Swabhimaan 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Sawri traps Karan and get romantic

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Swabhimaan 15th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sawri getting hysterical and tells that she don’t get anything easily, and says her dinner plan is cancelled because of Naina. She says she will wear the chunar which they are going to make Naina wear. Sandhya comes and tells Sawri that she has ordered similar chunar for her. She asks her to wear and do some jalwa to turn the tables on. Nirmala does aarti of Karan and naina. Sandhya tells Sawri that there is no place of madness, and asks her to do all possible things to get Karan. Karan is upset with Naina. Sawri tells Sandhya that all her anger is gone, now she will do something big. She promises her that she will only marry Karan and not Naina. She touches her feet and says she is Chauhan’s new bahu. Meghna is upset with Kunal. Kunal says sorry. Karan comes there. Kunal tells her that she just compliment that girl. Karan asks them to go on a small holiday and spend time together. Kunal and Meghna smiles. Karan asks him to give her a hug to cheer her up. He thinks Naina getting upset with him. He tells Kunal that he did mistake and got Naina upset. Kunal says he don’t hide anything from Meghna.

Karan sees Sawri wearing chunari and thinks she is Naina. He comes to her and says you have always supported me and I scolded you for Sawri. He says sorry. Sawri smiles wearing Chunari. He says you are angry with me, and truth is that I couldn’t understand you. She rings her bangles. Karan asks did you forgive me. Sawri rings her bangles. Karan says Naina….She runs holding his umbrella. Pushpa keeps an eye on them and records the video. He tries to see her face. He removes her chunari and kisses on her shoulder. They fall down. Sawri runs from there. Pushpa smirks and gets successful to take video. He comes to room and apologizes to her. Naina also apologizes to him and says she was praying since 2 hours to make him talk to her. She says she can’t bear if he don’t talk to her. He thinks then who was she?

Meghna tells Karan that now he can see his bride after marriage. Naina thinks he wants to talk to her. She asks Nirmala to tell everything to everyone and says that mother-daughter duo want to present the truth in bad way. She asks her to tell the truth. Sawri gets happy and puts flowers on bed. Sandhya says you did good drama with Karan today. Sawri asks her to stop and says now I don’t need your help. She says Karan came closer to me and can’t go far from me. She wears garland and sings marriage mantra.

Nirmala tells Sandhya that she will tell Kunal’s truth to Nand Kishore. Sandhya is shocked. Later Sawri comes to Naina’s room just before the wedding and tells her that she has got Karan last night and throws the pics. Naina is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Lavanya Prabakaran

    Don’t separate nairan couple… If Karan marry sawri then I will stop watching swabhiman…..

    1. No it will not happen. If this will happen the show will end. Don’t worry about it.

    2. Hi..
      No.. Karan won’t marry sawri… Naina co firmed the marriage news that nairan marriage was successful n sawri’s plan was unsuccessful…

  2. Jiya09

    Today’s episode was just too much. Karan why did he closed his eyes??_ Can’t he understand at that time when Sawri was using bangles to reply!!! He was being so stupid. And our Pushpa took the photos , and they will show it to the police. Wow!! What a plan!! And yeah I think sandhya will demotivate Nirmala and then she will not speak the truth to Nk. Sawri was looking too bad the the bridal attire. She has been wearing the same cloth. Haha!! By wearing the same cloths Sawri will not get place in others heart like Naina. U have to earn the respect and love , like Naina has earned it.
    Don’t know what will happen now!?! Karan and Naina wedding interrupted by police , she has full proof yaar , idk how will Naina prove Karan innocent.
    Just want to see NaiRan scenes.. Not Sawri scenes… I keep watching the old episodes only for NaiRan scenes ,just as they showed in Teej mahotsav.
    At last the wedding day came. I m more nervous to watch it , then a bride get nervous on her wedding.?
    Hope this sawri track will end soon. And sandhya should be thrown out of the house with a tight slap from Nirmala. ?? Being greedy!!!
    Love MeghNal and NaiRan!!❤

  3. Aaj ka episode bilkul acha nahi laga. Pls meghnal ke scene bhi thoda jyada dikhao.

  4. Naina and Nirmala conversation was really !!!!

  5. Jeevi

    How cum karan can be such a stupid does he really don’t know the difference between naina and saviri
    I really hate the CVs till now they didn’t show such a scene for nairan but for the shameless saviri they r using the nairan bgm also plz atleast we want a cute nairan scene in between of such a crap
    Anyway I am happy 4 the marriage and eager to watch the saviri’s black face after nairan’s marriage

  6. Ramzy

    NaiRan marriage okay but todays epi is bad!!! I was waiting for NaiRan reconcile and some romance btwn them and u showed Karan doing such stuff wit saawri and what kinda woman is sandhya and pushpa what kinda mkther is she rec her daughter and a tburd man video cvs just toobad u dobt show Nairan love scene karan dint even propose naina but now kissing saawri ????

  7. Jeevi

    Jiya09 saviri s not wearing the same dress as naina but the jewelleries only same
    And ur point of view s crct no one can win others heart by wearing a beautiful dress

  8. I want karan and sawri to get married because we need high voltage drama… in this way nairan’s love will increase and after all they will love and trust each other forever… sawri can’t separate them for long.. and karan will realise his mistake and will always believe in our naina <3

  9. J need karan nd naina marrkage plz do that

  10. Jeevi

    Guys do u read the spoilers NK has sent saviri and pushpa to jail

    1. Yes thatz amazing. Atleast now CVs should concentrate on nairan romance its high time now.

  11. Jeevi

    Ya nisha but in the segment meghna said that for now the marriage of nairan is confirm who knows what will happen tomorrow so I am little worried about the upcoming track

  12. The writer is hopeless to write such stories n makin a useless show
    Nothing productive message to the audience. A typical female story
    Y dont the producers show a happy stories that all age group can see n learn
    Hopeless n pain story

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