Swabhiman-Meghnal & Nairan FF – Chapter 68

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Part 68:
Naina: Di, I’ll call the newspaper and get some information.
Meghna: Sure.
Naina called and a woman answered the phone.
Woman: Hello, how may I help?
Naina: Hello, this is Naina Chauhan.
Woman: Hello Mrs Chauhan.
Naina: I can see an article published about Kunal Chauhan.
Woman: Your brother in law, yes.
Naina: Yes, I was wondering if I could get a contact of the person who had written the article.
Woman: Sure Ma’am, this is his phone number ##############
Naina: Thank you, have a good day.
Woman: You’re welcome and you too.
Naina hung up.

Meghna: I’ll call Hiten Baksh.
Naina: Okay Di, but stay calm.
Meghna smiled: You know me very well.
Naina: I know you’re angry that they published it.
Meghna: Don’t worry, I’ll get the answers.
Meghna dialed the number and a man answered the phone.
Man: Hello.
Meghna: Hello, is this Hiten Baksh?
Man: Yes, and you are?
Meghna: I’m Meghna Chauhan, don’t hang up.
Hiten gulped.
Meghna: I think you know I’ve called you.
Hiten: I… I um… why?
Meghna: You don’t need to be scared, I just want to know why you published the article.
Hiten: I was told about your husbands condition and was told to write an article to make him look like a helpless Chauhan.
Meghna: Why?

Hiten: They gave me money.
Meghna: You’d put someone down for money?
Hiten: I’m sorry Ma’am, I need the cash.
Meghna: I understand but I want to know who told you.
Hiten: He only gave me his surname. Mr Rathore.
Megha was shocked: Mr Rathore?
Naina looked at her sister confused and she thought to herself: Whhat would Mr Rathore want?
Meghna: Thank you Hiten, you’ve been helpful.
Hiten: You’re welcome.
Meghna put the phone down.
Naina: Di, Arohis dad?
Meghna: He keeps popping up.
Naina: What is going on?
Meghna: I don’t know Chiku, I don’t know
Naina: We need to tell Jeeju and Karan.
Meghna: You’re right.

Naina: Let’s go, I think they’re sitting in the living area with the twins.
Meghna: Papa and Masi Maa are in the study aren’t they?
Naina: Yes, Maa and Dad have gone to see Khyati.
Meghna: They’ve already found out about Trishna and Nikhil, once we find out more information about Mr Rathore…
Naina: And his intentions, we can let the rest of the family.
Meghna shook her head.
The two sisters walked downstairs. Kunal was sat in the floor with Kaira while Karan was playing horsy with Maahir.
Meghna and Naina smiled, they both remember when Karan and Kunal used to play horsy with both twins and how they’d make it a race between them.
Karan looked up, he saw Meghna and Naina.
Karan: Look, Mumma is here!
Maahir slowly got off Karans back and ran too Meghna.
Meghna: Hey there!
She picked him up and then they all sat together on the floor.
Naina: We have something to tell you guys.
Meghna: Yeah, it’s very interesting.
Kunak: The Solanki-Chauhan sisters are back at it again.
Karan: They’ve found their new case.
Kunal and Karan high fived and laughed, the twins also raised their hands to high five them and they did. (JUST A CUTE SCENE)
Meghna: Excuse me?
Kunal: You guys are such detectives.
Naina: What’s wrong with that?
Karan: Nothing, but then we get dragged.
Meghna: Well great detectives like Naina and myself need sidekicks.
Naina: Exactly, we’d be lost without our Shaggy and Scooby.
Kunal&Karan: What?

Meghna and Naina laughed and high fived.
Meghna: Atcha, jokes aside. We have something serous to tell you.
Naina: It’s about the article that was written about Jeeju.
Meghna: We spoke to the publisher, he told us that he was told to write the article.
Karan: Someone set him up to write it?
Naina: Yes.
Kunal: Who?
Meghna: Mr Rathore.
Naina: Arohi’s father.
Kunal: He? What?
Karan: Why would he do that?
Naina: We don’t know, but we’ll find out.
Meghna: Yeah, we will. We’re going to meet up with Arohi and find out some more information.
Naina: She sent Arjun a note, telling him her father isn’t acting normal.
Meghna: Maybe he isn’t disapproving of Arohi’s relationship…
Kunal: But because it’s with Arjun he’s disapproving it.
Naina: Exactly, she also mentioned that she heard her father on the phone talking about you both.
Karan: Me and Bhai?
Naina: We will find out more information when meet Arohi on Monday.
Kunal: Who will meet her?
Meghna: Me, Chiku and Arjun
Karan: Will it be okay for Arjun to meet her?
Naina: They should meet, it’s unfair.
Kunal: True, but their love story has to have some drama.
Karan: Just like yours?
Kunal: Like every love story.
Meghna: I agree.
Karan: Well, now we wait for Monday.
Nainna: Never been more excited for a Monday.

