Suvreen Guggal 7th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Suvreen Guggal 7th June 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 7th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Alisha and Yuvraj sitting on the car. Yuvraj thinks: Why should I say sorry?? If she didn’t dance with Samar then this never happened.! She should say sorry not me. Alisha is drunk. She says you didn’t call her right? Yuvraj gives her water coz she is too drunk.. Alisha says you are really nice. I want a protective boyfriend like you too.. and then she touches Yuvi on the face. And then she sleeps on his shoulders. (he doesn’t say anything..)

Ira looks at herself on mirror. She is crying and she remembers what Rehan said. She says It was not a mistake.! Why he doesn’t understand ? and then she imagines the dance and kiss. And then she says I won’t let you go now. From tomorrow a new beginning!

In the house. Suvreen tells Soni everything what happened in the party. She says that he doesn’t say sorry. And then Suvi goes. She opens the door and sees Maddy shirtless!! She closes the door.. Soni asks what happened?? She says pagal padosi is there. Suvi says how can I look at his eyes after the party?

In the office. Pritty is sitting and is sad because of the party.. and then she sees Rohan coming. He says: Name. she: Pritty.. and the he says not ur name.. she says Rohan. He says not my name, your boyfriend’s name. What is your boyfriends name? She gets tensed and says Raj. Full name?? she says Raj Malhotra.. and then he goes.

Alisha goes to Ira and gives Coffee. Ira asks you liked the party right?? She says yes, you and RC have enjoyed the party too right? Ira says yes. Alisha says: omg.. yuvraj punched samar , I can’t believe it! Alisha says that what Suvreen has wear in the party was a gift from Samar. And then she goes.

Ira goes to the interns and says that they deserve to paid better.. they can give 15 thousand. Suvi gets tensed.. Alisha looks at her and says to Ira: it’s ok.. we don’t even need the 15 thousand. Geeti and Vikram agree. Suvreen looks at Rohan but he agrees too. Ira says that they have earned the money, she has to give the 15 thousands.. Alisha says to Suvreen: please say something maybe she says ok.. Suvi says if everybody agrees then it’s ok. And then Rehan comes. (dunno what he says.. but everybody was happy then.) and the Ira goes.
In Delhi. They are eating food. They both look sad. Mumma says that it’s ok..
In the office. All the interns sits and have papers on the hand and writing something. A man is sitting there too with a laptop.

In the next scene. Suvreen says to Rohan that Pritty is a nice girl. He says I know. then Ira comes and says that she has good news.. Rehan comes to: I have a good news for you guys too. Ira says that they have to design for wedding in 1 week. Everybody gets happy. Rehan says his good news.. celebrity actor will go for festival and they have to design something in a week. Ira says that they will work in teams.. Rehan decides the teams. 1st team is Vikram, Geeti and Rohan.. and in other team Alisha and Suvreen. Both get shocked. 1st team will do the wedding designs and team 2 will design for the actor. Everybody gets happy. And then Rehan and Ira go. Alisha goes to Suvreen and says: I know you don’t want to work with me why you don’t say that to Rehan he will create a new team. Suvi says it’s not easy to work with you and this is a challenge.. and I love challenges! Alisha says we will see Suvreen Guggal.. Suvi says Let’s see Alisha Diwan. They look each other..

Episode ends.!

Suvreen is standing outside her house. Maddy comes and asks her why she is standing outside. She says that she forgot her keys and Soni is sleeping.. she will not wake up her. Maddy says that he is going out so she can go to his house.. Suvi says no but he gives his keys.. and then Suvi goes to his house. Yuvraj comes and calls her on the phone and says: Suvreen open the door I’ve to talk to you. He knocks the door but nobody opens.. he has roses on his hand.

Update Credit to: nazomel

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