Suvreen Guggal 7th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 7th May 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 7th May 2013 Written Update

The episode starts of with Alisha laughing at Geeti boyfriend she goes you think you have figured out Samar Raghuvanshi but the truth is no one can figure out Samar Raghuvanshi… his life is a secret…she is praising Samar… she goes he is well known for one thing which is his work.. she also goes no one has guts to ask him information about himself… he changes his location all the time once he is in Mumbai and the next time he is in Paris then Dharamshala… he changes his houses as well as girlfriends… Alisha also adds he is very rich he rents apartments and stays anywhere he likes.. she also says he parties all day and all night (guys I reckon Alisha is going mad about Maddy its great now she will leave Yuvi and Yuvreen in peace)

The new guy duno his name says that life isn’t

all about parties girlfriends and drinking… Preeti is very happy with his speech she smiles at him… Geeti Boyfriend adds such people aren’t attached to anything and they are very dangerous… he goes to Alisha where did you hear about all this before Alisha can anwser Geeti says ofcourse from her Mom Mrs Deewan.. Alisha goes everyone knows about Samar.

Suvi is talking to Yuvi on the phone saying the whole world knows about him he is world famous refering to Samar.. Yuvi says what your sarpara padosi turned out to be world famous photographer.. Suvi goes haan.. then Yuvi goes why is he so rude to you? Suvi goes I dont know maybe I am trouble minded it.. Yuvi goes Topper dont say that maybe he will behave nicely in office and you also behave properly.. then he goes smile..tu apni itni pyaari si bugs bunny wali smile seh kisi seh kuch bhi karwah sakthi hai (so cute luv Yuvi) then Suvi goes AWW!!! Yuvi goes Topper dont do Aww you do aww when you see Puppys and when you see me Suvi laughs… Yuvi goes dont laugh.. you want to end your fight with Samar.. Suvi goes it wont happen after what happened last night… she goes maine apneh pare par khode kholari mari hai… Yuvi goes aise kya kar diya Topper… Suvi was about to tell him then she changed her mind she didnt want Yuvi to be in tension… so she goes last night Mumma came we had a good time talked loads and Mumma made paranthas in the morning for me… Suvi also says that today when I go home me and Mumma will go out site seeing… Yuvi goes Auntyji is ther eno wonder you are happy.. she goes yeah I’m happy I can talk to her share things with her… then she goes I should keep myself busy and be happy and I shoudn’t get involved in stupid padosi matters… (so true) then she goes I have to go now I will talk to you after.. Yuvi goes ok we will talk after bye.. Yuvi disconnects the phone he says there is something which topper is hiding from me something happened last night which is giving problem to her (I guess now maddy will be the one causing trouble for Yuvreen, Suvi should of just told Yuvi the full story) then Yuvi goes aise to pehele kabhi nahiye hua.

Now we see Mumma Guggal talking to Papa Guggal she goes it’s first time that Suvi is staying alone, it was nice going to her house, she goes our daughter is standing on her two feet, she is working, and she is staying alone in such a big city… then she talks about Suvi room mate Soni Chaddha she goes while I was waiting for Suvi Soni never let me be bored she kept talking and talking… she is a fm radio she never let me be bored one minute.. she also says Soni and Suvi have become good friends… then she goes in the morning I made Mooli waleh parantha and Soni got emotional… she also says there one good thing about Suvi she adjusts quickly to situations and makes friends quickly… Papa Guggal nods his head and doesnt say anything… Mumma Guggal says she wants to take Suvi and Soni out for dinner she says to Puppa Guggal you can come along as well… Puppa Guggal goes he has to go to his Mumbai office he goes I have come to Mumbai for work related matter if you want you can go. (Puppa Guggal is being so stubborn very bad he wants to go to see Suvi really but wont dumb ego)

Jolly is showing Samar the whole office… Samar is searching for someone in the office… Jolly thinks Samar has doubts abiut working on the project…so Jolly starts praising Samar he goes your working style is different.. then he goes do you liek the office? Samar goes its good.. Samar he wants to start working as soon as possible.. Jolly goes great… then he goes I want a office space and a personal assistant.. Jolly goes we will get your office ready tomorrow Jolly suggest Preeti to be his PA but Samar disagrees.

Jolly show Samar the office space and tell Suvi she will be Samar PA… Samar smirks evilly at Suvi… Suvi isn’t very happy… she goes what is happening she goes Gannuji kya aap vacation par ho seriously batoa jabseh yeh Maddy milah hai first moment seh intnah pareshaan kiya hua hai he was neighbour, then office agayah now woh mera boss hai… then Jolly goes what I say.. she goes Maddy mera boss hai.. Jolly goes what.. she goes I understand Samar is my boss… Jolly goes this is your last chance you wont get a bad boss like him but you will get a good teacher like him… Jolly leaves

Samar goes here we are neighbour welcome to the real world… life is so strange like zig zag types we have to be cautious… Suvi apologises to Samar… he then goes you can call em Samar I wont mind… you’re my assistant what you do in your free time doesnt bother me.. if you have free time that would bother me… Suvi goes shall I get magazines for you he goes know anyone can do that.. he goes go to my car and get my laptop Suvi goes WHAT? Samar goes my bad.. get my wallet also from the dashboard he goes happy… the he goes Hater he throws his keys to Suvi she catches them he goes nice catch

Alisha tells the others Samar is very harsh with his assistants… no one can stay with him more than 2 weeks… one of his assistant attempted suicide because Samar screamed too much at him..

Back to Suvi and Samar he goes to Suvi take my laptop and magazines back to my car.. he goes tomorrow when I reach office my coffee and newpaper should be on my desk and the AC temperature should be 23 degrees .. then he goes Hater are you forgeting something… Suvi looks around… he throws his keys at her she catches it he goes nice catch again.. he laughs at Suvi

Precap- RC asks Preeti where is Suvreen so much work is pending.. she tells him Suvi is putting Samar Sir belongings in his car… Jolly Sir has appointed Suvreen as Samar Sir Assistant… RC isn’t very happy

Update Credit to: Anam Ali

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