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Hi friends i’m back with my next episode. Thanks for all your coments and support.

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Episode 17
Okay let’s start it

Swara started choosing saree. But she didn’t get anything. After sometime laksh comes back .

Laksh – swara till now you are here only. You didn’t get ready.

Swara – are i can’t decide what to wear.

Laksh – swara choose anyone and let’s go quickly.

Swara – okay i think this one is good right. She brought a white pink saree and show it to laksh.

Laksh – he didn’t see that. Yah that’s good you go and come quickly.

Swara – you didn’t even look at it okay and she makes a sad face and left to washroom.

Laksh gets a message. It was from piya. He didn’t think that if he should open that message or not. There is a battle started in between his mind and heart . his mind was telling to open it and on the other side heart is telling not to because he had promised swara that now his past will not affect their relationship.  But still he opened that. He reads that message.

Piya – laksh how are you? I had heard about Shaan. If swara is alright now. How is she. You didn’t understand but i really love you laksh. After you break all relation with me i realised that i really love you. And i know you also love me. Please at least answer my call or please answer my msgs.

Laksh didn’t understand what to do. He knows that till now he had never forget piya. One side swara who loves him so much and other side piya whom he always loved and now she also loves him. He thought something and reply back her.

Laksh – i’m fine and swara is also fine. How are you?

Piya – thank god she is fine. Laksh after you left how can i be. I’m missing you laksh. I knw you are angry on me please forgive me.

Laksh – he thought not to reply her more because if he’ll continue it then again those memories will flash on his mind in which he was with piya. Just then swara comes back.

Swara – she saw laksh was busy with his phone . Laksh what are you doing? go and freshen up.

Laksh – he saw her and went to washroom without answering her .

Swara – he didn’t told me how i’m looking. But why he was upset. Now only he was very much happy and now upset. Just then laksh phone beeps. Who message him. She went near his phone and think to check. But her inner one stops her. Swara it’s not good. Then she thought it was her husbands mobile so she opens that and saw that message was from piya.

Swara – she cried. Oh god i thought laksh had started loving me but i was wrong till now he was in touch with her. How can i thought and hopes so many things. I forget that none of my dreams will be fulfilled. She was lost in her thought again his phone beeps  ..One new message arrived. Swara reads piya has written that i love you laksh please i know you also love me. Please tell me that line i’m dying to hear that from you.

Again swara’s heart breaks. She cried hard .Suddenly she realised something and marks all the messages as unread. And keeps that mobile aside and sits down and started combing her hair.

Swara – why I’m getting ready when the truth was he’ll never love me. Swara he had always loved her and in future he’ll love her only. In his life you have no place why you are not stooping seeing dreams. Then she gets ready.

After sometime laksh came back. He saw swara was sitting silently. He thought something.

Laksh – finally you gets ready. Looking beautiful haan. Give me my watch please.

Swara – hmm and she went to bring the watch but as she was absent minded she slips and she was about to fall on the edge of the soffa.

Laksh saw that and he rushed towards her and saves her immediately.

Laksh – swara where were you. What the hell is wrong with you. Now you will again get hurt just saw to the way before walking.

Swara – sorry and saying this she left to outside saying I’m waiting for you.

Laksh – what happened to her? Now only she was very much happy but what may be happened? No guess it’s okay I’ll ask her in car.

Then he saw many messages from piya where she had confess her love for him. He didn’t understand what to do. He thinks for sometime and reply her back

Laksh – piya I had always loved you but you never cared for me nor you loved me. But now nothing can happen it will be good if we’ll stop talking to each other.

Here swara is waiting for laksh. But laksh didn’t come.

Swara – wow till now he was busy how can i forget he was talking with his love and swara it will definitely take time. How can …But she stopped. Why I’m thinking about them again and again .Swara accept the truth damit they both love each other. The moments you and laksh share are just for friendship nothing more than that. You took it in a wrong way. Just then laksh comes back.

Laksh – sorry i was busy actually i had to talk with my manager about a deal which will going to held tomorrow . Sorry because of me you wait.

Swara – it’s okay now if you will agree we can go.

Laksh – come. And they left.

Swara is sitting in the car. But she was in some other world.

Swara – she thought why you are lying laksh I’ll not do anything to you. I think my decision was right about give you divorce. Today i had realised that you can never love me. There is no future in this relationship. It’s better you stay with piya. And now she also loves you. That will be good. I’ll talk with riya tomorrow and will go away from your life. Her thoughts were disturbed by laksh.

Laksh – oh madam where were you.

Swara – here only .leave it if you are free then let’s go.

Laksh – yah sure. And he went forward to open the door for swara.

Swara – that’s not needed laksh. I can do that by myself. And she herself opens the door and sits inside.

Laksh found something strange but he avoids it and went and they drives off.

In piya’s home

Sujata found piya happy. She comes near her and put her hands on her shoulder.

Sujata – what happened? Why my daughter is so happy.

Piya – mom laksh reply me.

Sujata – what?

Piya – are mom i tried messaged him and he reply me back. It means till now he didn’t forget me.

Sujata – it’s a really great news.

Piya – now you will see mom how I’ll handle them. They will go through the pain that you experienced in these years.

Sujata – but if he didn’t accept you and that swara what about her.

Piya – my mom please you don’t worry your daughter had already think of that swara. She’ll leave laksh and that also with in this week i promise you next week you will be in maheswari house.

Sujata – but what you will do?

Piya – you don’t worry just sit and see.

It ends with piya’s smirking face.

Precap – not decided yet…….

Thanks guys for supporting me and please guys if you will ever feel that my story needed change then tell me frankly and if you want to give me any suggestions please give me. Okay guys next update will be on 15th December. Till then bye and take care.

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  1. AMkideewani

    Awesome di I love it, can’t wait for the 15 December❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️

  2. Inu

    Superb epi

  3. Awesome but pls dont seperate them…..make laksh fall for swara

  4. Mica

    huh! better Swara takes a drastic step… divorce him….huaaa.. sadist me

  5. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Oh no,laksh abhi bhi swara se pyar nehi karta??…I think swara should think about divorce, maybe isse laksh ko akkal aajaye…And devil piya,never gonna change??…Swalak became blind in love…Keep it up dear di.. Waiting for 15th December..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  6. Good one dear ??????

  7. Mirna

    Awesome chappy dear but dnt seperate them 🙂

  8. Mahjabeen

    Awesome dear…stupid laksh still thinking dat he loves piya..lt her tk sch drastic steps..den he wil undrstnd..waitng fr nxt

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