Monday afternoon came quick. Meghna and Naina went to Arjuns school while Karan and Kunal stayed home.
Arjun was standing at the front gate when he saw Meghna and Naina.
Meghna: Hey, how was your day?
Arjun: It was good Bhabi.
Naina: Even without meeting Arohi?
Arjun smiled: It’ll get better when I see her.
Meghna: Of course.
Arjun: She’s waiting in the garden at the back of the school.
Naina: Let’s go.
They walked to the garden and saw Arohi.
Arohi went to Meghna and Naina.
Arohi: Hi Meghna Bhabi!
She gave Meghna a hug.
Meghna: Hello Arohi!
Arohi hugged Naina.
Arohi: Hi Naina Bhabi.
Naina: Hey Arohi, how are you?
Arohi looked at them both and then looked at Arjun as she spoke.
Arohi: There have been better days.
Arjun looked at Arohi.
Meghna: Why don’t me and Naina give you two some time alone?
Naina: Yeah Di, let’s go and stand somewhere else.
Meghna and Naina walked away, leaving Arohi and Arjun.
Arjun: Hi Arohi.
Arohi: Arjun!
She hugged him and he held onto her tightly.
Arohi: I’ve missed you so much.
Arjun: I’ve missed you more, these fee weeks have been so hard.
Arohi: I know, talking you through paper isn’t as good this.
Arjun: This is so much better, seeing you here.
Arohi smiled.
The two took a seat in the bench and spoke for a while.
Arohi: We should calm back Meghna am Bhabi and Naina Bhabi.
Arjun: Sure.
They called them back.
Meghna: You guys done? If you’re not then we can wait.
Naina: Yeah, we don’t mind.
Arjun: No, we’re done.
Arohi: Take a seat.

They took a seat.
Meghna: Arohi, we wanted to ask you about your father.
Naina: Arjun showed us the note, where you mentioned your father not acting himself.
Arohi: That’s right, Dad hasn’t been himself. He’s been leaving the house late at night and getting in home early in the morning.
Meghna: Where is he during the day?
Arohi: Mom says that he’s at home.
Naina: He doesn’t go work?
Arohi: No, he hasn’t visited the office in over a week.
Arjun: Do you know why? And what did you mean by your Dad talking to someone about Kunal Bhabi and Karan Bhai?
Arohi: I don’t know why he hasn’t gone to the office but around over a week ago he was on the phone and he said something about Kunal Bhai being in hospital and I don’t know what he said about Karan Bhai but he mentioned them.
Meghna: Did you mention this to your mother?
Arohi: I didn’t want to make her even more worried.
Naina: We need to find out what is happening.
Arohi: Why don’t you come to the house? See if you find anything, I haven’t even looked yet because I’m busy with school work.
Arjun: That’s a good idea.
Arohi: You’ll have to come when he’s not home.
Naina: Late at night?
Meghna: That’s fine, well talk to Kunal and Karan about it and we’ll let you know when we can come over.
Arohi: That sounds good.
Meghna: It was good seeing you again Arohi.
Naina: Yeah, after a long time.
Arohi: You too!
She hugged them and bid them goodbye.


So much love you know! ❤❤❤

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  1. Titli

    Thriller.. loved it.. carry on.. Post soon..❤️

    1. Titli

      Hey, my fav subject is also maths.. my friends tease me, says being a girl, u like maths.. idk whats the prblm in it… but i love maths yaar.. whenever i remain upset, i sit withs maths..

      1. Tamihna0808

        Thank you so much ❤ I’ll post again later today maybe! ? Yeah I love love love maths! Such a great subject and it’s sad that people think only boys can like it! Times have changed and Maths is such an important and respected subject! ??

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    1. Tamihna0808

      I’m so sorry to hear about your loss, I hope you feel better soon. Don’t ever be sorry for not commenting, all I want is for you to be having a good day. Be positive and stay happy! ❤?❤?❤ sending you hugs and kisses! ?? social science is very interesting! ? I’m feeling much better and I hope you will feel better soon as well! ❤

  3. Inu

    Superb epi. So eager to know the plans tamy. Good work. And my favourite subject is english and history.

