friend cum sis Kavya played by Mahima Makwana popularly known as Rachna in the show sapne suhane ladakpan ke on zee tv…

Scene 1
At medical room
Ragini enter the room with glass of juice nd give it to Swara…
Ragini – after u finish this I’ll drop u to ur home.
Swara – Thanx ragini but I’m feeling better now. It’s our 1st day so we have to attain our further lectures….
Ragini – (in strict tone) absolutely not Swara doctor said that u have to take rest atleast for today nd i don’t want any argu on this topic so drink ur juice nd then we will leave…
Swara – k fine but i can go alone I’ve my scooty plz don’t waste ur time in u can attain ur further lectures…..
Ragini – Swara ur my best friend ur also imp for me nd I’m not at all intrested in those boring lec nd u must be feeling dizzy so i can’t take risk to leave u alone….

Sanlak are listening their whole conversation nd are in shock for ragini’s behavior towards Swara. She’s behaving like her elder sis even she her for 1st time today itself…

Sanskar – ya Chashmish she’s right we can’t take risk so it’s better u go with her it’s safe for u…

Laksh look at him surprisingly as sanskar never shows his concern for any girl tll now….

Swara – kk… let’s go then…
Laksh – if u don’t mind can I accompany u i mean I’ve car n u have bike so it’s better to take her in car…..

Sanskar – (in his mind) u will never change dood girls dekhi nahi ki flirt karna shuru…..

Ragini – (in arrogant tone) no thanx we will manage…..
Swara – ya she’s right ur asking like I’ve faced major accident but it’s just a ball hit me not a car so we can go on a bike….

4 of them leave the medical room SanLak nd SwaRagini moves in opposite way….
For a moment laksh looks behind nd he hoping that ragini also look him but Swaragini goes straight ahead without looking behind….

Sanskar – finally we are out of it I thought if that ragini complaint against us to princi then ur listening na luky (he see’s behind but laksh still looking towards ragini…..)
Laksh – what???
Sanskar – (in teasing way) chali gayi wo dono sry sry i should consider only ragini right…. nd start laughing???
Laksh – nothing like that bro ? I’m feeling hungry let’s go to the canteen…??
They both went to the canteen nd order two coffee…☕☕
Sanskar – (in teasing tone) by the way not a bad choice but for how long means for a month, for a week……?
Laksh – (giving him strange look) what do u mean…?
Sanskar – oh plz dood u know what I’m talking about, I know u better than u so stop giving these strange looks like i don’t know anything…??
Laksh – k fine u win…. u know what bro she’s is too different than other girl’s. The way she look, her attitude, but calm nature she can’t be for month, week, she will be lifetime with me….
Sanskar is totally surprised coz laksh never take any girl seriously but this time his words showing seriousness about ragini…
Laksh – (too teasing way) well today’s date will be written in golden words in history someone shows his concern for a girl….?
Sanskar – oh plzzzzz dood don’t think of it nd stop ur second thought’s if anyone else will be on Swara’s place then also i did the same thing…. nd u know very well that I don’t believe in love. It can only appears in books, pictures, dreams it never appears in reality nd if happens then after marriage it turns into hatred so neither I want to fall in nor to get married…. I just want to fulfill my dream to be the world’s best football Player….
Laksh – hmm i know u will bro….
(in his mind) i know sanky the day will come soon when u realize what is love nd what it means in everyone’s life….?

Scene 2
At Swara’s home
Swaragini reached to the Swara’s home….
Swara opens the main gate but she interrupt by the watchman….
Swara – what happen is everything fine…
Watchman – yes mam but the rowhouse is not ready properly till….
Swara – (in angry tone) what, i told u 2 days earlier that I’m coming….
Watchman – sry mam but there are too many problem’s to fix as it is closed from years we need atleast one week….
Swara – (in shocking tone) what…. one week tab tak mein kaha rahungi….
One voice comes from behind
Ragini – mere saath mere ghar…..
Swara – thanx ragini but already u have done so many things for me… don’t worry I’ll stay in hotel….
Ragini – i already told u that ur my best friend nd mein aur meri dadi hi rehte hai so if u join us then it will be so much fun… by the way I’m not asking u, I’m ordering u to come with me…
Swara – k… my friend aapka hukum sarakho per….. both start laughing….???

Scene 3
Swaragini reaches gadodia mension
Swara – (scared tone) are u sure ragini tumhari dadi ko mere aanese koi problem nahi hogi….
Ragini – nahi Swara infact she feel so happy to see u like I feel in the morning….
Ragini rings the doorbell….
Dadi opens the door….
Dadi – ye koi time hai ghar aane ka….
Ragini – come on dadi it’s just 7:30 pm wo sab chhodo mein aapke liye ek surprise lai hu….
Ragini calls Swara….
Ragini – come inside Swara don’t be scared….
Swara enters inside in hesitating way…
Ragini – (in excitement) dadi ye hai aapka surprise my new best friend Swara ye hamare saath rahegi for one week….
Dadi looks towards Swara n gets shock as well as feel happy….
Swara – namste dadi nd takes her blessings…
Dadi – khush raho beta… tum dono fresh ho jao mein tumhare liye khana lagati hu….
Ragini – k dadi let’s go Swara mein tumhe tumhara room dikhati hu…
Swara – ya sure… may i ask u something…
Ragini – ha bolo na…
Swara – in morning u n now dadi also looking me in strange way what’s the matter….
Ragini – I’ll tell u everything but after the dinner so now ye hai tumhara room i hope u like it nd get fresh up…
By saying this ragini leaves from their…
Swaragini n dadi comes to the dinning table nd servant’s start serving them food…
Dadi – lado tumhara clg ka pehla din kisa raha….
Ragini narrates everything to her…
Dadi – tum dono un ladko se dur hi rehna aagese….
Swaragini – k dadi….
3 of them finish their dinner nd Swaragini says good night to dadi n leave to their bedroom…
Ragini – come Swara mein tumhe mera bedroom dekhati hu….
They both went to the ragini’s bedroom…
Ragini opens the door, it’s truly beautifully designed inside n whole room is full of pictures….
Swara – it’s too beautiful ragini but in these pictures who is this girl….
Ragini – i knew it u will ask this question… u remember in morning I’ve told u that u reminds me someone n why me nd dadi looks u shocking way so the ans of all questions is infront of u….
Swara – (in surprised tone) who is she….
Ragini – (by giving pleasant smile) Kavya (played by mahima makwana) my best friend cum sis from childhood….
Swara – (in excitement) k…. but where is she now i would like to meet her….
Suddenly ragini’s pleasant smile vanished nd tears comes in her eyes…
Swara – what happen ragini are u fine…
Ragini – she is no more now….
Swara gets shock by her ans….
Swara – I’m so sry ragini i doesn’t mean it nd hugs her….Ragini hugs her back…
Ragini – it’s k Swara….
Swara – I must say these pics of her with u shows ur love for kavya nd the how strong bonding u have shared with her….

To be continued….

Precap – raglak friendship nd SwaSan fight….

Thank you for reading….
Plz comment if it is getting boring…. n also if u liked it….

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