Suvreen Guggal 4th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 4th April 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 4th April 2013 Written Update

Recap: Puppa Guggal slapped Suvreen and asked did you go to Mumbai with Yuvraj without telling me about that? Suvreen got shocked. He said that he wont let her go to Mumbai. Suvreen said that she will go to Mumbai if he says yes or no. She ran away and crys. Yuvraj asked to Suvreen how did your dad see the pictures? Suvreen said that he has uploaded the pictures in facebook. Her dad will not trust her ever. Suvreen said that everything happened because of him. He asked what is so important to go to Mumbai? Suvreen said that she spend time with him is not worth it. Annie said to Mannu that she is in love with Zorro. Baby said to Mumma Guggal that she can’t find Suvreen anywhere. Mumma Guggal asked to Puppa why he is not doing anything?
The Episode starts with Suvreen standing outside of the college. Nobody is there. She says that she has to end this forever. And then she goes.. She walks through the street. She imagines what happened (they rewind it what happened when she goes to the college.) She is standing in front of the school. She imagines how she came to the college and she is imagining about the hunger strike and how Yuvraj said that everyone is dare for her. And then she imagines the fight yesterday with Yuvraj. She goes in. And then she begins to smile. She imagines her fight with Yuvraj. She goes to the fashion class room and imagines the designs and she imagines how her dad said that she has to forget all the fashion things. And then she imagines the class with Rehan and then how she won the fashion show. And then she imagines her dad what he said that he is supporting her. She is imagining her dance with Yuvraj for the Romeo & Juliet role. And after a while she goes to the room where she confessed her love to Yuvraj and where Yuvraj confessed her. She cries badly. She says that she was carrying everyone. She was doing them happy. But now she realize that she can not make everyone happy. She can not be perfect for everyone. Suvreen is sick and tired to be the perfect for everyone. If she can not make everyone happy then she can not make everyone sad. And then she goes’ (The rewind ends.) Suvreen is still walking on the street.
Mumma Guggal calls Annie and asks is Suvreen there? Annie says no she is not there. She asks what happened? Mumma says that Suvreen went of the house with angry face and she doesn’t take her phone. Annie says that she will ask everyone here in the college. And then they hang up. Mumma asks to Puppa how he can be quiet? She called all Suvis friends but couldn’t find her. She says that Suvi went out of the house and you are sitting here?? He gets up and says if she goes out alone then she will come back alone. Mumma says if my daughter doesn’t come?? How can you slap her? She made a fault but what you did is not good. And then she crys. Puppa says that he knows where Suvi went. He calls Yuvraj. Yuvraj driving his car. Puppa says give Suvreen the phone. Yuvi says that she is not there. Puppa says how can you bring my daughter to Mumbai? He doesn’t believe him and says give the phone to Suvi. Yuvraj swears that Suvi is not there. Puppa says if she comes to you then don’t let her come here coz this house is closed for her. And then he hangs up the phone. Mumma Guggal says that he can not do this she wants her daughter back. You can live without your daughter but I can’t. I’ll bring her home. Puppa Guggal gets angry and hits the table.
Annie calls with Naro and says that she is searching for her too. Mumma Guggal called her. Annie says that she has to check the hostel again and she is going to cantine. Zorro is behind her and call her name. He says that he will tell her something important. She says I know Suvreen is missing. Zorro asks what?? Yuvraj calls with Mumma and he says that they where fighting before she left. She says that she is in tension. Yuvraj asks her did she take anything?? She says she doesn’t take anything. She left without mobile. Yuvraj says : Don’t cry she can not go too far if she doesn’t take money or mobile phone. He will find her. She says that she is going to college and she says that he has to ask all her friends. They hang up. Rathi and Naro a running and asking to Yuvi what happened. He says that he doesn’t talk to Suvi. Even her dad thinks that she is with him. If she is not with you then she could be with Annie.. And then Annie comes and asks Yuvraj the same question. She is not in college hostel.. And then Zorro has an idea. She could be with RC sir. He wants to call him but Annie stops him with saying that he can be in flight. Yuvraj says that she was very angry when she left. He doesn’t see her upset like today. Rathi says she can go to Kathgodam.. and then Naro says maybe she went to Mumbai. Yuvraj says it can not be coz she doesn’t take her things. She can not go anywhere. Annie says we have to search for her. Rathi says that he will go near to her house for search her. He says that they have to search her in bus stop. Zorro says we will search her everywhere. They wanted to go but Yuvraj stops them and says that Annie and Zorro have to stay in the college with Mumma Guggal. Maybe Suvreen will come here. And then everyone goes to search for her.
Yuvraj is searching for Suvreen by driving the car. He is really in tension. Rathi is searching Suvi by driving a motorbike. Annie and Zorro are waiting in the college for Mumma Guggal. Annie says what happened? Coz Zorro is almost crying. He says that his dad is in hospital and he is critical. Annie gets shocked and hugs him. He says sorry coz he has to go. He says if you find Suvi then please tell me. Annie says ofcourse she will do that. And then he wants to go but he comes closer to Annie and hugs her. And then he goes. Everyone is still searching for Suvreen. Yuvraj gets off of the car and search’s for Suvreen. He shows a picture from Suvreen on his phone and asks did you see her? Everyone says that they didn’t see her. Rathi calls with Yuvraj while he is driving a motorbike. Rathi says that he checked near her house and asked everyone but nobody saw her. Yuvraj says that he has to check in malls and caf shops. And then they hang up. Naro and Annie a waiting for Mumma Guggal outside of the college.. and then she comes. Baby calls Mumma .. Mumma says that Suvreen is not in the college. Yuvraj is still searching for Suvi.. but everyone said no. Rathi asks everyone by showing a picture of Suvreen.. nobody saw her. Naro, Annie and Mumma are searching for Suvi too. Yuvraj thinks: Where are you topper?? Please come back. !
Episode ends..!!

PRECAP: A dead body is taken out from the ambulance, everyone is standing shocked there, Yuvraj comes near the body and police opens a bit of the cover over the body, Yuvi looks shocked and falls back to the ambulance for support, Rathi and Naro are crying, Mamma G. screams out Suvi’s name and starts crying

Update Credit to: nazomel

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