    1. Tamihna0808

      Thank you dear! I know you’ll love what I have cooking up in my thought pot! ? in my last year’s at school I really loved English and History actually, I remember I was never very fond of those subjects but I learnt to appreciate it a lotry! Thank you again! ?❤?

  4. Aww!? Karan and Arohi! I just loved the high-five scene, it was so cute!? I just hope Arohi doesn’t turn negative because Arjun would seriously be heartbroken. I am waiting for the four to get together and ‘defeat’ Mr. Rathore. I hope this Kunal being helpless track ends soon! I can’t bear to imagine Sahil helpless!? My favourite subject is Chemistry!❤️️ Waiting impatiently for your next chapter!?☺️❤️?

    1. *Arjun and Arohi

    2. Tamihna0808

      Aaaw! Thank you! Don’t worry Kunal will be back to himself within the next to updates! Hope you can wait till then. Arohi will reaming positive! ?? She’s a good girl and Arjun and her will be together forever! ? the awesome foursome have something up their sleeves and you’ll love what I have planned! ? thank again and enjoy what’s to come! ? OMG I did chemistry as a college subject and it was so hard! I do enjoy the subject though! ?❤

    3. Titli

      I always find chemistry as the hardest subject of my life.. u must be a rockstar in chemistry, if u like the subject..

      1. Tamihna0808

        Yeah! She must be! ?

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      3. *Science not Scuence

      4. Tamihna0808

        Yeah! I agree!
        If you get a good teacher you’d enjoy the subject, they’ll help you and you’ll understand better.

  5. Roli-Sid-Krishna-Saiyyam

    Thanks it was nice
    My fav subject is English and biological

    1. Tamihna0808

      Thank you! Happy you’re liking it! ❤? English and Biology! Interesting choices! I’ve always found Biology difficult! You use be so smart! ?? ?

      1. Tamihna0808

        Must* not use!

  6. Hi .. waiting for more twist & turns …..my favourite subject is computer science……

    1. Tamihna0808

      Thank you and I’m sure you’ll enjoy what’s to come! Oooh computer science! Is it hard? Thank again! ❤??

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      Aaaw! You’re such a sweetie! Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! Oh geography and sociology! Very different! I have attempted to write other FFs but I stop half way! ? this is the only one I’ve continued! Thank again for the sweet comments! ❤??

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      Thank you so much! High five! ? we both enjoy maths! Never did accounts but I’m sure it’s interesting! Thank you again! ❤??

  9. Pratha

    It was thrilling n mind-blowing
    Keep giving such awesome thrilling ones.
    I want to know who is d girl playing Arohi…

    1. Tamihna0808

      Thank you! You’re so kind! Arohi is played by the girl who was in Ashok Samrat who played Kaurwaki her real name is Reem Shiekh. ❤?

      1. Pratha

        Oh I know her, as I watched Ashoka and they look great together…

      2. Tamihna0808

        They look really good together!



    1. Tamihna0808

      Aaw! Thank you so much! Really happy you liked that! I love cute scenes! You like the three core subjects! That’s really good. ? thank you again! ❤??

  11. Threemaimai

    it’s awesome as always… love the way how you bring the characters…. 🙂
    my fev sub eng literature even though i am really bad at it 😉

    1. Tamihna0808

      Thank you! ❤ so kind of you! Omg I loved English literature as well and I was bad at it but improved! In my last year I had such a good teacher. Thank you again! ??

      1. Threemaimai

        I just doing self study.
        now i am studying psychology. if you want funny explanation for behaviors of the characters ask me 😉

      2. Tamihna0808

        I’ll definitely come to you when I need your help! ???

  12. Komal123

    The chapter was so cute! Specially when naina and meghna tased karan and kunal for scooby nd shaggy that was so funny and cute! I could imagine their faces! The chapter was really nice!
    Post next soon!
    And my favourite subject in school was business studies as I am a commerce student!
    Loads of love:Komal ?

    1. Tamihna0808

      I was watching Scooby Doo the other day and that’s where I got my inspiration from ? business studies sounds really interesting! Thank you for your sweet words, I’m glad my words are able to create pictures for you! ?❤

  13. Aarzu

    Hey di sorry for the late cmnt actually today all day I was in hospital so that’s why I wasn’t able to cmnt… It was fab di I love Arjohi nd that teasing scene if brothers nd sisters…. Nd my favorite subject is Maths my first love ?…. Love uh di keep writing ? ? ?

