Swabhiman-Meghnal & Nairan FF – Chapter 67

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Part 67:

Kunal had to stay in the hospital for a week, each day Meghna would come and keep him company, sometimes she’d come by herself and sometimes she’d take someone with her. Karan and Naina would also be there after work.
One day Kunal was lying in bed and Meghna was leaning against the chair where she’d fallen asleep, holding Kunals hand.
Naina walked in and saw Meghna.
Karan walked in behind her.
Karan: Naina…
Naina put a finger to Karans lips and then pointed at Meghna and Kunal who were fast asleep.
They whispered.
Karan: Bhai can finally come home today.
Naina: We’re all very excited.
Karan: We are, Bhabi is most excited.
Naina: Now she won’t need to keep coming here and going back home.
Karan: I know, she must be tired of doing that all these days.
Naina: Let’s let them sleep for a while longer and then go.
They turned to leave the room but Meghna started waking up, she opened her eyes and saw the couple.
Meghna: Chiku? Karan?
Naina and Karan turned back.
Karan: Bhabi?
Naina: Sorry for waking you.
Meghna: Don’t be silly, you guys take a seat.
Karan: No Bhabi, you get some rest.
Naina: Haan, we were just…
Meghna: Guys, it’s okay, I’ve had my nap so now join me.
Karan and Naina took a seat on the sofa that was next to Meghna.
Karan: Has Bhai been sleeping for long?
Meghna: Not really, he should be up soon.
Naina: We’ve signed the discharge papers so as soon as he’s awake, you can get him ready and we’ll be able to go.
Meghna smiled: That sounds great.
A nurse came in and placed a wheelchair next to Kunals bed and she left.
Meghna was looking at the chair.
Naina and Karan were confused.
Naina held Meghnas hand: Di? Everything okay?
Meghna: I was just thinking about Kunal being in that chair, I don’t think he’ll like it.
Karan: He won’t, but he has no choice. But don’t worry Bhabi, he won’t be in it for long.
Meghna: I hope so.

In the evening Karan drove himself, Naina, Kunal and Meghna home. Everyone was sitting in the living area and just catching up. The week that went by just like any other week. Kunal and a Meghna moved downstairs because the stairs would be an obstacle for Kunal. Meghna started working from home along with Kunal. It was a Saturday morning, Kunal was wheeling around on his wheelchair when he grabbed the newspaper, he flicked through it and saw his image. It was titled “ Hero turned helpless” the photo used in the article was him in he wheelchair as he was getting out of the hospital. He continued to read the article which made him somewhat angry.
Meghna was walking when she saw Kunal.
Meghna: Kunal?
Kunal: Yes?
Meghna: Is everything okay? Do you want me to take you anywhere?
Kunal: No, I’m fine.
Meghna came behind and held the wheelchair, she was about take him to the living area but was stopped by Kunals shout.
Kunal: Meghna stop!
Meghna let go of the wheelchair.
Meghna: Kunal, I was only…
Kunal: I’m capable of doing it myself. Why don’t you understand?
Meghna: I just wanted to make it easier.
Kunal: Well you’re not.
Meghna had a tear in her eye, she didn’t know what happened.
Meghna: Okay.
Meghna was walking off and went to her room.
Kunal knew he crossed a line by shouting at her.
Kunal: Meghna…I’m sorry.
Naina and Karan saw what had happened from a distance.
Naina: Should I talk to Jeeju?
Karan: I’ll talk to Bhabi.

Naina went to Kunal.
Naina: Hi Jeeju, I saw what happened and I’m not here to tell you off.
Kunal: Naina, I don’t know what’s happening.
Naina: You can tell me Jeeju.
Kunal passed the newspaper to Naina, she read it.
Naina: Who published this? They have no right.
Kunal: It’s true though Naina, I am helpless.
Naina held Kunals hand: No you’re not. Jeeju, you need to understand that this isn’t forever, you’ll get better and we’re all here to help the process be faster.
Kunal held Nainas hand: Thank you Naina.
Naina: You’re welcome.
Kunal: Can you take me to my room?
Naina smiled: I’ll be happy to do so.

