Swara – My Heart’s Solace Part 10 ( last part)

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Swara – My Heart’s Solace <3

Part 10 ( last part)

Episode starts………..

Swara's pov….

Me swara here on goa for my honeymoon.. Yah.. My second honeymoon ( blushing) our family gifted us this as a anniversary gift………we reached goa today morning.. After freshnup I'm here standing in balcony gazing the view of beach.. Waiting for my love.. My hubby.. Who is getting ready.. I just called home.. They all told me not to call and enjoy.. And all are fine there.. Sid and sunny are playing.. And janu is taking care of both….. I'm relaxed… Mom asked me to care about only sanskar now.. Hehe what to care about him.. He only cares and take care of me…… See thinking about him.. He came..

San: cutie.. Lets go for breakfast.. It would be better than having here..

Swa: Ha ok hubby….

We both went to restaurant in resort.. Had a mild breakfast..

Swa: how about we go beach…

San: ofcourse we are going there Only next.. I know you more love…

I blushed at his words. And nodded my head… After reaching beach.. I really regret for coming there… Chi chi chi… What are they wearing.. OK ok i know about it it's common in goa.. But I'm here with sanskar… No won't let him be here… I turned to sanky to say that let's leave from here.. But.. I got shocked seeing him.. Not here me.. I gazed my surrounding.. Some guys are eying me.. But I didn't gave a damn to them.. Oh yah I forgot to say what I'm wearing right.
Actually I'm wearing a mini t shirt and shorts.. I'm on my honeymoon right… Hehe.. Poor guys can only see me.. But I belong to my sanky… But where is he… Ha atlast I found him.. He is coming with a lemon juice…. Ofcourse only one.. As I don't like it.. I was seeing him with a smile.. He returned a smile….. While coming near me.. A girl blocked him…

Girl: hey handsome.. Wanna a company..?? ( she told huskily with a wink)

Chi stupids don't they have any shame.. But as usual sanskar made me smile…

San: sry sister.. I'm here with my wife…

Her mouth hung as he called her sister……

She excused and went away… I can't stop myself from laughing like hell.. Yah I was laughing and he eyed me lovingly….. As he came near me.. I gave him a tight hug… And kissed his cheeks..

Swa : you are amazing as always hubby… ???……

San: Control your excitement cutie….. We are in public…

Swa: so what I have right to do anything with my hubby anywhere.. Who is there to stop me… ( i asked with an attitude…)

San: ofcourse non is there. Chalo.. Lets near the water…

Swa Han chale..

We sat there in eachothers arms forgetting the world around us.. I felt so blessed to have him……

Then we went to bike riding….. Aww it's my dream… It was cool…..

Later we returned to room after dinner.. He went to take bath… I have my own ideas. I quickly took a parcel from my bag and rushed to a dressing room.. I came out and took a glance at me.. Wow I look too hot in this outfit.. It's a one piece that over at my mid thighs.. Most of dress is lace.. And see through.. ?? s*xy na.. Hehehe then I went and turned off water supply to the bathroom and locked restroom door. As expected sanky shouted.

San: cutie call reception and tell them that water is not coming.. Call room service.

Swa: Ha ok hubby.. ( i laughed and arranged the room. Yah I did it so that sanky don't come soon.. As I have to make arrangements. . Ha I decorated the room with candle.. After lighting candle.. If informed him " sanky they told it will be alright in 2 mins " he said OK.. Now I arranged bed. With flowers. And. Sprayed cool room spray.. Hmm. It's aroma is tempting…… .

After that I turned on the water and. unlocked the restroom door… Now everything Is perfect. … I turned off the lights and stood near the switch board.. Room is full of darkness……

I heard the door opening sound.. My breathing got faster.. I'm excited as well as tensed….

As expected he called my name. And then came towards switch board slowly.. After switching on the lights… He was awestruck seeing the decorations.. Before he came could react.. I hugged him from back.. Touching my whole body with his… Ofcourse it's not the first time.
We are doing this.. Still it's special for us each time we do. It's new

Today again we are doing.. I hugged him so tight like I won't let him go… Showing my love… I bitted his neck… He gasped.. And I kissed the place.. He took me front of him… By his hands.. I stood there before him.. In such a see through dress for the first time… He was looking at me..like he will eat me this moment…

Swara's pov ends….

Sanskar’s pov..

I stood there mesmerized seeing swara infront of me.. She was looking damn s*xy……. I wish like just to be.. Ahh I can't
Explain my feel… Without wasting a moment.. I kept my lips on her.. She responded equally…. Without breaking the kiss. I carried her in my arms to bed…… I lied her carefully in bed.. She extended her both hands as if inviting me. …. I quickly removed my shirt and came above her.. Our eyes are showing our desires….. I again captured her lips.. This time it was a wild one.. We are caressing eachothers body….. Ahh.. Her hand some magic…..I broke the kiss and went down to her nape…. Kissing and biting there…. She was moaning.. Making.. Me more wild… I just love this sound….. It feels good hearing her…. I removed the thin strip in her shoulder….. And went down kissing…. She was moaning.. And traveling her hands on my back and caressing my hairs.. After nape and shoulder..I removed her every clothes.. There she lies like a beauty of heaven.. Tempting me… Can't take anymore I directly attacked her bosoms…. Kissing and folding them respectively…… After loving her upper body.. I went down.. Kissing and caressing her Lower body…… She was moaning and grinning on my touches and kisses.. being enough of foreplay.. I went up again to her… And pecked her lips. She smiled at me. Knowing my mind.. After getting permission. I removed. My dress.. And put on a comforter above us. We made love. Like there is no tomorrow…….

Life is so blissful with her. She handle everything perfectly.. She is the playing buddy of sid and sunny.. She turns kid at times. And mature enough when needs.. She is my love.. My life.. My wife.. My everything….. I looked to my side. There she is without any tension.. Her face is enough to make me normal.. Not her beauty. She her charcuterie. everything is mine. Now. I'm lucky to get her.. I pecked her forehead. She smiled like a kid.. And hugged me tightly in sleep….. I smiled… This is my swara " swara – My Heart's Solace "

——————–THE END——————-

This is subi signing off…. Take care bubbye….


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