Suvreen Guggal 9th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 9th April 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 9th April 2013 Written Update

RECAP: Suvi is asking 3 men for the bus. They come closer to Suvi, she runs away from them. Suvi is sleeping in a car but the car is driving by a girl. Suvi screams and the girl crushes to a tree. Suvi woke up and saw that she is tied on a tree. Suvi said that she will go to Mumbai. The girl came again and introduced herself. I’m Tanu Singh. Suvi says that she is Suvreen Guggal. Tanu told Suvi about her story. A man came to Suvi. She asked who is he. He said that he is the uncle of Tanu. Suvi was shocked.

The man asks where is Tanu? Suvi sees Tanu behind them. Tanu makes sign that she should not tell him that she is here. The man asks again. Suvreen says that she is in washroom. They are going to washroom. He says bring her. She goes in. And then she escape from the window.. they are still waiting. He wanted to go in but a woman comes and says that it’s a washroom for girls. While Suvi walks Tanu comes. They run. They are waiting for any car comes.. Tanu says chill yaar.. we will find a way to go there Duggal! Suvi corrects her: GUGGAL!! And then a car comes. A man is driving the car and he is asking where they going.. Tanu says that they will go to Mumbai. The man looks really strange to Tanu.. He said ok ok.. lets come I wanted to go there too. And then Suvi comes and says that there coming 2 much more people. She asks him to wait only 2 minutes. He says that he won’t wait.. he has to go. Tanu asks her why she is lies. After a while they are waiting for a couple. And then a couple comes.. They sit on the car and are very happy. They are enjoying Mumbai. Suvi imagines all the old time. They are stopping the car at a petrol station. The woman goes to take some money.. And then she hears how a police talks about Tanu. She goes to police officer and says that she is in the car. Anyone gives a paper to Suvi. She wakes up and sees that the woman is talking about Tanu. She wakes Tanu up and they run away from the police. They are in jungle now. Suvreen tells about her story.
In the night.. Tanu asks tell me more about Yuvraj.. And then in the morning. Tanu wakes up and then suvreen comes and has wearied a sari. They go to a man and ask about Mumbai. He says that they are already in Mumbai. They are screaming.. and they are happy.

PRECAP: Suvreen is near RC office. And she asks to security guard for RC Sir. He says, the company has shut down before opening. Suvi gets shocked.. Tanu says that her friend is not here.. She has not anyone to live here. Suvi gets again shocked.

Update Credit to: Nazomel

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