Swabhimaan 14th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Swabhimaan and Dil Se Dil Tak Mahasangam (9:30 to 10 pm)

The Episode starts with Naina waking up in the morning and thinks thank you Karan for making me have tablet forcibly and thinks she will do Teej’s fast with devotion. Oh Piya plays…She takes out bandage from her feet. Karan wakes up and admires her as she gets ready. He smiles. She sees him woke up and asks did you take medicine last night. He looks at her. Naina asks I am asking you something. He remembers and asks if she is fine. He asks her to show her feet. She shows her feet. He stares her. Naina asks if there is something on her face and asks why you are looking like this. Karan gets up and says nothing and asks her to show her feet. He turns. Naina says just now I showed my feet. Karan says you are looking very beautiful. Naina feels shy and blushes. She asks him to praise her more if he wants. Karan says he don’t know hero like dialogues and will take time. He asks her to teach him this also like other things. He says he is ready. Naina says few things is not needed to be taught, and asks him to have his medicines. He takes the medicines. Naina thinks she has much time to spend with him in today jagran and says she will dance today.

Meghna tells Sharda that Karan will be fine soon. Sharda gets Vishnu’s call and he informs her that he came to Jaipur for work and someone stolen his wallet, he needs money. Sharda says I will come there and asks him to message the address. Meghna says she will go with Sharda. Sandhya says today is Puja, you have to be here and offers to drop Sharda there. Sharda agrees.

At Bhanushali house, Phupha ji shows the magazine to Dada ji (Purushottam) and says they shall gift something to Aman. He says ok. Teni thinks gift this magazine to me. Dadi ji comes and tells that marriage is in few days time and asks when the cards will be posted. Teni thinks if you stand here then your bidaai will happen and thinks to steal the magazine. She asks Dadi what happen. Dadi asks her not to take tension as she will be married soon. Teni gets the cards and drops it. She takes the magazine and is running away. Dada ji asks her to leave the magazine. Phupha jig tries to get it from her hand. Dadi ji says she is behaving like a kid. Teni asks him to give for some time. Dadi ji asks Phupha ji to post the cards and says she is going to neighbor’s house to invite them for marriage.

At Chauhan’s house, Meghna tells Kunal that her attention is on function now. Kunal says I knew you would be sad until gets fine. Meghna says she wants to invite Shorvori and her family. Kunal agrees.

At Bhanushali’s house, Bua ji asks Shorvori to be careful as her pregnancy belt is loose. She says Teni’s 4th month will start now and she will soon get married. Shorvori says she is feeling guilty to hide truth from Parth. Bua ji says she wants to tell her something and asks can she tell Bharat about surrogacy, and says you know your phupha ji, if he comes to know from outside then he will feel really bad. Shorvori says she understands and asks her to wait till Teni goes to US and says if Phupha ji tells anyone by mistake then it will be a problem.

Meghna calls Shorvori and says she has called her for the plan which can’t failed and invites them for haryali teej function. Shorvori says it is a good idea and says she will confirm her after talking to her family. Teni pretends to be fainting and asks Dada ji to give water. While he goes to get the water, she takes out the letter from the magazine. Dada ji comes and gives her water. She takes a sigh of relief. Shorvori comes there. Teni gets tensed seeing her and keeps letter back in the magazine. Shorvori asks Teni what she is doing here. Teni thanks dada ji for accepting orphan like her. Shorvori tells Dada ji about Meghna inviting them for haryali teej puja. Dada ji asks Teni to give magazine. She gives. He calls everyone and tells that they will go to Shorvori’s friend place for the Teej celebration. Phupha ji asks about her friend. Shorvori says Meghna Chauhan. Dada ji asks about her and the head of the family. Shovori says Sujan Singh Chauhan. Dada ji says he don’t deserved to be called as a human and says nobody from his family will go there.

At Chauhan’s house, Dada ji (Sujan singh) gets angry hearing Puroshottam Chauhan and says he will not come here. Meghna asks do you know him. Dada ji says nobody can know him better than me.

At Bhanushali’s house, Puroshottam Dada ji tells that we will not go there. Shorvori asks why? Dada ji asks her not to forget that she is part of the house and shall obey his decisions.

At Chauhan’s house, Dada ji asks Meghna not to think Puroshottam Bhanushali as a human, and says he has anger and ego in him. He says if I see him here then I will get him arrested on the charges of betrayal etc. Meghna thinks what happened between them and thinks what she will tell Shorvori.

She calls Shorvori. Shorvori tells her that her Dada ji got angry and refused to go. Meghna says even her Dada ji reacted same way and says something big must have happened between them. I have never seen him so much, and says we shall solve their problems. Shorvori says ok and ends the call.

Rest of the Swabhimaan’s Update in Dil Se Dil Tak Update.

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