Swabhimaan 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Meghna enquiring the people about Pushpa’s address. Nand Kishore tells Dada ji that they shall start the puja as Meghna took much time. He asks Pandit ji to start the mantras. Naina and Karan lift God Shiv and Goddess Parvati’s idol. She thinks this post office is moved from this place or the house. She calls Pushpa. Karan and Naina places the idol in the cradle and takes rounds. Kunal checks for his phone for Meghna’s call. Pushpa picks the call. Meghna says she came to meet her from Jaipur. Pushpa thinks Sandhya will dance now. Meghna introduces herself as Sujan Singh’s bahu. Pushpa tells her address and asks her to come. Meghna thinks Sandhya’s secret will open today. Pushpa smirks. Sandhya comes back home. Dada ji tells that Naina and Karan are successful to do puja, and tells that Nirmala and Karan will do sangeet jugalbandi. Sandhya thinks she can’t let Karan win, his victory is her defeat.

Pushpa calls Sandhya and says you didn’t tell me that Meghna is coming here. Sandhya is shocked. Pushpa says she has reached here and in 2 mins, she will be here at my house. Sandhya is shocked and says Pushpa. Pushpa thinks even she don’t play game badly and thinks Sandhya might be tensed now. Sandhya goes to her room and calls Pushpa. She don’t pick the call. Sandhya breaks the things in her room and opens her room and looks at jharoka. Naina asks Nirmala where is Sandhya? She says she is in the room and asks her to go and take her blessings. Pushpa thinks Sandhya is tensed today and thinks it is fun. She thinks if the secret is out today then.

Sandhya talks to pic in the jharoka and says nobody can make me far from you and touches someone’s pic. She gets Pushpa’s call. She asks what do you want and tells ours relation is of 25 years and asks her to send Meghna back. Pushpa says big family bahu is getting down from the taxi and came to meet me, and you are asking me to send her back. She asks her to see dangerous dream from her side. Meghna reaches the house and checks the address. Sandhya says no, you are my friend, we are a family, I will do whatever I say. Pushpa says she is coming here, and will ring my bell in 1 min. She asks if she will hold on the call. Pushpa says whenever I used to call you, you used to get irritated. She says now it is my turn. Sandhya says I will give whatever you wants? Pushpa says it is too late. Sandhya checks her phone for network and goes out. Naina comes to the room and sees the cupboard open. She thinks if she shall check.

Sandhya tells Pushpa that she will send her money. Pushpa says I will not agree and says she will tell the truth to Meghna. Sandhya is shocked. Naina checks the jharoka and sees Kunal’s pics collage. She is shocked and thinks maasi maa talks to Kunal’s pics in hidingly, why. I thought she loves Karan more, and recalls Meghna’s words that Sandhya have kept Kunal’s s DOB as her mobile Password. Pushpa opens the door. Meghna comes inside. Pushpa welcomes her. Electricity goes off. Pushpa says I know you are Sujan Singh’s bahu and Kunal Singh’s wife. She says you have many questions and tells that Nirmala is not your saas. Naina is shocked and thinks why Sandhya have kept Kunal’s pics secretly. Pushpa tells Meghna that in reality, she is not Chauhan’s family bahu. She asks if you have courage to listen the truth and tells that Kunal Singh Chauhan doesn’t belong to Chauhan family. Meghna is shocked.

Nirmala sings yeh moh moh ke dhaage….while Karan plays music. Karan also sings song. Sandhya is tensed. Kunal thinks where is Meghna. Pushpa laughs while Meghna is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. OMG the truth has surfaced.

  2. Finally

  3. A girl entry is going on swabiman as nainas swathn that’s another wife of karan she create new twist and turns in nairan life

  4. How does pushpa know it’s MeghnMeghna coming to see her

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