Swabhiman: Mile Ho Tum Humko Episode 9

NK: Ok! To phir iss mandap mein ek aur shaadi hogi. Pandit ji uska intezaam karenge.(So there will be another wedding in this mandap. Pandit ji will make the necessary preparations.)

Dadaji had recovered by them. He walked to NK.

Dadaji: What you are doing is extremely wrong, NK. You will regret this decision!

NK: Bapuji, please! I don’t want to listen to another lecture.

Pandit ji: The preparations for the marriage have been done.

Kunal: Dad! What are you doing? This one step will destroy four lives! Please think about it once more!

Meghna: Nahi, Kunal! We’ve made a decision! Naina will get married to Karan!

Karan: Yes, Bhai! I agree! I will get married to Naina!

Naina and Karan got married quickly. There was no time for another arguement. The two couples took the blessings of all their elders.

Scene 2: Chauhan House- Meghnal’s room

Meghnal and Nairan performed the post-wedding rituals and went to their room.

Kunal: Do you think the decision was right?

Meghna: Yes, Kunal! I know that Naina and Karan are just friends but I promise they will be happy together.

Kunal: I understand the reason, you took this decision but don’t you think that the biggest decision of Naina and Karan’s lives were taken without any discussion? They had the right to make a choice!

Meghna: Kunal, the decision has been made and I do not want any further decision on this matter! I am Naina’s elder sister and I have the right to make this decision!

Kunal: I’m sorry but I can’t support you until I see Naina and Karan happy!

Meghna stormed out of the room. Meghna had made this decision for a reason and couldn’t bear to see Kunal opposing it. She knew she had been a bit over-protective and made Naina’s biggest decision without even consulting or talking to her. However, she never thought that Kunal would not support her! She needed to talk to Naina! Did her Cheeku think she was wrong to have taken this decision?

Scene 3: Chauhan House- Nairan’s room

Karan: What happened today…

Naina: I know, Karan but this is a decision Papa, Di and Mumma have made and we should respect it!

Karan: Naina! Bhabhi has made this decision for a reason! Papa has just imposed this marriage on us! He didn’t think about me even once! Oh! How could I forget he never thinks about me!

Naina: Karan! You are being selfish! You are thinking only about yourself! Do you realize that even my life has changed? Do you think this marriage is an imposition?

Karan: Naina! I didn’t mean it that way. I…

Naina: Enough, Karan! I am sorry!

Naina walked out in tears. She knew that Meghna had made a decision that changed the lives of her and Karan in split seconds but she believed that her Di would only make right decisions. She was hurt at the way Karan had reacted. In the few days, she had gotten to know Karan, she thought that she knew him well but he had proved her wrong! Did he think that his marriage with her was an imposition? She needed to talk to Meghna. This was a time, she really needed advice!

Scene 3: Garden

Meghna saw Naina on the swing in the garden, crying inconsolably. She ran to Naina.

Meghna: What happened, Cheeku? Do you think the decision, I made was wrong?

Naina hugged Meghna and cried.

Naina: Di! I don’t know if the decision I made was right or wrong. I just know that my Di can never be wrong!

Meghna: Then, why are you crying?

Naina: Di! Karan, I guess, thinks that this marriage was an imposition! I am confused! I don’t know what to do!

Meghna: I don’t know what to do either, Cheeku!

Naina: What happened, Di?

Meghna: Kunal doesn’t think my decision to get you married to Kunal was right!

Naina: Di, should I talk to Jeeju?

Meghna: I don’t know, Cheeku! Maybe! I will talk to Karan! I don’t even know if Kunal will forgive me!

Naina: Why won’t he, Di? I will talk to Jeeju! You have made this decision for a reason, Di! And both of us, know how important the reason was! You made this decision for me

Meghnal: I hope so!

Precap: Reason why Meghna got Naina married to Karan revealed


I know this was a shocking episode. The reason why Meghna took this decision will be revealed in the next chapter! I won’t be able to post regularly. Sorry!

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