Suvreen Guggal 7th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 7th November 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 7th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts of with Suvi crying… She rings RC she tells him everything that happened in TGI… RC tells her to start a fresh again and come back to Delhi… Suvi goes to her house.. she hugs Papa Guggal she tells him she wants to go back to Kathgodam… she says sorry she hurt both Mama and Papa Guggal badly… Papa Guggal tells her not to talk liek that she can never hurt them.. Mama Guggal says what happened? Papa Guggal gestures her not to say anything.. Suvreen says only Mama and Papa are real everyone else is fake.

Soni comes back but she has no guts to go back to the house… she goes to Maddy house… she says she wants to stay here for the night and Maddy says ok.. he lets her in he is angry and goes out.
The interns are at Suvi place they are all upset saying they should make new plan to get Iris.. Suvreen says no she doesnt want to go back to TGI… she says she is going back to Kathgodam and they should also accompany her.. Rohan agrees with Suvreen. Suvreen says she will introduce everyone to Tultuli.

Suvreen and Papa Guggal are talking Papa Guggal says wherever Suvi is thats where they are he doesnt mind Suvi can stay wherever she wants he will always support her.

Papa Guggal is speaking to someone on phone he says only you can expalin to Suvi not to leave (guys maybe RC will be back now its either RC or Maddy on the phone)

Yuvraj comes to Suvreens house he is very worried…Mama Guggak says Suvreen is ill he cant come inside… Papa Guggal says to Yuvraj to come inside… Yuvrajs thanks Papa Guggal…Alisha and Manani are celebrating.. Manani says she wont give Suvi her NOC she will ring everyone personally no one will give her a job.. Suvi will have to hide her face and go back to where she came from… this will give everyone a lesson no one can cheat Manani.

Mama and Papa Guggal go to get tape and cartons.. Suvreen says to Yuvraj why he came she doesnt want to talk to him.. Yuvraj keeps apologising to Suvreen he says sorry… Suvreen says where were you when I needed you.. she is crying…Yuvreen hug… Yuvraj says he is sorry it was his fault for going away from her he says please forgive me… Suvreen says I’m sorry too… she says she is ging back.. Yuvraj says I know he says I cant stay without you she cant leave him he says nothing will come between them he will fix everything.. Suvi says why didnt you say all this before? why you saying it now? Yuvraj says he is sorry to give him once chance and to stay here he will fix everything… Suvreen says she has to go she says when I come back if your here we will be together she says you will wait for me.

Precap- Yuvraj nods his head.. Yuvraj leaves.. Suvreen says to herself no matter how far we are she will always love Yuvraj

Update Credit to: Anam Ali

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