Swabhimaan 25th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Kunal decides not to leave Meghna

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Karan comes to the room where Naina was already waiting. She walks towards Karan and places the rose bud on the bed. Karan says they are started a new life, Naina says they will wait and goes towards the mirror to take off her bangles. Karan kisses her reflection in the mirror.
Meghna was crying as Kunal played with toys. He holds a knitted sweater and recalls he never liked these sweaters, his mom said there was an invisible super hero to save him from cold. He asks Meghna if it would save him even today? He was upset that everyone says he isn’t her son, a part of this family. He holds a car recalling his dad brought this right as he demanded it, but today he says he isn’t his son. He cries that everyone is lying. Meghna comes close to Kunal and says its not easy but she thought a lot about it. She holds his hand saying no one can part this family from his, on one hand is his family, his identity and on the other hand is their love. She frees him from her love today. Tomorrow morning when he wakes up, he must tell Papa that he accepts his condition and become a son of Chauhan house again. She hugs Kunal thinking she might not be able to live without him, but right now he must be handled first.
The next morning, Karan asks Nand Kishore to think again about his condition. Nand Kishore asks what did he do wrong, he points towards the ladies blaming they betrayed him. He still let that guy stay here and calls Kunal downstairs. Naina asks Savri if she would be able to live happily by taking curses of the family. Savri asks why Naina is so upset, she spared her husband already. Karan was about to reply when Nand Kishore shuts everyone up.
Kunal walks downstairs and touches Nand Kishore’s feet. He places his hand over his head and asks about his decision. Kunal says he can sacrifice his life for him, he will do what he asks him to. He turns to look towards Meghna and holds her hand, then says he can’t leave Meghna. Sanvri was worried. Kunal doesn’t let Meghna interfere, Kunal asks if she loves him so dearly that she is ready to sacrifice their relation. He got the brought up here, he can’t break one relation to gain another. He won’t let her get away from himself. He apologizes Nand Kishore for not being able to accept his condition. Nand Kishore holds his face and says today Kunal proved he wasn’t his blood, else he must not have insulted his father. He was upset. Kunal says he got these happiness, these brought up from this family. He has learnt to face each situation by him only, from Maa and Dadu he learnt to live with one’s relations and respect each other. He is doing just that. Nand Kishore turns to slap Kunal hard on face. Tears fell off Kunal’s face. He tells him to leave this house right away. He shouldn’t be seen in the house anymore. Dada ji stops Nand Kishore and says no matter what, Kunal is the elder son of the house. He must not jerk these relations, else they will shatter. Nand Kishore says he doesn’t want to listen anything, he got the lessons on how relations are made or broken. Karan tries to stop him, but Nand Kishore scolds him. He questions why Kunal still stands here. Savri questions what he is doing, what about her promise then? Nand Kishore reminds he only promised not to send her to jail, isn’t she standing here. He tells Karan to make Kunal leave the house, he himself leaves. Dada ji follows Nand Kishore. Karan and Naina follows Kunal upstairs.
Savri was worried and asks what about her promises then. Naina questions what she did, she will never be able to make her own home by breaking someone else’s. She tells Savri she has no place in the house anymore. She must leave the house. Savri goes to get a vase to hit Naina but Shardha comes in between. Meghna slaps Savri hard shouting she is creating a problem from the day she came to this house, but now she will go straight to jail.

PRECAP: Meghna complains to Naina if she knew the truth she must have told her. She asks Naina to say this is a lie. Naina says Savri is telling the truth. Meghna slaps Naina. Kunal and Meghna leave home.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Wow very nice kunal but sad he left with meghna new story begins good

  2. Now only the serial is getting interesting.Nand kishore act fantastic.

    1. M8 dafuq is wrong wiv these ppl… And u Raman fuk off u nand kishore supporter… Get dafuq out of here.. U should be ashamed for supporting the bad… Get a lyf

  3. Kunal proved that he is a good husband and a good son. U r great kunal

  4. It was good

  5. May be we will see k3g track….

  6. Kunal should have accepted to marry savri for his father and say he will leave the house as he is not the son ..then we should have seen savri denying that and even nk will be taken aback

  7. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do not braek meghnal for gods sake plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz we beg u

  8. Jiya09

    The show is turning so emotional.. Proud of kunal , he knows the value of family. Nk isn’t wrong but his way to show anger is wrong. Yes , he should be angry on nirmala and sandhya but giving condition was not good. His only problem is ego.He was also not able to throw Kunal out so asked Karan and left from there. Sahil’s acting is so good that it is making me cry seeing Kunal’s condition. Sawri again started her evilness by creating problems between sisters. Just hope Nk accept his son Kunal soon ! A small scene of Nairan but was very cute. Loved it.

  9. Kunal’s acting is just wow. He really went through those emotions. It totally gives us the family feeling. Almost cried..
    Was hoping for nairan scenes.

  10. The whole story line is picked from stinking garbage!

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