Swabhimaan 25th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Swabhimaan 25th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vishal taking all blame on himself and tells that his friends brought wine in the marriage, as they didn’t know about their values. He asks Sharda not to feel bad. Sharda says she is happy as he is taking care of all the responsibilities. She says these ups and downs happen in every marriage. Meghna asks Sharda to smile and asks Vishal not to feel guilty. Sharda smiles and asks Naina to take Meghna Meghna goes to the marriage altar. Kunal holds her hand. Sharda thanks Vishal for lying to Meghna and says I know that you and your friends don’t drink. Vishal says you trusts me naa, what is more important to us is Meghna’s marriage. Naina thinks only Karan is not drinking wine and thinks he has a clean heart. She tells him hi…and says she saw his dance and it was good. Karan asks who told you that you have studied in IIT /IIM. Naina is about to say…Karan stops her and calls her mindless. He says he is not interested to talk to her and asks her to stay far from him. Vaibhav tells Naina that he called her stupid and mad and says I will not leave him. Naina says he is our guest and asks him to come and see varmala rasam.

Pandit ji asks Meghna and Kunal to exchange garland. Khyati asks Kunal not to bend. Kunal says he will bend today so that his love doesn’t need to bend. Kalpana says he is very smart. Vishal lifts Meghna so that Kunal couldn’t put garland on her neck easily. Khyati asks Karan to lift Kunal. Kunal says it is okay and asks someone to lift him. They exchange garland. Vaibhav says surprise. Flowers are showered on them. Karan thinks where is my medicine and rubs his hands. Vaibhav throws flowers on his face. He closes his eyes and his medicine bottle falls down. Naina scolds Vaibhav. Vaibhav says he is acting as if he got hit by a stone.

Sharda tells Vishnu that she wants to talk to him. Vishnu tries to explain her about wine incident. Sharda says I know that you was helpless to take that decision and asks him to forget that. She says I want to ask something from you. Asha thinks she came to ask again. Vishnu asks if she wants anything. Sharda says no, and tells that she wants them to do Meghna’s kanyadaan. Asha gets emotional and thinks she thought her wrong. She thanks Sharda for giving them respect and honor of doing kanyadaan. Vishnu gets happy too and tells Gopal that Sharda asked them to do Kanyadaan. Gopal says it is a biggest dan and whoever does Kanyadaan get Moksh. Vishnu says we are indebted to you for life. Karan washes his eye with water.

Naina comes and says she will help him. Karan asks her to move. Naina says I will not touch you, and asks him not to move and stand straight. She blows on his eyes while cleaning the dust from his eyes. Karan looks at her and is touched by her gesture. Naina asks him to take help from someone when needed. Sharda asks Vishnu to come and do kanyadaan. Vishnu says Asha went inside to get turban. They see Taya ji and Tayi ji coming. Vishnu thinks why did they come here? Nand Kishore greets Taya ji/Solanki and says I thought you will welcome us at the door step. Solanki says he was busy and could come now. Nand Kishore greets his wife and asks them to come. Sharda is shocked.

Nand Kishore introduces Sandhya to Solanki. Solanki talks nicely with him. Vishnu tells Sharda that he is speaking sweetly with them. Sharda says leave it. Vishnu says I won’t leave him. Solanki thinks to insult him.

Dada ji calls Nirmala and tells that strike is over and he is trying to attend marriage and will take a flight. He asks about marriage preparations. Nirmala says it was good and tells that she came home to do grah pravesh’s arrangements. Dada ji asks why did you come home and worries that Nand Kishore will do something in the marriage. He hopes that marriage happens smoothly.

Solanki stops Vishnu and Asha from doing kanyadaan. Nand Kishore asks Solanki to do Kanyadaan and says he is having more right on Meghna. Sandhya favors him and asks Solanki and his wife to come and do kanyadaan. Meghna stops them. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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