Meghna was in the room sat on the bed, she was crying to herself.
There was a knock on the door.
Karan: Can I come in Bhabi?
Meghna wiped her tears.
Meghna: Come in.
Karan walked into the room and sat next to Meghna.
Karan: Me and Naina saw what happened.
Meghna: You did?
Karan: Yeah, we know it’s a rough time for you both but Bhai is being emotional.
Meghna: He has every right to be, it’s not easy for him.
Karan: It isn’t, I know it’s even harder for you. You need to keep a strong face for him, the babies and all of us and that’s not easy.
Meghan smiled: Karan, you know a lot.
Karan: Your Devar isn’t just good looks, with good looks comes good brains.
Kunal: You don’t have good brains nor good looks.
Meghna and Karan looked at the door and saw Kunal and Naina.
Karan: Good joke Bhai(!)
He said with sarcasm.
Naina: Jeeju isn’t joking.
Karan: Really? So what made you fall for me?
Naina blushed.
Karan: Going red now won’t help Naina.
Kunal and Meghna smiled.
Karan walked to Naina.
Karan: Let’s talk outside.
Naina: We’ll leave you two to it.
Naina and Karan left. Meghna got up from where she was sitting and was making her way to the door to leave but was stopped. Kunal held onto her saree as she was walking away. Meghna looked back and Kunal looked up at her.
Kunal: I’m sorry.
Meghna didn’t know what to say. She just dropped down and hugged him.
Kunal held her close.
Kunal: I was just…
Meghna: No, you don’t need to explain yourself.
Meghna was siting in front of Kunal.
Kunal told her about the newspaper.
Meghna was shocked: I didn’t see that, who and why would someone publish that?
Kunal: I don’t know. What I do know is that I’ve got you and everyone else by my side to get me better.
Meghna: That’s right, you do.
Kunal: Meghna, I love you.
Meghna: I love you too.

Karan and Naina watched Kunal and Meghna come back to the living room.
Karan: All good?
Kunal: Very good.
Naina: Good!
Meghna smiled.
Arjun came down with Kaira in his arms.
Arjun: Bhabi, this angel needs a bath.
Meghna: Why?
Kunal: She spilled her juice all over her didn’t she?
Arjun: You know it.
Karan: She loves making a mess for you Arjun.
Arjun: I’ve noticed.
Meghna: Okay, come to Mumma.
Meghna held Kaira but Naina took her instead.
Meghna: Chiku?
Naina: I’ll give her a bath, you and Karan need to take Jeeju to physiotherapy.
Karan: Yeah, we do.
Kunal: Let’s get going then.
Meghna: Thanks Chiku.
Naina: Don’t thank me Di, it’s what Mausi’s are for.
Karan: Taaiji!
Naina: First Mausi then Taaiji!
They all laughed, Kunal, Meghna and Karan left to go to the hospital for Kunals Physiotherapy. Naina gave Kaira a bath and then did some household chores.
The trio came home just before lunch.
Naina and Meghna were in the kitchen clearing the things away after everyone had eaten.
Naina: Di?
Meghna: Yes.
Naina: Did Jeeju tell you about the newspaper article?
Meghna: Yeah, he did. I was wondering who and…
Naina: Why someone would do that?
Meghna: Exactly.
Naina: Me too, it hasn’t left my mind.
Meghna: We can contact the newspaper and ask for the publisher.
Naina: Yeah, we can get answers from them.
Meghna: Come, let’s tidy up and then get to it.
Naina and Meghna finished up and then went to Karan&Nainas room.
There was a knock on the door, Naina opened it and saw Arjun.
Naina: Is everything okay Arjun?

Arjun: It’s Arohi again.
Naina: Come in.
Arjun walked in and saw Meghna sitting.
Meghna: What’s wrong?
Arjun sat down next to Meghna.
Arjun: Arohi sent me a letter.
Naina: Letter?
Arjun: Her phone was taken away from her.
Meghna: What did she say in it?
Arjun took the letter out and read it.
Arjun: Arjun, these few weeks have been very hard for me and I just wanted to tell you that Dad isn’t acting normal. You know he’s the reason I have to stay away from you, I thought it’s because he didn’t want me to be in a relationship but he’s been talking to someone on the phone. At first I didn’t think much of it but he mentioned Kunal Bhai and Karan Bhai. I don’t know when you’ll get this letter, but hopefully everything is okay and no one is hurt. I really miss you and I hope we get to see each other soon. Love Arohi.
Naina: Poor girl.

Meghna: It’s okay Arjun, we’ll sort things out.
Naina: When did you get the letter?
Arjun: Yesterday, she wrote it a a few days ago.
Meghna: We need to meet with Arohi and ask her what Mr Rathore was talking about.
Naina: How?
Arjun: I could send a note through my friends to her.
Meghna smiled: Is that how you two have been communicating all these weeks?
Arjun shied: Yeah.
Naina smiled: Okay then, we’ll tell her to meet me and Di.
Arjun: I want to see her too!
Meghna and Naina laughed: Fine the 3 of us will meet her.
Arjun smiled: Thank you my gorgeous Bhabis!
Meghna: Pagal!
Arjun: I’ll see you guys later.
Arjun left the room.


PRECAP: Mystery of Mr Rathore!

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