Swabhimaan 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Nand Kishore humiliates Kunal, Karan decides to leave home

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The Episode starts Meghna asking Naina to tell that Sawri is lying. Naina says Sawri is saying truth. Meghna slaps Naina and says you have betrayed me big. She says I was after them to save our family from them. You would have told me once, we would have prepared ourselves for this truth and give strength to Nirmala to say truth. Naina hugs her and apologizes. Meghna says now I can’t talk to you and goes. Kunal is leaving from the house, recalls Nand Kishore’s condition, Nand Kishore’s love for him etc. He hugs Nirmala and reminisces saying that she will be his mum always. He touches her feet. Nirmala cries. Sandhya also cries and tries to talk to him, but Kunal stops her. He along with Meghna touches her feet. Sandhya cries. Dada ji apologizes to Kunal and says I couldn’t do justice with you or convince Nand Kishore. Sharda also blesses him.

Kunal runs to Karan and hugs him. Karan pushes him and calls Nand Kishore asking him to stop Kunal. Nand Kishore comes and asks Karan to check his luggage and see if he is taking their stuff. Karan says he can’t check his brother’s luggage. Dada ji tells that he is his grand son and he will not bear his insult. Nand Kishore asks Kunal to open the bag. Nirmala hides and cries. He asks Servant to open the bag. Meghna stops Servant and asks Kunal to leave the bag. She opens the suitcase. Everyone see just Nirmala’s pic in it. Nand Kishore takes the photo frame and says it is costly. He breaks it. Meghna asks him to keep the suitcase also and says we don’t want anything from this house. She says you don’t respect relations before also, and says you used to love Kunal since 25 years, on knowing the truth her husband is humiliated to the core and says you don’t deserved to be called as a father, and I will never forget this insult. She asks Kunal to come. Kunal picks the pic and touches Nand Kishore’s feet.

Karan says you want to go, don’t stop. I will not stop you after so much happening here, that’s why I will also go with you. He says you are not only my elder brother, but also my Ram and I am your lakshman. He says when Ram went to vanvas, Lakshman also went with him. Nand Kishore asks where you are going and says you are the only heir of this house. Karan says sorry and says I am younger son of Chauhan, when my brother has no place here then I will not stay here. Meghna asks him to fulfill his duty for Naina and says how you will leave her. She says Naina have given many test for you and gone through a lot for you. She says sometimes circumstances forces us to become mature, and asks him to become elder son and take care of everyone at home. She asks him to promise that he will fulfill all responsibilities. Karan painfully promises to walk on Kunal’s footsteps. Kunal says I am sure that you will do your all responsibilities well and asks him to take care of Nirmala and get her medicines on time. He asks him not to let Dad get work stress and says he forgets to have food. They leave. Meghna recalls Sharda’s words.

Nand Kishore asks Servants to vacate Kunal and Meghna’s room. Karan stops Naina from holding the photo frame. Naina asks him to understand why did she hide the truth. Karan seems to be upset with her and tells her that she can’t take meghna’s place and he can’t take Kunal’s place.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Jiya09

    The precap broke my heart!! ?? First Kunal and Meghna left the house and now Karan in angry on Naina. The whole family is broke because of sandhya and Nand Kishore’s Ego problem. After so many problems Nairan got married and in one day the writers are showing their fight. Meghna being angry on Naina is logically. She is going from a lot of pain. And the same with Karan also. But at least Karan being Naina’s husband and best friend should understand Naina’s pain. She was in dilemma from a long time. Like Karan did mistake , Naina was with him but when Naina did a mistake , Karan is not with her. Really fed up of this track. Kunal and Meghna was humiliated so badly!! Kunal only took Nirmala’s photo. Very good Kunal! Loved it when Meghna being angry on Naina still supported her and asked Karan to do his duty of husband. Meghna and Naina completes each other and now like away from each other. Please unite Meghnal with the family and show some good scenes between the leads.

  2. Nairan ❤️

    Great now they going to show Karan get upset with Naina for what reason !!!she hide the truth of kunal !!!why they blame Naina for this !!! And NK look like he was waiting for this moment what kind of fathers do this , he is behaving like kunal never been his son !!! Why they just let nothing happen and live normally that what will happen in real life but in serial they always make drama .

  3. Isnt it sandhya’s fault… she should be the one leaving .. not kunal! Nonsense track.
    Friction between nk n kunal is obvious but meghnal leaving the family is bit too much… while the real culprit is still sheltered.

  4. Good but bad

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