Suvreen Guggal 4th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 4th July 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 4th July 2013 Written Update

Alisha is talking with Yuvraj on the phone. She says that she is planning a birthday party for Ira. And then they hang up. Yuvraj is in his room.. (dunno if it’s hotel) after a while someone rings the door. He looks at the clock it’s too late. He stands up and goes to the door. He opens the door and sees Suvreen. It’s raining, so suvreen is wet. He is shocked and says Topper! She says hi.
Alisha is sitting on her bed. She is taking photo of RC’s diary and says that Ira will see it on her birthday. And then she takes a paper where she has copied the diary, she puts it on an envelope. She says now everything is done for Ira’s birthday.

In the caf. Trisha asks Pritty isn’t Raj working on the office? Pritty gets tensed and says Raj and Iris?? No way.. we met in other office..

Rohan asks so you guys met there?? Pritty says yes and raj says no (btw.. his name is not Raj he is just playing Raj coz of Pritty)

Yuvraj says come in. Why you didn’t tell me?? It’s too late.. and then he goes to takea tower for her. The room is really full with clothes.. he brings a chair for Suvreen. She sits on it. And then he starts to clean up the room. Suvreen helps him.. she watches him and smiles.. he turns around and smiles too.

In the caf. Pritty asks Rohan how did you meet ? Trisha says that they were neighbours and they went to college together. And then she hugs him. Pritty looks really jealous. Raj watches them. Pritty asks who proposed ? Trisha says ofcourse me.! After a while Rohan asks pretty: I’m sure Raj did propose. Pritty says now talk about something else. Rohan says no! no you can’t escape.. you must say now! Raj says that the story is really interesting. Pritty thinks please don’t tell about the college thing..

YuvReen!. Suvreen brings tea to Yuvi. He says thanks but I should do the tea. And then he drinks the tea. Suvi says you remember you was supporting me everytime, it’s not matter you liked me or not. The song : Saans mein teri sad version plays in the background. They are showing the old scenes were yuvi was supporting her. She says you were always with me. When I came to Mumbai after sometime you came too, just for me! There background song is playing in background. She says Thank you for supporting me.! Thank you for always being with me!!! but now I want to tell you, whatever you do in your life I’LLL BE ALWAYS WITH YOU! You want to be a model right?? I’m with you! I’m really happy. He says: topper I know you are always with me. After a while she opens her arms and then they hug! (how cute they are.. )

In the caf. Raj says that Pritty was his junior in the office.. she has proposed me in a party. Trisha says let me guess there was nobody, right?? Raj says no, it was just for Pritty. Rohan asks what?? She has proposed for everyone? He says it was my plan. I wanted to propose her in the party.. but then she proposed me. I was really shocked. Pritty was embarrassed and left the party… Rohan and Trisha are saying really bad.. Raj says the story is not finished. Other they I’ve invited everyone again and proposed her. Pritty gets shocked and thinks what happened to him?? The story was right and wrong.. thank you for the wonderful story.! Rohan says to Pritty you didn’t tell me the wonderful story. After a while Rohan and Pritty are looking to each other for a while.. Faran/Raj is watching them. And then Trisha hugs Rohan. Pritty gets jealous.

Suvreen wants to go to her house but it’s locked.. she can’t go there.. there is a man sleeping. She wakes him up and says that he should open it coz she wants to go to her house.. but he says that he can’t coz he doesn’t how if she is staying there. Suvreen shows her keys and says that the keys is for her house and she wants to go home. He doesn’t open it. And then Maddy comes with his car. Suvi says that he doesn’t open the gate. Maddy asks what?? He is shocked and asks the man what are you doing? The man says that it’s the rules.. Maddy says that she is staying there. The man opens the gate. Suvreen gets happy and while she goes she turns around and winks.. Maddy says that he should open the other gate coz he wants to go with his car. The man opens it.
Rohan and Trisha are going.. Raj/Faran asks Pritty. So you are in love with that Rohan right?? Pritty gets tensed. She says thank you for helping her. And then he goes.

In the morning. Yuvraj and Suvreen are coming to the office. Yuvi opens the door for Suvi and she says thank you. They come in hand in hand Pritty says good morning they say good morning too. Suvi says it makes fun. Yuvi asks : it makes fun to talk to Pritty?? Suvi says it makes fun to come to the office with you.. Alisha watches them. YuvReen are hugging ..

Yuvraj comes. Maddy says welcome Yuvraj Singh. Yuvi asks Ira mam?? Maddy says that she gone.. there is 2 girls and 1 man sitting on the couch.. (I think they are the models) Maddy says that he is everything for now.. he is the teacher and everything. Yuvraj sits on the couch too. Samar says that nobody shouldn’t come late to his class. Yuvi thinks: I’ve promised Ira and Suvi that I’ll be the best model ever, so I’ll show it. Samar thinks: whatever you do how can you impress me?? Yuvi thinks: You are maddy or Samar or PP, but for me you aren’t anything! Samar thinks: I’ll let you know that you are a loser. Yuvi thinks: Wait Maddy, yuvi is the cheetah!! CHEETAH!! They look to each other.

Precap: Rehan looks at a design what Suvi made.. Suvi asks what happened sir? He says I don’T like it! It’s not you! You have done it like you didn’t want to do it! Suvi gets shocked! RC says to everyone that there will be an intern of the month. Suvi thinks that she has to win it!

Update Credit to: nazomel

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