Swabhiman- do behno ki pyaar (chapter 3)

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Karan ran up to Naina who was crying. Meghna stood there still as a statute and didn’t say anything.

Meghna POV:

I myself was shocked about the action I just took. I just slapped my cheeku who always said she’s her “di ki pooch”. But then on the other hand she tried to kill me and Kunal. I still can’t believe that she tried to do that. God please show me the way, I am confused with who to believe. After seeing the CCTV cameras, I can’t believe in what Naina says.

Back to the scene:

Naina touched her cheek and looked at Meghna.
Karan: Naina tum tik ho na ( Naina are you alright?)
Naina didn’t reply.
Karan: Naina! Aur aap bhabi apne Naina ko tapar kyo mara ( and bhabi why did you slap Naina?)
NK: me tumko bata it ho( I will tell you.)

Naina went up to Karan after NK finished explaining.
Naina: Karan me…
Karan: bas Naina
Karan put his hand up. Naina couldn’t believe that Karan didn’t believe her as well.
Karan: you don’t have to give any explanation. I know that you haven’t done anything wrong. Before I didn’t believe you and I regret that now but don’t worry this time your husband, Karan is with you.
Naina smiled and Karan held her hands.
Karan: aur ha jis ghar me tumhare abmaan hoti hai aur tumko izaat nai milti aus ghar me tum nai rohangi ( and yes in the house that your are insulted and your are not respected, you won’t stay in that house)
NK: haa Karan tum ne sahi kaha Naina tum is ghar ko chorgar chali jow ( yes Karan you are right Naina you can leave this house). He said in anger

Naina was shocked, and Meghna was still stood like a statue but she knew what was going on.
Naina: papa me is ghar chorgar ke… ( father in law how can I lea…).
Karan: ha dad you are right but me Naina ki saath jowgi ( yes dad you are right but I am going to go with Naina)
Naina: Karan tum ye kya keriho (Karan what are you saying)
Karan: Naina chalo
As he was about to take Naina upstairs NK spoke.
NK: me ek beta aur bahu kilye mere doosri beta aur bahu nai koosakti. Tum dono is ghar se chali jow (for one of my son and daughter-in-law I can’t lose my other son and daughter-in-law. Both of you go from this house)
Dadaji: Nandkishore tum ye kya keriho ( Nandkishore what are you saying?) what you have accused Naina of doing she can never do that.

Naina and Karan went upstairs and packed their things. Naina sat on the bed and started crying. Karan wiped her tears.
Karan: Naina, don’t worry I am with you
Naina: Karan I don’t care that I am leaving this house because I have you. But I am sad because my own Meghu di didn’t even believe me. She thought I tried to kill her. Karan you know in childhood I used to call myself “meghu di ki pooch” but today…
Karan: Naina from now we are going to start afresh, forget about all this. Now come

Karan and Naina came down the stairs. As they were taking dadaji and Nirmala’s blessing, Meghna ran upstairs to her room. Kunal looked at them and then he followed her. Naina felt sad seeing this. Both, Naina and Karan held each other hands and left the house. Upstairs Meghna was watching this and she started crying even more. Downstairs they turned around and touched the floor and then walked out.

Fb ended

Naina got upset thinking about this. She then looked at her mum and remembered what happened that day.

Fb( Naina and Karan were going to their new house)
Naina was looking out the window, while crying. She saw her phone was ringing and it was Sharda. She wiped her tears and picked it up.
Naina: mumma aap kese ho (mum how are you?)
Sharda: Cheeku tu ne gudiya aur Kunal ki kane me zeher dala ( Naina you added poison to Meghna and Kunal’s food)
Naina: mumma mene ye nai kiya ( mum I didn’t do that)
Sharda hang the phone. Naina was even more upset knowing that her mum didn’t believe her as well. Karan was trying to console her..


Naina POV:

Karan I am really grateful to have a husband like you. You left your own family because of me. I will try my best to forget everything but I know I won’t be able to.
I know one thing. I will never be able to forgive di or mumma. I am not going to blame di for making me go far away from my family but I am upset that she doesn’t believe in me. I never thought that our trust will break so easily but now I will start afresh.


Sharda POV:
I think I was too harsh on Naina. She can never think about hurting her sister and I just accused her of trying to kill her sister. God please help my daughter handle this. For the first time I got angry at her. Let me try to call her back.

Sharda called Naina but she put the phone on silent so she didn’t realise.

Fb endes


Naina wiped her tears. Karan came up to her and put his hand on her shoulder.
Karan: Naina we can’t keep them standing there
Naina kept her hand on Karan’s then left from there. She went back into the house(they were outside celebrating holi)
Karan: Naina

Precap- Sharda put both her hands out. Meghna gave her a high five. Sharda indicated Naina to come. Naina walked towards her.

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