Suvreen Guggal 8th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 8th April 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 8th April 2013 Written Update
The Episode starts with Suvreen. She opens her eyes and sees that she is in a mid of a jungle.. her mouth ties with a cloth and her hands too tied to a tree… And then they are showing some hours back. Suvi is walking on the street at the night. After a while she sees a sign which is written: Thank you for visiting delhi.! Suvi says now I’m really leaving delhi bye delhi. She wants to leave but then she asks herself I’m really going out from delhi?? Why I’m going? How can I go?? I don’t have any money or phone. But I’ve to go.! Mumbai, Suvreen Guggal is coming!! And then she leaves from there. She walks again.. She says that she has to take bus she can not walk to Mumbai. Then she sees 3 men who are sitting on the floor. She asks for bus, but then she sees that they are drinking alcohol. One of the man gets up and comes near suvi. And then the other man gets up too. They say come to Suvi. She runs away from them but they are running behind her. She hides away in a car.
In the morning she is sleeping.. She wakes up anyone is driving the car and she is sitting in the car. She is screaming. It’s a girl who is driving the car. They crush on a tree because Suvi was screaming.. And now we are back where Suvi was tied to a tree. She screames.. A girl comes and asks why she is screaming. She opens her mouth and says I know you.. You are the girl who wants to bring me home right?? How much money did my family give you for finding me? Not you or anyone else nobody can come between my mission. ! And then she goes.. Suvi gets shocked. Suvi says what happened?? Who is that girl? Who will leave a girl alone tied to a tree? Suvreen freed her ownself. She says that she won’t give up. She will go to Mumbai.! And then she goes. She walks through the street but she is very tired and hungry. After a while she sees the girl. The girl has a problem with the police. Suvi goes there .. The police asks for her fathers name. I said na that she is going anywhere without telling her parents about that. Show me the paper of the car. And then Suvi comes and looks to them and walks away but then she turns around and goes to her and says I’ll tell what’s the true. She hits her and says are you mad?? You came here without telling us about that. Police asks do you know her? Suvi says : one minute.. She hits her again.. and says are you crazy?? Mumma is crying.. and then she hits her again Why you came here?? Just because of you I came from far away. She says that this car is hers. Police asks where is the paper of the car?? Suvi anweres it has my father. She says to the girl give me the phone. And then she takes the phone and says : I found the car police is here and they wanted the paper of the car. The police says : leave it! Don’t make your father tensed. You guys can go. Police says that the girl has to say her sister sorry. The girl says: Sorry didi.! The police says you can go. Suvi thanks them and sits in the car. She drives the car The girl says: I’m your sister, I’ve to say sorry”.. Suvi says: Stop it.! I didn’t see a selfish and stupid girl in my life. I didn’t have to save you. I had to leave you there alone. Which girl would leave a girl tied to a tree alone? What do you think?? Only you have problems?? Nobody has a problem?? Your problem is very small. I don’t know what’s your problem. I left home.. I don’t have money or phone. I left everything at home. I walked alone.. I didn’t drink or eat anything. I have to go to Mumbai and become a fashion designer. And now anyone is doing me mad. The girl asks who is it? Suvi says that it’s her. She says that she is done with her and then she goes.
There is a caf.. Suvreen is sitting there and is very angry. The girl comes again. She says that she is Tanu Singh. And asks for her name. Suvi says that she is Suvreen guggal. Tanu comes and sits there too. Tanu orders some food. She says that Suvi is like her suvi says absolutely not!! Tanu says: I left home and you too.. She tells her story. Her story began in prem studio.. she wants to be a model. She told her parents that she wanted to go to Mumbai, but her parents didn’t want that. She will do everything for her dream. She loves to acting. She wanted some money from her uncle. And then when he goes out for talk on the phone .. she heard everything what he said.. He said that she is here. And then Tanu saw the key for the car. She takes it and goes with the car. STORY OVER!
Suvreen laughs coz she has stolen a car. Tanu says we need it for going to Mumbai, don’t worry. Suvi asks: We?? Tanu says we are alone and our mission is to go to Mumbai .. do you want to come with me? Suvi says ok.. she will go with her. Their food and drink comes.. Tanu says: So.. Tanu singh and Suvreen duggal Suvi corrects her GUGGAL! -Cheers- Suvi goes.. for call her parents but nobody takes the phone. And then she comes and they are eating and drinking together. Suvi says lets go.. Tanu says that she will give the money and come later. Suvi goes and wants to sit in the car but anyone came and holds suvi arms.. Suvi asks who are you?? He says that he is Tanu’s uncle, he asks where is Tanu? Behind them Tanu sees everything .. and then she runs away.. Suvi gets shocked.

PRECAP: Police are searching for Tanu. A police is asking what colour is her clothes. A woman comes and says that she can help them. The girl is sitting on the car. The police asks about which girl are you talking about? Suvreen sees that they are searching for Tanu. Tanu is sleeping. Suvi wokes her up and says that they are searching for her. They get shocked.

Update Credit to: nazomel

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