Suvreen Guggal 5th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Suvreen Guggal 5th September 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 5th September 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with suvreen being shown as usual debating with herself..she questions herself how wd she manage to b at two place at same time..she feels its important to be by yuvis side wen he wd b launched nationaly..4 d 1st she feels as peeper too she needs to excel..she says she must manage both d events..meanwhile preity walks in to remind her to go to meet magic band clients 4 thr styling..suvi says if any1 notices her absence she wd b cot n preity assures her that she wd gv sum reasonable excuses n save suvi if n wen suvi leaves to meet magic band.
suvi reaches d place whr magic band houses themselves..1 grl is shown leaning on a wall n engaged in mobile converstion..suvi walks upto her..d grl then hangs up her cal n introduces herself

as shelly d bands manager..suvi asks shelly to brief her abt d band n its ppl so that she cd style them as per thr personality..suvi says a little light into thr background wd help her understand thr requirement shelly explains that d band ws a family band..her bro hd invested everything in it..initialy they gt later d band members hd differences n d band broke aftr a long gap they al patched up n nw they r gearing up again 4 stage show..they r nt very sound financialy bt they r hoping things wd pick up slowly bt gradualy..hearing these suvi reassures shelly that everything wd b f9 n she wishes to meet d members personaly b4 starting on her shelly teks her to meet d members..every1 except shellys bro luks upto suvreen shellys bro opines that his voice n style of singing or guitar cords wnt change so y sd he bother abt style n cloths..suvi very amicably n politely explains that ppl who cum to hear u inspires to b like its important to set a gud example so shellys bro agrees to dress up..
preity mumbles to herself that if she hd made it a habit in childhood to lie easily then she cd hv easily managed every situations nw n nt made a mess..rohan walks in n asks preity wats worrying her..she says that she hs lied..rohan luks at her asks since wen did she start this as he hs nevr known her as a liar b4..preity replies guggal hd to go sumwhr so she lied on her behalf..rohan lufs n tels her its ok nt that big a deal..he notices preity hs a lot of wrk so he offers to help her..sharing her load..preity luks on gr8fuly at her rohan ji
on preitys insistance suvi borrows few accessories 4m iris n completes her designated iris job late byond office hrs..she tels preity that she is glad that she cd finish her wrk in iris too n no1 noticed her absence..they were just cuming out wen ira bumped into them..ira ws surprised 2 c them both staying bak at iris so late..suvi explains to ira she hd sum wrk so she went out so nw she ws making up 4 d lost time that she sd hv given to iris n preity ws helping her too..ira smiles n says that she is glad to know that suvi n preity thinks so lot abt iris n she asks preity 4 d keys offering to lock d office herself b4 leaving..preity gives d keys n suvi n she sighs in relief n leaves iris.
yuvraj brings up d poster handed ovr to suvi by alisha n pins it on his wall in his own rum..n he waits 4 rathi to return..rathi shows no sign of normalcy..he still luked gloomy n upset with yuvi..yuvi trys to break d ice n trys to strike a conversation..he tels sory bt rathi ignores..rathi on being probed tels yuvi he hs already eaten..yuvi tels rathi to gt ovr thr fight n forget it..he is his bro so y this hangover of fight
rathi still dnt aftr a while he sees yuvis poster..rathi’s jaws drop open ..nw his smile cums bak..yuvi n he hugs each other n patch up..celebrations breaks out..both yuvi n rathi start talking animatedly..yuvi confides in rathi that wen his hoarding wd b installed evry1 wd c him bt he just wants to c d luk of pride contentment at his achievements in suvis eyes..that wd b his real reward..rathi teases yuvi that he is talking like a grl nw ..yuvi also tels rathi that he wish to introduce him to ira so that rathi to cd b groomed by iris n then rathi 4m a chichora wd bcum sum1 worthy too..

Precap:yuvi awaits near d venue of hoarding to be hoisted with roses in his hands n cals suvi to ask wen she wd reach..suvi says in a sudenly she hears commotion n shelly suvi rushes in to view that d band members were scuffling..yuvi cals again impatiently imploring her presence on his d day..

Update Credit to: JustMySelf

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