Suvreen Guggal 3rd June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Suvreen Guggal 3rd June 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 3rd June 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Rehan and Ira they are looking to each other and then Rehan thands up and say no and laughs. She asks why not? She takes her phone and opens the song *Saans Mein Tere* from *jab tak hai jaan* she stands up and says c’mon let’s dance. They are dancing on the slow song. They look each other. After a while they stopped dancing and then they smootch.
In the morning. Ira wakes up. She doesn’t wear clothes only a cover. She looks at her site but Rehan isn’t there. He comes in. Shirtless! Ira gets shy and doesn’t wanna look at him. He comes near to her and sits on the bed. He says I’m sorry, it shouldn’t happen. And then he goes.

In Suvreen’s house. Soni is already awake. Suvreen wakes up and is happy to see Soni. Suvi asks you didn’t go? Soni says no.! Suvi answeres thank you for not going with him and for listening to my advice.

In the office. Geeti says to Alisha that she will wear a nice dress. Alisha says that she will wear a red dress. Suvreen motivates Preeti to confess her love to Rohan. Pritty asks Suvi what will you wear at the party? Suvi says I too don’t have clothes for the party. And then Suvis phone rings she goes.. Samar was behind her and listened to everything what she said. Yuvraj is on the phone, he asks red or black? Suvi says black. And then they hang up. Suvi thinks that he is planning a surprise for her. Yuvraj buys a black phone.

In the office. Geeti and Alisha are talking about Ira and Rehan’s chemistry. And then Samar comes and asks Geeti to come with him. She goes. Rehan sees Ira and waits till she goes and then he goes but Ira sees him and says : RC. (he doesn’t wanna see her coz he is shy) he turns around and comes near to her. Ira asks him what happened?? He says I don’t want our friendship to break just because of that night. And then he goes. She talks to herself: I want to be with you.! I think I’m in love, I love you browny. Jolly was behind her and heard everything.
In the office. Rehan Charles comes to the office and calls all the employees. He says that everybody should come tonight in the office. Everybody gets sad. RC says everybody should come for the party! All get happy and clapping. He says go shopping and we will see you guys tonight. Rehan says to Suvreen to inform Yuvraj about the party tonight. But then Alisha says that she already informed. Suvreen gets angry.. and then he goes. Alisha and Suvreen are looking each other very angry.

Suvi comes home. She calls Soni but she is not there. And then she sees a gift on the couch and opens it. It’s a black dress. She gets happy but then she thinks: If it’s soni’s gift?? But jattin is not so carrying guy. And then she remembers the call with Yuvi. He asked her which colour she wanted and she said black. And the dress is black. Suvi says: this is yuvis gift. 😀 in other box is shoes.

In the car. Alisha says to Geeti, I like your outfit. She says thank you. Alisha asks her why did Samar talk to you? She says that she had to choose an outfit for Suvreen. Alisha gets shocked.! Geeti says that Samar really likes Suvreen. Alisha gets happy. Vikram presents some gifts to Geeti. Alisha plans to conspire against Suvreen.

Precap: Samar asks Suvreen did you like the dress? Suvi says that anyone bought it who knows which dress is nice and which not. Samar says thanks. She thinks why did he say thanks? If he did thanks then I’ll continue then. She says our welcome. Samar asks her to lift her. And he asks if her boyfriend doesn’T pick her. She says no, we will meet at the party. Samar says to Yuvraj if you search for Suvreen we came together to the party. You could come to pick her na? ok no problem.. there is someone who can take care of suvi more than you.. and then he goes. Yuvraj gets angry.!

Update Credit to: nazomel

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