    1. Tamihna0808

      Hey! How are you? Don’t worry about it! Thank you for commenting and super happy you’re enjoying the scenes! High five sister ? Maths is just the best! ? thank you and feel better! Loads of love! ❤?

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    1. Tamihna0808

      Thank you so much! ?You’re very sweet! I just saw your comment and replied, I didn’t even a notification for that comment! That was really weird! I would love to learn hindi! I mean I understand it all very well but speaking isn’t something I can do! ? social science is a good one! Than you again! ❤??

  15. Shruthy

    BAAAAM! Look who is always back with a bang. ??❤️???
    Girl, you are just something else. What is in your head is something … unbelievable. I mean, I am so much in love with whatever you bring that, I feel liking this story as much as I love NaiRan. And I must tell you that I am a dying hard fan. ???
    Ok alright, I have been quite exaggerating. Let’s come back on Earth’u! *clears her throat*
    I so loved that “awesome foursome” scene. The young hubbies playing with the cutest bache ever seen, and this all admired by wifeys (and also us??). That horsy stuff was bliss man! I don’t know if this was the stuff but, man thanks for bringing such beautiful chachu-bache moments. ??? Fish, I have become quite emotional. Daaaaaamn!
    When Maahir baby gets down of Karan’s back and runs to his mother, my heart was so melting. I can imagining how you would have felt writing such cute parents-children scenes. I have experienced it and it’s damn amazing when you can just imagine the stuff reading. ❤️☺️
    The Chauhan brothers teasing the Solanki sisters. But, girls are not less at all. ?? The 4 of them are such a pleasure to read about. I so wish there were less problems and more of their cutie cutie scenes. ??? Though I am a lover of your drama, thrill, problems, and especially the mystery solving scenes. You know that na? ?
    By the way, I quite understand those brothers’ reaction. As it’s always Solankis who bring new missions at Chauhans’ “awesome foursome “detective agency. ?? One might not have finished that an other one makes its entry. And now, as we can confirm it was Arohi’s father who acted against Kunal ka dhamaal. And it’s said through his own sautan, I mean pyaari si “sautan” Arohi bethi, that he might target both Chauhan brothers. ? Just want to ask him : Kyun bhai ? ? Why are you after Chauhans. I quite feel that him against Kunal & Karan (because I think I have been using Karan’s name always first?), he fears that his daughter gets to know anything and spoils all his plans revealing it to Chauhans through Arjun. That’s just a sudden guess I had while commenting … no like seriously. I didn’t even thought so while reading but redacting my lambaaa sa comment. ???
    Btw the young lovebirds are damn cute. ☺️❤️ Young love. First it was NaiRan, and now we have Arjun-Arohi who took their place. Hopefully it is a happy endi… oh well, something sad could also sound very interesting. Like one unfortunate incident that separates both. Even though Arjun has seen so many deaths in his life young, poor boy. ? Well that was again one idea that popped in my mind… just by writing. ??
    But my most favourite scene was, no doubt about that, that Karan-Kunal-Maahir-Kaira hi5 moments. ?❤️? Was in the train reading so couldn’t scream a lot but… IT WAS HARD TO CONTROL. ??
    I think I am done for now, though I also know some other ideas will come to my mind once I would have clicked “post comment”, like always. ??‍♀️
    And to answer your “question of the day” : I do love Maths and also English. But honestly these are two lectures where I get bored the most as I am actually doing good at but the rest of the class is quite slow. So…
    I also love Biology though I am not doing it anymore, and I was not really good at that. ? But it was really interesting to learn. ?

    1. Tamihna0808

      ❤❤❤everytime I read your comment I feel so much love! Thank you so much! I’m so happy you’re loving what I’ve written between the two couples! There’s so much more to come and I really hope you enjoy that too. I love young love as well so I wanted to incorporate in my FF. Arohi’s Dad=Mr Rathore= Akshay is upto something and you’ll find out what that is very soon! The next chapter is up so do check it out. ? Trust me I always get ideas while writing, I dont always have it planned. I wanna say a huge thank you for your comment again! Also I understand what you mean when English and Maths can get you bored! Biology is super interesting and exciting! Loads of love ❤?

      1. Shruthy

        You must as I give so much of effort…. just kidding ??
        Ok will have a look at the new one. B-bye

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