Suvreen Guggal 4th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 4th November 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 4th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts of with Alisha ringing Magic group member and asked for Pepper number.. Alisha says she is convinced Suvreen is Pepper… Samar is doing VC and Yuvi shoot… VC is ordering Yuvraj to do exactly as he says… Yuvraj says he will only listen to Samar he is the photographer.. VC is ordering Yuvraj around…Yuvraj is angry… Alisha says she will caught Suvreen red handed and she will tell Manani.. Suvreen tells Soni and the other the plan that Pepper has to get 3% share Manani has to tell Pepper all details.
Samar is taking pictures of VC and Yuvi… Samar is impressed with VC .. VC says to Samar you should worked with me before but you listened to others… Samar says he doesnt listen to other people.. Samar says he doesnt like VC face… VC says how cna you have problem with my handsome dashing face.

Alisha rings Pepper phone number and it rings on Iris second line.. Alisha tells Preeti to anwser the phone… Samar gives instructions to Rohan, Vikram and Geeti… VC insults Yuvraj he says he’s face is not good, his both profiles dont match… Samar says be manikin dont say anything about my soulmate… VC makes Yuvraj angry he says he wont work with VC Yuvraj says he is going to talk to Manani.. Alisha stops him by saying not to ruin his career opportunity and go back to shoot.. Yuvraj agrees.

Pepper says to stop shoot.. Yuvraj is angry… Alisha tells Yuvraj all this is Suvreen doing you guys have broken up Suvreen doesnt care about you at all… Alisha says thats Soni whos acting as Pepper…Yuvi says thats Pepper only… Alisha says Suvi cares about only Iris not you she want to give Iris to RC..Alisha says if I keep making Yuvraj and Suvreen fight Suvreen will surely make some mistakes.

Yuvraj tells Suvreen why is she doing all this.. Suvi says she is doing all this for everyone and Iris.. Yuvraj says this shoot is very important for his career how could she do all this…Suvreen says if you were so worried about your career why did you join Manani… she says you do what you want and I will do what I want.. she says if Manani doesnt listen to Pepper there wont be any shoot so pray Manani listens…Suvreen leaves angrily.
Pepper tells Manani she doesn’t the designs.. Manani tells Pepper what does she want from her to resume shoot… Pepper says she wants 3% stake in Global Indian.. Manani says she will tell the lawyer to give her the contract ASAP… now resume the shoot. Manani says this Pepper is clever than Suvreen… she says what if Alisha theory is right both Suvreen Pepper are same person.

Alisha finds out Suvreen is Pepper she says she will ruin Suvreen badly once Suvreen calls her as Pepper.

Manani says Soni is Pepper aspiring actor… Manani knows the truth…she threatens to file fraud case on Soni… Suvreen and interns kidnap Alisha

Update Credit to: Anam Ali

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