Swabhimaan 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Nand Kishore asking Meghna to tell who is staying in guest room. Meghna and Naina hold each other hands. Nand Kishore says my son Kunal is staying here in this small guest room leaving his big room. He says your daughters stood by each other, but don’t stand for their inlaws. He says you didn’t give them right teaching. Nirmala brings sweets and says Sharda ji brought it. Nand Kishore takes plate from her hand and says you brought these sweets. He says there are two reasons to eat this, and says our elder bahu kicked her husband out of room and our younger bahu left her husband’s room and staying with her sister. He throws the plate and says you have insulted us badly with Swabhimaan, values, sweet talks. Sharda asks him to tell everything. Nand Kishore asks what you will

do, apologize like every time and says I don’t need that. He tells her that Meghna held Naina’s hand and took her to her room separating her from her husband. She left no choice for Kunal and he shifted to guest room. Karan hears them. N

and Kishore says this is our sanskar, Chauhan’s family values. He says your daughters are silent and asks Sharda to take her daughters back to Bundi with the same Swabhimaan which she talks about. Sharda is shocked. Meghna and Naina holds her.

Nand Kishore says if they don’t want to stay with their husbands then you can take them. Dada ji comes and asks Nand Kishore to stop it. Nirmala recalls calling him home. Nand Kishore says our Bau ji came to give strength to you. Dada ji asks how can you say such a big thing to Sharda. Nand Kishore asks him to know what they have done. He says did they tell you that they don’t stay with their husbands now. Dada ji is also shocked.

Karan calls Sandhya and tells that Nand Kishore called Sharda home and asked them to leave. She asks her to come and stop her. Sandhya thinks to make Karan forget Naina, and tells that Meghna can’t see Naina’s future with him. She says you will be fine soon and you have a bright future with Naina.

Karan recalls Doctor asking Sandhya to be careful when with him. Sandhya tells him that she is sure that Naina will wait for him. Karan says I have understood what to do. Nand Kishore asks if they have good values to take this decision. Sharda says I want to talk to Meghna. Nand Kishore asks what to do when they both don’t want to stay with their husbands. Nirmala tells that Meghna didn’t do any mistake and says she is scared for her sister Naina. Nand Kishore says it seems you are with them in the conspiracy. Dada ji is shaken up. Nand Kishore says I am tired of small city thinking. Dada ji shouts Nand Kishore. Nand Kishore says I have left decision on Sharda. Khyati calls Kunal and asks him to come home soon, and says Sharda came and Nand Kishore is shouting and fighting with them. Kunal says I am coming home.

Sharda asks Meghna if Nand Kishore said right. She says if you are right then I am always with you and asks if this is truth. Meghna says yes, it is truth. Sharda is shocked and slaps her.

Dada ji leaves decision on Sharda about Naina. Sharda asks Naina to decide what she wants. Naina says when her family and life partner is here, then how she can go. Karan comes and asks Naina to go.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Titli

    Masima is so disgusting???????
    Awww.. karan dont want naina to go..????
    And naina also..????

  2. #nairanlover:-)

    Masima I hate you.Naina will leave karan so sad.But karan will soon realise his feelings for naina.I am happy for that and spoilers and the upcoming are so interesting.Hope trp increases​.Love you anridh.

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