Suvreen Guggal 3rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 3rd April 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 3rd April 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with Suvi apologizing Pappa G. and pleading him to trust just this one time, he tells her not to talk of trust because he did that many times but still she has broken it everytime, he has given her so many chances but still she kept doing the same mistake, but this time it was his mistake to trust her everytime

Suvi cries apologizing, Pappa G. says he just wanted to be her friend but maybe a father should remain a father only and he will not do the mistake again and again and wont try to be a friend, he tells her to forget about going to Mumbai and to forget her internship, Suvi looks at him stunned

Pappa tells her to forget about her career and its better for her to sit at home then go for making such a career, she doesn’t need such a career that will ruin her life, Suvi says sorry to him and says she knows he is angry right now and she was wrong after all but then there is no relation of this to her internship and career
Pappa G. says he said what he had to say, Suvi pleads him to let her do the internship and that she will get a good job with this and also become responsible, Pappa says he said already he doesn’t want to hear anything else, Suvi pleads him to give her one more chance but Pappa sticks to his words

Baby and Mamma G. watches them in horror, Suvi pleads Pappa to let her go to Mumai once, Pappa angrily screams he said it once she wont go so she wont go, Suvi fires up that she will go to Mumbai
Everyone looks at her shocked and horrified, Pappa G asks shocked what did she say, Suvi tells him she will go to Mumbai and even if he wont allow she will go herself no matter what, Pappa G angrily moves to hit her but Mamma G. stops him, Suvi looks at him teary eyed

Pappa G. still shocked says she has lost all shame, he was very wrong as he used to think his daughter was his pride, his world but today he knows he was wrong, he tells her he feels ashamed of calling her his daughter, he tells her to go away, he tells her off to go to Mumbai or wherever she wants but to remember this that once she leaves this house she can never come back
Suvi looks stunned at him while Pappa G. is all hurt, he says what does she think that just because she is their daughter she will always emotionally blackmail them like this, Suvi tells him she wasn’t emotionally blackmailing them, Pappa tells her to shut up and says she wants to go to Mumbai then to go and he also wants to see how she will survive in Mumbai for even one day
He tells her off to go, Suvi tells him she is his daughter, Pappa says she is not his daughter, she is not his Suvi, her college, Delhi and boyfriend has changed her a lot, so much that the daughter whom he used to be so proud of and put his head up, today he has to hide his own face because of that daughter

He further tells her she came here to be a topper but she wont ever be one, fighting with everyone she will never be successful, he tells her he will see how she survives in Mumbai for two days, in two days she will realize everything as passion and dreams will not fill her stomach, he says talking about leaving the house is very easy to say but doing something like that is going to be difficult, Pappa G. leaves from there, Mamma G. also follows and leaves, Baby tries to console Suvi but she walks out of the house, Baby calls after her but Suvi leaves without listening
Mannu is busy exercising with his dumbells, Rathi tells him he will surely win a trophy this time in Inter-college sports competition, Mannu advertises some deodorant and says DPSC will only win the trophy

Suvi is walking on the road totally blanked out, a car honks from behind as it is coming in speed, Suvi doesn’t notice and the car was about to hit her when Yuvi screams out ‘Topper’ and pulls Suvi from the middle of the road
Suvi looks at him angrily and tells him to leave her hand, Yuvi tells her whats wrong with her as she would have had an accident now, Suvi shouts at him not to create a scene on the road and walks off, Yuvi runs to her and stops her and says he is not creating a scene instead she is the one shouting at him while he saved her from having an accident, he asks her what is wrong as he knows something is wrong with her

Suvi says whats wrong with me she cant believe he did such a thing, Yuvi says she hasn’t spoken to him at all and now she says what did he do, Suvi screams out he put up the pics of Mumbai on facebook, Yuvi goes shocked, Suvi says those pics were for themselves because it was memories for her, but not to show it off to the whole world and create drama
Yuvi says how can she say like that why would he ever create drama for her, and why would he put up the pics, and even if he did whats the big deal with it as everyone does, Suvi scremas it is a big deal, it’s a big deal for her and for her Pappa it’s a much more big deal, Yuvi becomes shocked

Yuvi tells her trying to console her that he will talk to Pappa G. and everything will be alright, Suvi screams out what will be fine, what will he do, she tells him off that its not about pics but her Pappa knows that she was out with him one whole night and lied to them about it and now her dad doesn’t want to trust her anymore, he cant trust her at all and will make her sit at home dong nothing and not allow her to go to Mumbai and this is all because of him
Suvi blames Yuvi because of his stupidity she has lost the opportunity to go to Mumbai, Yuvi tells her how can she blame him for everything, and anyways her dad wasn’t allowing her to go to Mumbai and what will she do going there, and she doesn’t need to get so hyper about it

Suvi says so he also thinks she cant do anything, she wont be able to do anything going to Mumbai, Yuvi says he didn’t mean it like that but Suvi screams out ‘Enough’, she is about to leave when Yuvi stops her and says she just cant finish the matter like that as he hasn’t finished saying what he had to say
Suvi screams out to say what he has to say but she doesn’t want to talk to him, she tells him because of him her Pappa who used to love her so much has stopped trusting her, he thinks she is useless and because of him she lost her family her dreams and her career

Yuvi tries to reason with her its not like that but Suvi says it is like that, the price she paid to be with him its not worth it at all, she walks away and so does Yuvi frustrated and hurt
Mannu calls out Annie and says he wanted to talk to her about Rathi, Annie explains him that nothing can happen between her and Rathi, she tells him he and Naro and YuvReen are compatible for each other but she and Rathi are not, she says Rathi is a great guy but he isn’t the perfect guy for her

She tells him she wants someone who knows that she is not okay even if she says she is okay, someone who would do anything to bring a smile on her face, Annie thinks about Zorro’s surprise during valentine, she says someone with whom she can share her problems, Annie says she is in love with someone else, Mannu asks who, Annie finally says she is in love with Zorro and runs off while Mannu is shocked

Baby comes home telling Mamma G. she has checked everywhere but cant find Suvi, Mamma panics and tells Pappa how could he be so harsh to Suvi and now they cant find her and what will they do if she does something to herself, Mamma G. starts crying, Pappa is tensed and worried and thinks about everything that happened

Precap: a body is taken out from the ambulance, everyone is standing shocked there, police opens a bit of the cover over the body, Yuvi looks shocked and falls back to the ambulance for support, Rathi and Naro are crying, Mamma G. screams out Suvi’s name and starts crying

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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