Swabhimaan 17th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Swabhimaan and Dil Se Dil Tak- Mahasangam Episode (9:30- 10 PM)

The Episode starts with Dada ji calling Security and asks them to take Purushottam Dada ji from there. Puro Dada ji scolds Dadi for taking him here. Both Dada ji’s accuse each other. Puro Dada ji tells that he is having enmity with him. Meghna and Shorvori come on his way. Meghna folds her hands and says you can’t go anywhere. Shorvori says you can take your anger, and says one thing is common, you both are nice. She asks why their friendship turned to enmity. Shorvori says if the reason is so big that you don’t want to tell. Dada ji says he don’t want to tell. Dadi asks them to stop it. Nand Kishore now we came to know that our Bau ji is also human and gets angry.

Teni comes to room and thinks Aman haven’t touched the letter till now. Aman comes and asks her to rest. Parth comes and asks what they are doing here. Aman says he asked her to take care. Teni says she is fine and asks him to call Shorvori. Just then he gets Shorvori’s call and she tells him about Dadajis’ fight with each other. Parth asks her to find out the reason and says your gang is reaching there, Aman, Teni and me. Teni tells Parth that she will help him. Parth asks her to make kheer and feed him with his hand else he will not have it. Teni thinks she tried to fed him, but he didn’t care. Parth asks if she will not make kheer. Teni asks them to be there in kitchen with her. Nand Kishore asks Dada ji who is this Puroshottam Bhanushali and asks shall I kick him out. Dada ji scolds him and says Puroshottam is of my age, you shall not talk to elders like this.

Dadi asks Puro Dada ji to sit. Shorvori tells in mic that they have decided to play musical chairs and everyone have to participate. Naina asks Nirmala and Nand Kishore.

Dada ji thinks what is happening. Meghna takes him. Sujan Dada ji and Puro Dada ji are infront of each other. Everyone play and sit on the chairs. Karan holds Naina’s dupatta. Naina feels shy. Both Dada ji sits when music stops. Naina tells Karan that everyone is happy. Karan says everything is good. Shorvori thinks they love each other a lot. Meghna gets a message and tells Naina that the glass pieces was kept by someone, and says we will catch the culprit now. Naina says this is not right to tell the family members, and says everyone will get upset. Meghna says I didn’t tell Kunal, but today you got hurt, but later even dangerous thing can happen. She says Maa shall know the truth about Sandhya and asks her to come.

Aman asks Parth about his perfume. Teni is making kheer in kitchen and thinks her heart and mind are not in his control. She thinks to make masala khichdi and eats chilli. She drinks water. Parth and Aman looks on.

For last round, Both Dada jis’ compete. As Sujan Dada ji is about to it, Puro dada ji makes the chair fall. Sujan Dada ji tells that you haven’t changed and says such thing happened 56 years. Shorvori asks what happened? Sujan Dada ji tells his heart is so black. Puro Dada ji tells that he was not in a mindset to listen. Sujan dada ji tells that he thought that his friend knew his feelings and when he got job, he came to inform him. He says you told that your marriage is fixed. He says at one side was your friendship and other side was Gudiya, whom I loved a lot. Shorvori asks where is gudiya.

Tenu serves kheer to Parth and Aman. She asks Parth to taste it. Parth asks her to feed him with her hand. She recalls a fb scene and asks him to have with his own hands. Parth says I fed you with my hand so you have to feed me with your hand. Aman asks her to feed him kheer. She gets irritated and force feed kheer in his mouth.

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  1. I’m fed-up with this Mahasangam. dsdt is flop show. blo*dy trp hunger they have nothing great to show that’s y theyre playing this dirty tricks to get their trp up? blo*dy cheapers

  2. Enough, no more mahasangam plz this is really annoying, leave swabhiman alone dsdt cuz swabhiman is prospering n ur not

  3. Can anyone tell me why sandhya made karan like this? What is her secret?

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