Suvreen Guggal 4th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 4th June 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 4th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts of Suvreen looking at herself in the mirror she is very happy, she is praising Yuvraj, she is very happy, she says I love you Yuvraj muah muah through the mirror… we see Yuvraj in the taxi he says Topper this gift will keep you and me connected forever and forever… Now we see Alisha the witch she says Poor Suvreen today auseki chopsi honeh walhi what can I do I always find out her secrets(I’m so sick of this witch Alisha when will CVs end her track always causing trouble for Yuvreen)… Now we see Preeti she is very happy she goes she will ask her prince charming for a date.. we see Ira who is very happy she says Iris mere aur RC ka sapna hai… she says I’m going to tell RC I love him here in Iris… we see Jolly getting ready for the party he says whoever falls

in love always does idiotic things…before Ira does anything idiotic I will have to do something.

We see Samar coming out of his house he sees Suvi he says not bad I couldn’t recognise you for one second Ice Princess not looking so cold today.. Suvi says why do I look cold everyday… Samar says by the way nice dress.. Suvi says the person who gave me this dress has good taste.. Samar says Thank you so much Suvi says Pagal padosi sach mein pagal hai thanks kyun bole raha hai.. mujhe kya hai mein bole dethi hoon your welcome.. Samar says I’m going to the party shall I give you a lift…what if your model boyfriend doesn’t pick you up… Suvi says Yuvraj has some important work so he isn’t coming.. Samar says come with me Suvi says to herself if I go with him Yuvraj might get upset then Suvi receives a phone call she says of course I will come with you. (dumb CVs should of made Yuvraj pick Suvi would of been so romantic Yuvreen going together to the party, but dumb CV didn’t think of that)

We see Yuvraj at the party, Geeti, Vikram, Ira, witch Alisha are there.. Preeti comes and says hi to Yuvraj he says Hi to her compliments her and she compliments him back Yuvi tells her if some boy compliments you it’s not necessary that you say something back thank you is enough.. Preeti says point to be taken.. Yuvraj asks Geeti and Vikram if they have seen Suvreen they say no.. Yuvraj goes to the bar asks for Juice… Just the Samar comes he says to Yuvi you are finding Suvreen Guggal.. he comes to the bar and asks for wine… he tells Yuvi that me and Suvreen came out the house the same time she refused to take lift from me strange right… Yuvi says Smart… Samar says scared in case some misunderstanding happens because of me that’s why she didn’t take lift… Yuvi tells Samar about a cartoon story he then says moral of the story is that you shouldn’t give yourself so much importance… Yuvraj is about to walk away Samar says to him you should give importance to your girlfriend you should of picked her up from her house for the party (so agree dumb cvs) especially when she is so dolled up… he then says doesn’t matter if not you someone else will take good care of her more than you.

Rohan and Suvreen come together… he says I was going by your house so I thought I will pick you up to and Suvi says thank you… Then RC comes he says to Suvreen he didn’t recognize her Suvreen says to Rohan this is the second time she is listening to this.. RC says you are wearing my rival Tarun party collection dress he says Yuvraj has good taste.. RC praises Suvreen… then they show Suvi point of view where she calls Yuvraj is full of surprises, I can’t believe he brought me a nice dress, Yuvraj is ideal boyfriend I’m dumb I always fight with him for no reason.
Back at the party Samar and Ira complement one another… the wicth Alisha come touches Yuvraj jacket.. Ira says if Samar didn’t pair Alisha and Yuvraj together for the photoshoot she wouldn’t of known they look cute together… Alisha is very happy hearing this…Samar says Alisha already knew.. Yuvraj says they might look cute together but I look best with Suvreen…Alisha isn’t very happy hearing this… Ira asks where is Suvreen.. Just then Rohan comes.. RC and Suvreen come together Suvreen is holding RC arm… Ira isn’t very happy…Samar says this is what I call a beautiful couple.. he says both look great together… Ira and Yuvraj both make faces.

Yuvreen dance sequence which is a dream (dumb CVs should have been real Yuvreen both look so amazing together) Suvreen comes out of her dream world.. RC congratulates everyone …he thanks everyone for their good work… He thanks Yuvraj for coming all the way from Delhi for the photoshoot… he also thanks Alisha for calling Yuvraj for the photoshoot… Alisha says to herself Suvreen Guggal today you will get a surprise then your smile won’t last long… RC asks wheres Jolly then he says he must be busy with make up everyone laughs… RC says I thank you all from the bottom of my heart and Ira thank you so much for being Ira. Jolly makes entry batmeez dil is playing in the background.

Yuvraj wants to talk to Suvreen dumb witch Alisha says he has to stay with her because of the press… Suvreen is busy on a phone call… RC give Samar credit for making his designs look so beautiful.. reporters take Samar interview.. Samar words are repeating in Yuvrajs head that he should of picked Suvreen up someone better will take good care of Suvreen more than him.. Yuvraj says to himself I will take care of my girlfriend and I will take care of you as well.

Precap- Samar says there is nothing like that what you are thinking,.. relax… Yuvraj is very angry and punches Samar.. Suvreen is shocked

Update Credit to: Anam

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