Suvreen Guggal 30th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Suvreen Guggal 30th September 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 30th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mumma and Puppa Guggal. Baldev asks to Lovely to eat sweets. Mumma Guggal says that she can’t eat something coz she is really happy to see him. She says that she wants to eat something first and then she will eat sweets. Puppa asks to do food.

Rohan tells to Suvreen that they got Iris back just because of Suvreen. So why she want to quit Iris? Everybody is almost crying. Pritty asks to think again about it. Rehan says please don’t do this to me. Suvreen says no sir, how can I stay here when I’ve hurt you? I hurt everyone. I know I can’t be normal. She says I must go.. so please let me go! She says thank you to everyone. Suvreen goes. Ira and Rehan goes too.

Alisha goes to Manani. Alisha says that it doesn’t happen what they planned.

Manani says why Alisha? The game started yet. Alisha says really? And then they get happy. Manani says that she has to go to Iris and tell her everything what there happens. Watch and learn!

Samar is in Yuvraj’s room. Yuvraj says Iris or me? Yuvraj says that Suvreen doesn’t think of him. Samar says that it’s not true. All the misunderstandings happens just because of your GUSSA! Samar says that she cares for Yuvraj. Yuvraj says that he knows it. Samar says to him that he is a big idiot. He says that she needs him right now. Yuvraj says that Iris is there for Suvreen. Yuvraj says that he is thinking why he came to Mumbai, she doesn’t need his help. Samar says that Suvreen had to do everything for Iris coz she can’t see anyone sad.

Suvreen is putting all her things on the box. Pritty is crying. Suvreen says that she is really happy because she doesn’t have to worry. Because she told the truth now she can go. She says that she feel relaxed. And then she wanted to go but Samar comes. He asks what the hell is all this ? Suvi says that she had to do it. He asks are you quitting? RC is watching them. Pritty tells to Samar that Suvreen has quit Iris. Saamr get shocked. She says goodbye. And then she goes. She is crying while she goes.

Ira is shouting RC. And then Rehan imagines what happened. That Ira got out that RC loves Suvreen and all. Rehan asks to marry him. Ira get shocked. He takes her hand and says sit down. She sits down and he asks again. Will you marry me? Ira gets happy and says yes I will.

Suvreen goes home. She sees her dad and hugs him. Puppa asks her how is it in office? And what are they? There is a box with the things for watch Manani’s office. Suvreen gets shocked. Puppa has a paper on his hand and asks what is it? She reads it. It’s from Manani. Manani is watching the video what they saw. And then she sees how Maddy steals the papers. She gets shocked. In the paper what suvreen got it writes that Suvreen has stolen something on her office and that she didn’t think that Manani has cameras on her office too. Manani is shocked that Samar Raghuvanshi helped Suvreen. Puppa Guggal asks Suvreen tell me the truth what happened? Do you have problems? Manani says that Suvreen is in a big trouble now.

PRECAP:Puppa Guggal asks who is Manani? And you went to her office and stole something? Suvreen calls Manani. Manani says that she was waiting for her call. Suvreen says that she wants to meet her. (I can’t write the full precap because they have cut the last 10 seconds of the video I’ve downloaded.)

Update Credit to: Naz_Yuvreen

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