swabhimaan ff long lasting love season 2 (chapter 3)

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Chapter 03
Bangalore is a beautiful city. people come to this city with many hopes and dreams. through the window she can see the whole city but she still didn’t step out of the room and now it’s almost four days.
phone rang ” hello”
” CHEEKU.. how is the trip? you didn’t even give us a single call”
meghana was in a complaining mode. because she really missed her cut lil sister.
” awesome… di it really beautiful here”
meghana felt the deference her cheerful sisters Voice has changed.
” naina… are you alright? even karan called us when he was too busy and ask about my health but you…”
” di sorry i just….” ,
” naina tell me the truth you know you can’t hide anything from me ”
” no di it’s just karan is too busy and i can’t go out”
” what do you mean he is busy all he have to do the concert .. moreover he took you because he wanted spend more time with you”
naina took a deep breath
” di actually it’s my fault. i ask him to agree to do music for Aruns new film and now they are working with it”
” ohoo naina it’s your vacation you just ask him to do it later”
” why should i … now he have more important things than me.”
” Naina it’s not you talking to me. tell me the truth aruns film isn’t the reason”
naina started to crying. she sat on the floor and rest her head on the wall. meghana couldn’t take it anymore but she hold her tear for the sake of naina and her unborn baby. she took a deep breath.
” cheeku… cheeku … I wan’t say to stop crying but your di need to know why you crying? ha… plz..”
” di…….i don’t know….. someone sending me… pictures… of ..karan.. all this time… ”
naina started to talk what happened..
both karan and naina enjoyed their journey to Bangalore. they visit the city and had so much fun. once again distance between nairan been cut off.
they entered to a famous restaurant for dinner and met arun there. they had a chat with him and found how arun stuck with his film. because the person who did his music was suddenly passed away due to a car accident and now he ask karan for help if not they can’t start new film with karan as they agreed to do before.
so naina convenience him to help him.
naina got a text message. first she thought it was karan ” ceazy you can’t live without me” she had smile on her face but it vanished when she saw the message it’s karan with that anoying girl Nikitha. it’s a picture karan helping her to get up.
it’s been two days that she getting many more photos of them. naina felt karan isn’t looking after her and try to avoid her. things also happen to bult her suspension much stronger.
karan always busy and night he is just busy with his phone. today naina checked his call logs while karan was having a bath. Nikith.. Nkitha… Nkitha… it’s filled with her name.
naina stopped crying and it means she is now in a bad temper.
” Cheeku have you checked who is the person send all this”‘
” ha i tried to call back but no one answered then I blocked it but now i am getting masaages from many numbers. so i just turned offf it … di i can’t take this any more”
” cheeku send me the numbers i wilk check them.”
naina send them right away. ” di i just need some time i will call you later.”
call ended. just after that naina got a text message . few seconds later she left the room.

at chouhan house

” i need every detail everything. just check all of these numbers and send them to me”
” OK madam”
call a ended.
” looks like my tooper is extremely busy even she is off duty”‘ kunal entered ti tge room.
” kunal it’s really good you came?” meghana tried to get up but kunal made her sit down again.
” why what happen? is everything alright?” kunal just thought he need get ready .
” no kunal it’s not about the baby” kunal looks disappointed.
” o… then what? ” , ” it’s about karan and naina. ”
” what about them i think they just enjoying their second honeymoon in Bangalore”
” i also wished for that but it’s turned out to be really bad one”
kunal got confused. he looked into meghanas eyes. ” what do you mean?”
meghana told everything what happened between karan and naina and also nikitha and about the anonymous messages too…
” it’s looks like someone want them to be separated”
” i also thought so” , ” there is no doubt meghana it’s that actress niki… something…”
” Nikitha..” , ” ya her”
then meghana got a text message they are the details of anonymous numbers.
” bingo”
” what? ” , ” you are right kunal it is nikitha one number is registered under her name.”
” hahaha i told you now what should we do?”
” we need to tell this to karan i am pretty sure he have no idea what’s going on”
” i know my poor karan will never understand the jealousy of this woman have…”
” oh really… then you mister know about women”
“no” , ” then? ” , ” i know about this angel ”
” stop jocking and call him”

in recording room karan is busy with music notes. then he got a call
” hello bhai… ”
” yow bro wtz up? ” meghana hit kunal because she want him to move straight to the point.
” your bahabi hitting me” and he put speakers on.
” hi bhabi” , ” hi karan… i want to talk to you. is anyone there with you”
” no bhabi i am alone here. what do you need to tell me?”
” you are in danger my brother run away…..”
” this is not a jock kunal ”
while karan was talking with them someone hugged him from his back. first he thought it’s naina. then he felt really uncomfortable so he just break the hug and turned. he was shocked.
” bhai bhabi i will talk to you later.
nikith was hugging him behaind the glass naina was looking at them with tears. she ran out of the room. karan pushed nikitha away and ran after naina.
” naina stop naina….. ”
naina got in to the taxi and went straight to the hotel where they stay.
she was about to close the door but karan manage to break in to the room
” just go away karan…. i just don’t want to see your face”
” naina listen to me… you know me… plz … why are you acting like this”
naina pushed him away… ” Then why are you look so panic karan if i know about you you don’t need to explain anything”
naina brock in to tears.karan tried to hold her but she pushed him away and break a glass wcich was on the table.
” LEAVE……..”
she pused karan out of the room and closed the door. sat there and started crying. karan also sat out side of the room.
” naina i know you are angry but trust me i have no idea why all this happen only gor us”
naina still crying. karan silently listen her breath of naina.
naina opened her eyes it’s morning but she still sat near the door then she tried to get up and felt something under her hand .
she looked at it and took it . it was an invitation card especially made for her. it’s for karans concert .
something written other side of it.
” this is only for you. i will wait for you only”

to be continued.

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